10 of Wands ~ You Are Not Your Responsibilities (Friday)

The Ten of Wands has come today to tell you to stop identifying so much with your responsibilities and “busy-ness” – they don’t make you who you are.

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed, but fear that dropping a few responsibilities will make you a lesser person? Or that you won’t be as important if lots of people aren’t relying on you?

If so, you might be missing the point. This scantily clad mermaid has her back turned on the chest of coins, in favor of gazing off onto the horizon – probably wondering when her big break is coming.

The message here is that joy and satisfaction don’t come from lots of doing and striving, but from noticing what you already have and simply just being in the moment. Now if only I could take my own advice ;)…

If you feel this reading applies to you, feel free to share in the comments below.

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12 Responses to 10 of Wands ~ You Are Not Your Responsibilities (Friday)

  1. Tess says:

    An Ayurvedic doctor told me we should always do less than we’re able to – in order to have reserves for wellness for our body. The idea of “less than we’re able to” is so contrary to what we’re typically taught to believe. We tend to push ourselves to until exhaustion stops us, and believe that is the requirement for being a decent, valuable human being. (Maybe not for others, but our requirements for ourselves are usually higher than is good for our wellbeing) I am AMAZED at this interp. of this card. I love the way you see things.!! I am addicted to Kate’s Tarot Interpretations. You are the best!

    • Jamie Morris says:

      Tess and Kate–

      I’m so glad to hear that Ayurvedic doctor’s advice. As Kate knows, I’m just on the brink of getting involved with a big, exciting creative project, and my tendency will definitely be to over-commit, over-enthuse, over-do.

      I’m going to remember this post of Kate’s and your response and do it differently–in a more healthy and balanced way–this time.

      Thanks so much to both of you!

    • Kate says:

      Tess, thank you!!! 🙂 You bring up a wonderful point – I am suddenly interested in learning more about Ayurvedic medicine – it seems to appeal to the lazy in me – LOL! I always feel irritated when people say “give it 110%” – from now on I will give everything 70-80%. Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  2. Chang says:


    You never cease to amaze me with your timely tarot!

    I was just chatting with me mum about our (stockmarket) investment.

    Its as though the our lives have been on hold, when, as you pointed out, we should be living in the moment.

    I’ll give you five stars for this one!


    P.S. You mentioned the mermaid being ‘scantily’ clad. I enlarged the picture (no, I’m not going there) and fail to see any clothing, maybe some water here and there.

    I also noticed that she looks to be about a D cup. Anyone else?

    Geez, talk about livin’ in the moment (hoo hooo!)

  3. Britton says:

    Story of my life 😛

    This is also almost like a follow up to a reading I did last night. Loosening up and realizing that being a constant control freak only adds to the pressure we put on ourselves… and stress! I’ve found that writing goal lists and daily to-do’s help me chill out and see the bigger picture.

  4. Kris says:

    Thank you Kate. Taking a deep breath.



  5. Antonio says:

    Oh Kate! The conundrum. How much to do without neglecting ourselves. Especially those of us who strive to serve. And… food and shelter is needed.
    I find that a calendar where one puts everything that has to be done in a realistic time frame wakes us up. Or having a trusted friend who says…. stop tarot girl.

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