Tarot Card for Wednesday: How The Devil Can Set you Free!

Authors Note: For the next week, my evil twin Veronica Noir will be taking over doing the daily readings for me while I take a blogging break. Her reading style is a little different from mine – she’s a total bitch, has a depraved mind and her vocabulary is like something straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey – so as you can see, we are total opposites.

I will not be responding to any comments posted here over the next week, but I can’t wait to read them all when I return to my blog! I will resume my regular readings next Thursday. But until then….I will leave you in Veronica’s good hands 😉

Warmest Regards,
Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)

Rider-Waite Smith Tarot

The Devil is one of my favorite Tarot cards!


Because it nudges you toward freedom by revealing how you are giving away your power.

Plus its the kinkiest card in the Tarot.

The Devil Tarot card comes up whenever addictions are an issue. So ask yourself: What am I addicted to right now?

Perhaps you are addicted to getting others approval, buying Tarot decks (wink!), eating coffee cheesecake or cyber-stalking hunky male celebrities.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t enhance your life as much as you think it does. Your addiction will hold you back, eat up your free time and drain you of energy and creativity.

But don’t try to stop…that never works! Instead, imagine what your life could be like without this addiction and take things from there.

So….if your in the mood to divulge, tell me what “addiction” is keeping you stuck in a rut in the comments below….

6 thoughts on “Tarot Card for Wednesday: How The Devil Can Set you Free!”

  1. For me, its about the addictive drive of my own little Walter Mitty moments (movie with Danny Kaye) where there are seasons in my life when I keep trying my level best to fulfill my wildest dreams (crazy-great yoga teacher perched atop Lake Tahoe, etc).

    The image of this card also reminds me of the explanation image of Kali. She is portrayed as holding skulls, dripping blood, and other so-called gruesome images, but her message, including the meanings that is shared with The Devil, that attachments are impermanent. The GOOD things/people/abilities, and even our presence on this planet in this time and place in our lives changes and transitions WILL pull the rug out from us. For me that means periodic housecleaning on every level: savoring, sharing, dancing in as well as resting in, every moment there is and when changes come, all of me can weather them with dignity, grace, love and alot less anger, rage etc.

  2. My addiction is my self loathing. I have absolutely no self esteem. And although that may not seem like an addiction; I’m guessing it probably is.

    1. Tara–

      I think it’s so smart of you to step outside of the box and see that as an addiction! What a great stretch to share with others here.

      Thanks for it,

  3. Dear Veronica–

    Well, it looks like Kate told you my dirty little secret (wink!). Yes, I’m addicted to buying tarot decks–but if it’s not that, it’s something else. Like Alice, I can easily tip into a food addiction–but at the moment, I’m not engaging with that one (also, like Alice, it’s a matter of health, and I’ve had to break the sugar-lust chain).

    For me, my addictions keep me from doing other things, especially when I’m trying to make a change in my life–a positive one. Then, I notice it’s like my unconscious (or whatever’s running the addiction show) is deliberately offering the activity–whatever the activity of the moment is–to keep me in a loop, a loop that absorbs all the energy I would be using to move myself forward.

    Addiction=avoidance, in my book of equations. And with it, there’s this big sense of helplessness, like I’m sort of sleepwalking through the activity, or compelled into it.

    I love this reading on the card, V. And I’m grateful that you were here to deliver The Devil’s important message.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing what others have to say on this topic.
    Happy Thursday.

  4. alice chesler

    food addiction. I love food, and it keeps me grounded. but..health is suffering. I have ck of energy because of it. giving in to instant gratification does have its downside. (who knew?)/
    have a great time on your time off. I have every confidence that veronica will do you proud!

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