Breaking Free ~ Oracle Card for Monday :)

fairy oracle card Today’s oracle card message is “Breaking Free”  from Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. Have some fun today seeing what kinds of boring, unhelpful things you can break free from.

Perhaps there is something big you are longing to break free from – like your job or a dead-end relationship. Or maybe its negative, fear-based thinking that you would like to be free of. Or even a boring social event that you feel you “should” attend.

Whatever it is, know that you can break free from it in a way that’s classy, safe and liberating! Get creative and see what you can come up with. And most importantly, focus on feeling that feeling that you know you will have once you are free of the burden in question. In the comment section below, feel free to share what you long to break free from…

3 thoughts on “Breaking Free ~ Oracle Card for Monday :)”

  1. Oh! Kate! I totally forgot!

    Last night (the evening of this draw of yours) I had a small workshop to teach. Before we started, I had everyone do a little breathing exercise, as usual, then I asked them to fill up their lungs, hold their breath at the top, then SCREAM IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We had this super-protracted, really energizing/releasing group scream. It went on and on and on and it was LOUD!! Very “Breath-through-y,” I believe.


  2. I’ve been contemplating this card for 24 hours. (And, sappy or not, I do love this deck! It was because of you that I got myself a replacement copy for the one I gave away a couple of years ago, and I’m so glad to have it back in rotation.)

    For my own draw today, I got, as the central card, 8Cups, which, not so dramatic, perhaps, still points me in a similar direction.

    Right now, I’m still worn out from the weekend and looking forward to the promised “Stillness” portion of my week–which will start tomorrow. Maybe I need some stillness to prepare to launch in a new direction.


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