The Hierophant ~ Listen to Your Own Authority Today (Monday)

Fenestra Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is The Hierophant and he symbolizes your desire to appeal to a higher authority. This can show up in your life as wanting to be told what to do, given a set of rules to follow or a formula for success and happiness.

Are you searching for that perfect diet that will solve all your problems? Do you endlessly read self-help books that promise to give you the keys to living your life purpose or finding joy?

There is a certain comfort in believing that the answers are outside of you, because if they are within you, why haven’t you figured it all out yet? Right?

In general, we have been trained to search outside ourselves for experts, formulas, programs and roadmaps that will help us get what we want. We aren’t as familiar with reaching deep within and finding our own wisdom and our own methods for doing things.

But now is the time to start doing this. Meditation, Tarot reading, meditative drawing and writing, even walking or swimming are all ways you can tap into your own wise master today.

14 thoughts on “The Hierophant ~ Listen to Your Own Authority Today (Monday)”

  1. Freakin’ weird, Kate.

    I get a weekly blog update from Sparrow Tarot on Mondays. Today, hers was–ta-DAH!–none other than The Hierophant. I have a lot to do today, so I was tempted to just delete hers without reading, but thought, Hmm. Hierophant. He showed up in an interesting position for me last week. Maybe I’d better consider what he has to say …

    And then, just in case I didn’t get the message, here he is in your fabulous reading. I’ll take today to digest his message as he’s clearly circling the field looking for a place to land in my brain.

    Hierophantic Hugs,

  2. This reading is so right on. I’m slowly learning to trust my gut more, look within for authority instead of to someone else, and allowing myself to be comfortable with that. As always, great message, Kate. Thanks so much.

  3. Great reading ~ great reminder. Why is it that we always give our power away to others? We know better. People pleasers? We come into this life alone. and we leave alone. As above, so below. As within, so without. Our individual truths are within.

    1. Linda – I agree! I am not sure why we do this – I feel we are kind of conditioned to do it through our education systems, etc. If we listen to others ideas about how to live our life and then it doesn’t work out, we can blame them, whereas if we follow our own guidance and end up miserable we can only blame ourselves – and I think this might be why so many of us are still a little uncomfortable with going within.

  4. What?! C’mon! I want instructions in detail outlining every step I must take. O.o No? So you mean like I get to choose? I dislike this, Kate. I need a boss. lol

    Perfect reading for the day and mood and…boooo. Tomorrow, I want orders, dammit.

    1. LOL! I know, I know…thinking for yourself is HARD! I can’t promise tomorrows reading will be any more directive, either.

  5. Kate,
    As it has become customary your reading clarified and gave a solution.
    I was “wanting to do what you are told.” even when the “inner Mistress,” as my guide insisted I call her, has been saying the opposite.
    I know is fear of many stripes.
    Recognizing it, with your help, I will follow Veronica’s advice regarding fears. “Write them down and ponder the shit out of them! They are what stand between you and a life of passion and fireworks.”
    I shall today, as is Lucero’s day, and he opens roads.
    Thank you again Kate, and Veronica.
    Fireworks coming!

    Thank you!

    1. Antonio – that is wonderful that this reading has resonated and made sense with you. So glad you are taking Veronica’s advice – her ego will explode as no one ever takes her advice, not even her!

  6. Thank you, you’ve just put my thoughts into words! Working on it!
    Indeed, nice ideas in the end, I would just add Yoga! 🙂 Cheers!

  7. excellent reading and very nice ideas at the end. i needed this reminder. it really resonated when you said – are you searching for the perfect diet that will solve all your problems? wow! thanks.

    1. Thanks, Tameko – yeah, I figured that thing about the diet would resonate with lots of people – I mean, who isn’t looking for that one special, cure-all diet!? I know I still am!

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