Oracle Card Reading for the Upcoming Week

I used my Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards for this reading and they are quickly becoming my new favorite oracle card deck.

Which card resonated with you most deeply today? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Oracle Card Reading for the Upcoming Week”

  1. Lovely reading, Kate.

    I was struck, too, by the way the similar-looking unicorns bookended it. In addition to your feeling that Wednesday would be an important day (darned close to a new moon!), I also felt like the third card was saying that, as a mirror for the first, to create or achieve this goal that looks like it’s “in the cards” (sorry), we should extend the lesson of Card 1, seeing our own special abilities, to others, as Card 3 is suggesting that we’ll need them to get done whatever’s getting done.

    Wait. Did I just say the same thing you did?
    BTW, my b+w Bertie-cat particularly appreciated Card 3.

  2. I just find it interesting what you said in regards to the “feeling special” as a reader, I am seeing so many people doing the same thing, you just accept it as being in the “reader” crowd, I think the feeling special may lie with how you do the cards.

    I have always wondered on a load of people doing readings, how can we make it unique to that person? is it the interpretation and / or how they mix it with other things they do? I myself am big on flower and energy medicine!

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