Seeker of Chalices ~ Tarot Card for Monday

The Seeker of Chalices is the card for today. Its time to come out of your shell! Don’t hold back any longer – follow your heart and let your inspiration and creative yearning guide you.

I feel like this card speaks specifically to those wanting to express their connection to spirit in an artistic way. Like channeling through painting or writing, or even studying the psychic arts as a way to help others.

You may feel like your emotions are running strong today and you aren’t sure what to do with them. Channel your emotions into your creativity today!

Feeling emotional is almost like visiting another dimension – you have access to ideas, perspectives and visions that you wouldn’t normally have. Your creative and emotional potential is high today – the challenge is learning how to use it!


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5 Responses to Seeker of Chalices ~ Tarot Card for Monday

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Hey, Kate–

    Not so much about the Seeker, but about your card for early this week, the 6 Cups . . . I told you I already had a very definite 6-Cups experience, yesterday, where I was the giver. Well, today, I had another, where I was the receiver–and even cooler? For my own daily draw, I pulled–yup–the 6 of Cups (from the crazy/awesome Phantasmagoric Theater)!

    Happy Monday.

    • kate says:

      That’s so neat! Lots of syncronicities happening here, I think!!! I still haven’t looked up the Phantasmagoric Theater deck yet – it sounds wild though.

  2. mary says:

    Lovely meaning, you´re just right Kate, thank you xx

  3. stasha says:

    hahaha wowww! all day i have been getting prepared to finish my album !

    • kate says:

      That totally fits for you, then! Amazing – so excited for you to be creating an album – your music is lovely, one of a kind stuff, Stasha.

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