Oracle Card for Thursday ~ Celebrate the Mundane!

three graces

Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

The Three Graces from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle want you to celebrate and have fun today. No matter what is going on, throw a little party – even if its just for yourself!

The message on the card reads “cooperative ventures with friends, joy, sharing, new partnerships that are fun.”

The emphasis is on fun today. Ask yourself just how much fun can I have today? If you have a dull day ahead (for example, going to work, sitting through meetings or talking with boring people), challenge yourself to bring a spirit of mischief, joy and celebration to it.

Maybe this means you will wear something flashy, like a hot pink feather boa? Or perhaps you will send your friends pretty cards just because (and include a heartfelt note inside). Whatever you do, remember that the mundane, everyday life is worth celebrating 🙂

In the comments below, share what you will be doing today to bring an element of fun to the day?
(I am going to bake my man-friend a special cake with a silly message on it for no reason at all!)

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7 Responses to Oracle Card for Thursday ~ Celebrate the Mundane!

  1. sukii says:

    smoke up 🙂

  2. Jamie Morris says:

    I’m going to support a student-teacher at my favorite yoga studio this evening, but showing up and taking her practice class. Maybe a little vinyasa-flow celebration will lift my gloomy spirits. But even if it doesn’t I’ll be offering a nice person my love.


    • Kate says:

      That sounds delightful, Jamie. Have fun at Yoga! I did some yoga this evening down at the end of the property where I live (it is on a cliff overlooking the ocean – however there are so many trees and overgrown blackberry bushes that you can’t really see the ocean at all) anyway, I saw a rat lounging in the tree! second rat this season.

  3. Kris says:

    Looove this message Kate!

    Definitely going to celebrate all that I’ve accomplished this week.

    Tomorrow (after the Uniquity Facebook party) through Monday I’m taking a media cleanse/break.

    First smoothie, then some solo time on the beach. For me, it’s about relaxed fun all day.

    Sending you big hugs,

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Kris 🙂
      Your media cleanse day has inspired me – I think I will do that this sunday and start an art project 🙂

  4. Alex Artman says:

    sounds like a good day ahead, I had actually just finished writing for the day it was a fabulous start. I think I may also turn on some charmed to watch for the day as well since it is my favorite show.

    • Kate says:

      Charmed! I remember that show – it was very campy and fun. I enjoyed listening to your radio show, Alex – I put the latest one on my ipod to listen to this weekend 🙂

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