Unicorn Card Reading for the Upcoming Week!

I always hesitate to use these unicorn cards for readings because they can sometimes be really sappy – but I am always glad that I did.

Which part of this reading resonated most strongly for you?

Have a great week 🙂

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2 Responses to Unicorn Card Reading for the Upcoming Week!

  1. Jamie Morris says:


    This is one of my favorite-ever weekly readings! I love it when you do something a little different–like turning all the cards over before you started reading. When you do something like that, it makes me sit up and take notice!

    And the message–wow! The way you knit in acceptance (not release) all the way through, it was like an angelic sort of idea, and one I could really resonate with.

    So, that, acceptance, was my biggest take-away, but I also loved that you said, “bullshit.” That’s my second favorite part. (And also, my maternal grandmother, Etta, has passed, but is very much an influence. I’ll be listening for her.)

    Love you lots!

    • Kate says:

      Jamie – thank you!!! So happy to liked this reading so much. What’s funny is I don’t even remember saying “bullshit”! I will have to watch it back again. Thanks for all the positive feedback – I will have to do wild things like turning all the cards over at once more often!

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