Five of Cups ~ Kick Those Loser Thoughts! (Tuesday)

five of cups
New Palladini Tarot
The Five of Cups is here to tell you to look upwards! That’s where all the good stuff is. Don’t dwell on what didn’t work out. Move on!

The tower on the hill looks like a big, golden arrow pointing skyward. My perverted twin Veronica would say it looks more like a penis, but that’s a whole different topic….

Keep your eye on the prize today and don’t let any setbacks throw you off course. Focus on what you have, not what you have lost. There is nothing wrong with mourning something, just don’t let it turn into a pity party.

You are capable of far more than you even realize today, so whatever you do, don’t succumb to “loser thinking”!

What “loser thoughts” do you need to kick to the curb today? Share them with me in the comments below….

6 thoughts on “Five of Cups ~ Kick Those Loser Thoughts! (Tuesday)”

  1. Within the last month I have travelled to Calgary to deal with 2 members of our family who are both in hospital and terminal. I have returned to Nanaimo to pack up my belongings and quit my job and have movers pick up my life. I am now back in Calgary, overwhelmed by hospital politics + healthcare inadequacies whereby the workers therein know their processes and schedules, yet forget to include the family in decisions that directly affect our loved ones.

    I still have to figure out storage here in Calgary so that the movers have a place to unload my belongings into – one would think that a city of over 1 million people would have more storage that was affordable, not highway robbery…

    So yes, the loser thoughts have been mounting and I escaped into fiction books for a couple of days just to escape it all. Today is a new day, and perhaps today I will zero in on that storage unit I need? I am taking things 1 hour at a time because to do any more than that is too much.

    Thanks for your daily insights and tarot cards – any little thing can help.

    1. Laurie, it sounds like you are definitely going through a rough patch right now (although a good book is a wonderful escape!) I hope everything works out for you quickly and that you can settle into your new home. Sending good energy your way 🙂

  2. Mostly I don’t look at the bright side of life. That withholds me often of starting something new: a study topic or a creative project. Because I think the chances are big that I don’t finish it in the way I would like (fear of failing my own high set standards).
    But lately I enjoy the beginning of a something new. I see it more as an adventure An I am proud that I have started something regardless of when and where I will end the journey

    1. Ellen, that is such a lovely response to this post.

      I work with writers–often newer writers–and I see the same sort of fears haunting so many of them. But what’s funny is that, while, as a teacher/writing coach, I can clearly see this in action, when the–ahem–pen is on the other foot, that is, when I am trying to write creatively myself, I get really choked. It takes a huge amount of will power to just keep moving forward.

      I’ve been getting some writing jobs lately, and because of the commitment/deadline deal, I’ve had to push forward on them. I’m not quite at the point where you are–seeing it more as an adventure–but I’m getting there.

      Anyway, thanks so much for sharing.

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