The Moon ~ What Secrets Are You Keeping?

the moon tarot card
Crystal Visions Tarot

The Moon appears today to represent secrets and the role secrets play in your life. Sometimes you keep secrets and other times you simply choose not to reveal everything. But there is a part of you that remains hidden from others.

Ask yourself how you feel about secrets – does sharing them make you feel closer to another? Do is make you angry when others keep things from you? Does keeping them make you feel vulnerable (they may get discovered!) or powerful (you know something others don’t)?

Think of one secret that keep closely guarded (and tell me all about it in the comments below) – just kidding!!! But ask yourself how it feels to keep this secret – is it zapping your energy or does it give a stronger sense of self?

Today is the day to examine and perhaps even celebrate your hidden, secretive aspects.

11 thoughts on “The Moon ~ What Secrets Are You Keeping?”

  1. Oh, Kate, I think yesterday’s Moon draw, for me, was a call to enter the dreamtime and get some sleep. I’ve been slamming it, burning both ends of quite a few candles–working on my resume (three different versions!), as well as the LWB for the PT, some web copy for Theresa, and just generally riding the wave of the lead-up to her big event.

    Yesterday, I crashed. Slept really late, went to a nice 4th of July event–and did readings for a bunch of people with the mini-Bohemian Cats!–then walked with my BFF and watched Elementary. And fell asleep without even writing down my daily draw.

    I slept and dreamed and snuggled the cats until almost noon . . .

    Thank you, Moon.

      1. They went well. I hadn’t read for non-tarot people in a while–and these were all lawyers/doctors/psychiatrist-types! But I got my “reading legs” by querent #3, and felt more secure for the rest of them.

        Today I read for someone who’s a bit analytical, but I’ve read for her before, and I think she’s beginning to trust the process. Anyway, her reading was really rich and wonderful.

        Happy Saturday!

  2. Oh my! Right on again, Kate! I love this beautiful card in this deck, it is one of my most absolute favs! Yes, I think we all, for the most part, keep and have secrets. Sometimes, keeping secrets are necessary to protect others and is sometimes just how things have to be. I think your message is a great reminder that by keeping secrets, we must take time to reflect on how that makes us feel and find out how or if it is beneficial or not and how to deal with those aspects. Great message, Kate! You and I seem to be definitely on the same page right now! 🙂

  3. Kate, I appreciate this message today. Yes, I have a secret or two that I keep hidden from the rest of the world. It’s partly because I love being an enigma and the other part is out of fear of what the people I love and care about might say or think of me. But I love being a mystery. This is why I love writing fiction. Those little secrets of mine always come out eventually within the whimsical world of one of my stories. 🙂 hehehehehe

    1. Yes! Secrets do a wonderful job of creating an enigma, I agree. And fiction writing is a great way to divulge your secrets without really exposing yourself.

  4. Keeping secrets is a way of keeping inner peace. No need to explain why from those too inquisitive minds.

    1. I like that interpretation. Many people act like secrets are bad and you shouldn’t keep secrets. I don’t buy that – keeping secrets keeps me sane!

  5. This morning I have ordered this deck for myself. I hope I will be just as pleased with it as you. I really liked your review.

    1. That’s great Ellen – I hope you like it! Its been a favorite of mine since I got it a couple years ago.

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