Follow Your Dreams ~ Oracle Card for Monday

healing with the angels oracle cards
Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s oracle card message is loud and clear: follow your dreams! But what if you aren’t totally sure what your dreams are? What if you are struggling to distinguish between your own dreams and the dreams of others?

You are probably well aware of the dreams that your family may have for you. And you may have a clear understanding of what you “should” do in society’s eyes….but what do you truly want to do?

Part of your purpose this week is to unravel all your hopes, dreams and desires and figure out which one’s are just fantasies of the ego (like being super-famous), family/social expectations (things that don’t light you up, but you keep hoping they will) and those that are truly all your own.

You can’t “follow your dreams” if you have no idea what they are – so take some time today and really ask yourself….what ARE my dreams?


2 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams ~ Oracle Card for Monday”

  1. Good Morning, Kate–

    I like the way this card supports and extends the message of yesterday’s Weekly Forecast. I especially appreciate the way you get specific, here, helping us distinguish between different types of impulses that might masquerade as our true dreams, but that aren’t really.

    You are one smart cookie, Daily Tarot Girl!

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