Ace of Pentacles ~ Wednesday’s Message is Go for it!

ace of pentacles
Robin Wood Tarot

I love this card! The Ace of Pentacles is about getting clear on where you are going and starting down a fresh new path.

Set a new goal today if it feels right. Tend to any “weeds” on your path – like anything that might hold you back on going full steam ahead.

You will have newfound clarity today on a particular issue and its now time to begin taking action toward something that feels extra important to you. Something that lights you up like a Christmas tree!

It’s time to put your excuses aside and give yourself permission to shine. You have what it takes to make it happen! If you are worrying about money, a solution is on its way. All around, this is a great card with a beautiful message.

In the comments below, feel free to share what goal you will be setting today 🙂
The goal I set is to put the finishing touches on my upcoming e-course (The Art of Reading a Negative Card in a Positive Light) so it will be ready by July 1st!

14 thoughts on “Ace of Pentacles ~ Wednesday’s Message is Go for it!”

  1. So, Miss Kate, if I had actually taken your advice and done HP inner work yesterday, today I’d have a goal and be ready to give it my focus. However, instead, I spent the evening on Facebook. You can imagine no goals were clarified via that medium.

    Goal-less in O-town.

      1. I held out for a long time. Then I realized I could have a FB life with JUST my tarot idols! So now I’m pals with Barbara Moore and James Ricklef (and you, of course), so who cares about work or goals or real life?

  2. Love this message! I’m really feeling this card’s energy in my life today. I feel so inspired and like I’ve finally decided what direction I’m heading and it feels so exciting so perfect timing!

    As always, thanks Kate!

  3. I need happiness! No job, no experience and the market is too saturated for holistic therapists.

    I am depressed and feel I have nowhere else to turn for experience, I also have hand – eye coordination difficulties which make it harder for me in “fast” jobs as my brain may not even register I have done the task or not.

    1. Janine, what kind of a holistic therapist are you? Have you thought about doing a home based business? I think there is a greater need for holistic therapists now more than ever, but I suppose that depends on where you live, too.
      Hope things shift for you soon, Janine.


      1. Reflexologist and I can’t drive! My funds are tight at the moment. I want to do Flower essence courses and Colour / Energy therapy as we well, but where I am, I am north of Edinburgh / Glasgow where it all seems to come.

  4. I need happines in my life the only happines i have is my babay that is my reason to live my new goal i need to be happier

  5. Before I read your message for the day I had just reaffirmmed my commitment to finally finish up my remaining courses to receive my ECE diploma. I had to give up school for a year, due to finances, but now I am sure finishing my program is the right thing for me to focus on!! Thank you for the confirmation…just what I needed at this time!

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