Eat Your Veggies and Take a Nap! ~ Angel Card for Monday

Put your health first and foremost today – particularly where eating and stress reduction is concerned.

If you are struggling with eating healthy foods, plan your meals ahead of time and be prepared. Buy fresh veggies and fruit to have on hand and chuck out any crap food – like store-bought cookies – you may have lurking in your cupboards.

Reduce stress today by noticing your breathing at various times throughout the day. Even if its just for a minute – this is enough to bring your stress levels down dramatically!

When you let yourself get stressed, you disconnect from divine guidance and “the flow” of life – so do something nice for yourself today that will help you get into that healthy zen state.

*Just a quick note – I am going on a “media vacation” for 4 whole days (so excited!!!), so I will not be responding to any comments here on my blog until Thursday.

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4 Responses to Eat Your Veggies and Take a Nap! ~ Angel Card for Monday

  1. Jamie Morris says:


    Sounds like you’re taking your own advice. Good for you. I ditto Ellen. Have a wonderful time.

    Also, I’m pulling back–at least a little bit–to try to get some perspective and some rest, myself.


  2. joan mansson says:

    Recovering from a surgery and dealing with a chronic illness this cards advice is a good reminder of what I’ve. Been trhying to do. Napping especially _now I willnap withot remorse.

  3. Ellen says:

    Have a lovely time of from the internet

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