5 Quirky Decks That Look Really Cool

I am always on the lookout for new Tarot decks, even though I need another Tarot deck like a hole in the head! These Tarot decks really caught my eye…they are all a bit bizarre, but there is something fascinating about them 🙂

The Housewives Tarot

housewives-tarotThis crazy 1950’s housewife inspired Tarot deck will crack you up. Created by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, it features horrid items like jellied salad, sewing machines and greasy haired men.

It reminds me of my grandmother’s old Woman’s Day and Family Circle magazines which, incidentally, featured douching ads on nearly every page. Apparently douching was big back then. I wonder if this deck features any feminine hygiene products? I will find out soon because I ordered it and its in the mail as I write!!!

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The Housewives Tarot





The Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot


Like all cat-themed decks, this Tarot deck looks downright hilarious and bizarre. But that’s what I love about cat decks!

Upon taking a closer look at these cards online, I realized there was more to them than just a bunch of cats dressed in silly outfits. Each card has appropriate symbols and it looks like a very readable, fascinating deck.

This deck is high on my list of must-have Tarot decks!

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The Halloween Tarot

halloween-tarotAs a Halloween lover, this deck appealed to me immediately. Tarot and Halloween go together like Boursin cheese and a crusty baguette and I am kind of surprised there isn’t more Halloweeny-themed Tarot decks out there. Unless you count all the gothic, vampire decks, which I suppose are pretty Halloweeny.

The Halloween Tarot has creatively incorporated Halloween symbols like pumpkins, ghosts, bats and imps into the four suits, replacing the standard pentacles, cups, swords and wands.

I plan on getting this deck before next Halloween so I can do some special Halloween readings!

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Zombie Tarot

zombie-tarotI couldn’t believe it when I saw there was a Zombie Tarot! Interestingly, it was created by Paul Kepple, the same guy who created the Housewives Tarot.

I am not really into zombies or dead things – I find the whole concept really repulsive, although I have a friend who is completely obsessed with zombies. So if you are sick like that, then this deck was made for you!

Read more about this deck on Amazon


The Kitchen Tarot

KitchenTarotThis deck really caught my eye! It isn’t as bizarre as the others, but its wildly creative. Artist Susan Shie has put a culinary spin on the Tarot by associating each Major Arcana card with something kitchen themed.

For example, The Heirophant is a fridge and The High Priestess is a teapot. Her art is super yummy – I love love love it all. You can read more about her art and Tarot deck right here. The cards are actually prints of her quilts (first I thought they were paintings, but no!)

The Kitchen Tarot is only the Major Arcana – the full deck is not yet completed and according to her website, probably won’t be for quite some time. So I will wait patiently….

Check out the Kitchen Tarot on Amazon

Do you own any of these decks? If so, what is your experience with them?And are there any wild and crazy decks that you’ve come across lately? Let me know in the comment section below…

23 thoughts on “5 Quirky Decks That Look Really Cool”

  1. StoneGypsy Trina

    After this I bought the Halloween Tarot mini version in a tin (LOVE IT) Got the All Hallows Tarot too.

  2. **If you get the wonderful Halloween tarot, get the deck & book set. The little book describes the symbols in the deck. The deck is well thought out and the little book is terrific. The deck & book set also comes with a fold out poster with a spread to lay the cards on, but none of us would use it instead of our regular cloths.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Tess. That’s good to know. I usually skip getting the companion books, but in this case it sounds like its totally worth it.

  3. I love the Halloween Tarot Deck! If you love halloween and tarot, it is a must. Super cute and fun, yet very accurate.

      1. At the moment im in love with Legacy Divine tarot and Shadowscapes tarot. There are also new deck out Illuminati tarot
        that looks really gorgeous, and im looking forward to have it. Since I am not going after decks just to have it, I need the art work to be really beautiful, bold and worth spending money. And decks with cats or vampires seems to be more for teenagers or girl fun parties 🙂
        Also VIA tarot seems quite unique deck since, at the moment, I don`t like Crowley`s deck, the VIA tarot appeals more to me, but I it is rare and very expensive.

        1. I know what you mean, Karina. I used to be really turned off my modern, cartoony type decks, although now my tastes have changed a bit. I love the Shadowscapes Tarot – that is a really special one. I am going to go check out the other deck you mention (VIA) as I’m not familiar with it yet…

  4. Hey, Kate–

    Just a note about the Bohemian Cats: There are, as I mentioned, several editions.

    The edition you’ve got pictured is well out-of-print and very expensive. If you can find/afford the full kit, though, it does have a wonderful companion book, but the images on the cards are smaller than on the latest, easily available edition, because they have a big, honking decorative border around them.

    The Third Edition, available and in-print via Amazon, is inexpensive ($18?) and gorgeous. The images (not the cards) are bigger and clearer and brighter, but there’s no companion book, just a LWB.

    That’s it from Boho Cat Central.

  5. The only deck which tickles my fancy is the Halloween tarot. I am ordering the Favole tarot as my Samhain deck, but wondering if I should get that deck also.

    Am I the only tarot reader who doesn’t like cats?

  6. Kate!

    I have/had four of these five–AND now have Antonio’s Baseball Tarot, as well!

    The Housewives is a lot of fun. Sometimes I want a more “spiritual” deck, but get excellent readings with this one if I’m in the mood. It’s quirkiness did wear thin quickly for me, though, and for now it’s in the “tarot attic.”

    The Baroque Bohemian Cats 1st Edition (shown in your image) feels like an old friend. I also have a third edition that many people like better, but either of them reads like a dream for me–once I got past the happy hysteria of noticing that I was reading images of cats dressed up in clothing.

    The Halloween is a long-time go-to for me. Very Rider-Waite-Smith, its orange-black color orientation is pleasing to my eye, as is the vintage Halloween imagery. And, bonus for me, on every single card there’s a little black cat which my friend Mary K says is making commentary on its card!

    The Kitchen Tarot was a disappointment. A Majors-only deck, the tight embroidery/quilting images were too small and detailed for me to see clearly. Trying to use those felt like trying to read from the Enchanted Tarot, also a fabric-art based deck with tiny little details that are tantalizing but tough to see.

    Thank heavens you weren’t taunting me with decks I don’t have but want! I think I might have crumbled.

    Happy Saturday night.

    1. Jamie, I remember you saying that the Kitchen tarot was too small – that and the fact its a majors only deck made me decide not to get it – but I love her art!
      I have ordered the Housewives Tarot and I think the Bohemian Cats Tarot will be my next deck.
      Thanks for your insight into all of these decks – very helpful for my buying decisions!!!!


      1. Oh, yeah. It is GREAT to have it be me egging YOU on for a change!

        And I too loved the Kitchen imagery. It’s a cool idea for a deck–but, too, some of her associations were so personal-to-her that they left me out in the cold, a bit.

        Hauled the new Baseball Tarot out of the closet to read last night. I did just a one-card draw, but it was lovely! May I say, I’m a fan!


  7. I want the Halloween Tarot!!! I’ve admired that deck for so long, it’s on my to-get list, as well, Kate! 🙂 The Housewives Tarot looks surprisingly easy to read, I would have never realized it, I’m pretty sure, if you hadn’t pointed this deck out. Interesting decks, great topic, Kate!

  8. The Bohemian Cats Tarot looks hilarious and super cute! I LOVE Halloween and the Halloween Tarot looks like fun! I may be ordering both soon. Thanks Kate!

  9. Hehe… I am a baseball fan, and years ago a friend gave the “Baseball Tarot” for my birthday!


    1. Hey, Antonio–

      I just got this deck brand-new on Amazon for FIVE DOLLARS! It’s tucked away because I don’t have the time or energy to devote to a new deck just now, but would love to hear how you like it.

      Could you leave a mini review here for me? (Kate and I have already discussed this deck, and she scoffed at it, saying that she didn’t love baseball. But she doesn’t have to listen to us discuss it, right?)


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