Detoxification ~ Oracle Card for Thursday!

fairy oracle cards
Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s oracle card is from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards and it says Detoxification. Today is all about being healthy and getting rid of all those crappy toxins!

Exercise, sweat it out in a sauna, have a hot bath with essential oils or use a skin brush to get your circulation going. While all of this may sound a bit superficial, it will get your energy moving and help you raise your vibration.

Be conscious about what you eat today. Don’t eat more than your body needs and don’t eat any junk. Try to have a day where you eat mostly raw, fresh fruits and veggies and skip the caffeinated drinks. Drink Rooibos tea instead of coffee.

The more you detoxify, the clearer you are to receive spiritual guidance from your guides, angels and higher self and the more energy you will have for enjoying life!

2 thoughts on “Detoxification ~ Oracle Card for Thursday!”

  1. This is a spot-on suggestion for me, today, Kate. I’m heading out for a walk right now, and will take it easy at the book-launch party I’m going to later.

    Thank you!

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