Take action on those hot ideas you have!

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is the Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She is a new age vamp who bellydances, reads Tarot and eats men for breakfast. Let’s see what diabolical advice she has for us today…

brilliant idea
Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Believe it or not, but you’ve had some ideas lately. Some may even call them “brilliant”. Although personally, I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

They’re okay. Your ideas are okay. In fact, they are pretty darn decent.

But if you don’t act on your ideas, they become like farts on the wind. Like a dream that you remember when you awaken but don’t bother writing down….your ideas are in danger of fading away, never to be remembered again.

Do something dammit! Take action!

That yellow angel on the unicorn isn’t just mucking about with that lightning bolt – he means business! And its time you began taking yourself (and your ideas) more seriously.

Write it all down, make little mini-action steps and for heaven’s sake, don’t let other people’s ridiculous opinions pollute your mind. This week is about YOUR ideas!

12 thoughts on “Take action on those hot ideas you have!”

  1. In the beginning of this year I’ve had so many wonderful intentions etc. But they seem to fade away So thank you for remembering me I have to step up and do something

    1. Your welcome! But remember to let the boring intentions fade away – just pursue the fun ones 😉

  2. “if you don’t act on your ideas, they become like farts on the wind.” That is just the best – pulling no punches – love it!! I woke up with a clearing of the fog today too, writing all these a-ha moments down furiously 🙂

    Thanks for the kickass reading Veronica!

  3. Direct and to the point! Love it, and confirmation of what has been going on.

    Synchronistically, today is the day of the spirit who owns lightning, no non-sense and action taker. And action taking messages came before I read this.

    Thanks Veronica, bows,


    1. Thank you Antonio – I love it when my readings match up to other stuff that’s going on – then I know my readings aren’t just the products of my crazy, half baked mind!

  4. Excellent reading! This is so true this week. I’ve been finally putting some ideas into action and thought last night before bed how I need to write down what I need to make it work and little action steps to get it done. 🙂 So for me this reading is spot on!

  5. Holy crap Veronica! I’ve been working furiously on content for the playshop coming up and so much brilliance has come through in just the past 2 hours. Ya know those moments when everything makes sense and you come out of the fog?

    Love you, ya badass hot mama!

    ~Mermaid Kris

    1. Right on, Kris! Sounds like you are on FIRE!
      But no, I don’t know what coming out of the fog feels like – I live in a perpetual haze – but I like it.

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