Weekly Forecast Reading for Feb 18 -24

This week promises to be an interesting one! I used my Angel Cards for this reading and I am loving the messages I got for this upcoming week…

Come on over to my Facebook page at 1pm pacific time TODAY if you would like a free reading! I will be doing live readings on my Facebook page between 1-2pm today 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast Reading for Feb 18 -24”

  1. Hey, Kate–

    Thanks again for the tarot thumbs-up on my new editing gig!

    Also, as I’m listening to you talk about the confluence, this week, of spiritual awareness and sensitivity, I’m imagining how those two go hand in hand. It’s sort of hard to be opening ourselves up to be sensitive to one set of influences yet Teflon-deflectors of another.

    As is often the case with your weekly draws, I’m feeling the influence of the first card already–can’t wait to tell you more about THAT. But I’m nervous about the second card! If I get any more sensitive, just now, I’m going to be able to thoroughly water my plants with my tears and save $$ on the utilities bill!

    (Stephen, will the Republic have a legislated solution for this conundrum?)


    1. I hear you about the sensitive thing! I think if we are really sensitive, it is even more important to have strong boundaries and stand up for ourselves, lest others take advantage of our sensitive nature. Good luck with the new gig, it sounds pretty interesting!

      1. Yeah, definitely the third card in this reading was the “don’t be a freakin’ baby” card. My plants might dry out, but if that’s the price of taking back my power–so be it!

    2. Jamie,
      Filibuster -ing.

      And I have an opportunity for sensitivity but the Emperor is holding me up, glaring at me. I haven’t pulled any cards since those. I am letting them sit for a while with that reading.
      Sensitivity sometimes has a bad rap in that it is thrown in the same room with vulnerability. Sometimes. Sensitivity can be intuition, is intuition. Make it that. Think Owl.


      1. Stephen–

        Damned Emperor. Always with the glaring.

        I AM thinking “Owl,” but all I’m seeing is a scarcely feathered baby with its maw open.

        It might be girly, but, Dude, vulnerability seems to wrap its damp little fingers in between intuition’s dry, cool ones every chance it gets.

        (You know what, I actually don’t mean that. I was just having fun with the image.)


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