A Pivotal Point on Your Journey ~ Death (Tuesday)

Death beckons you today, urging you to give something up, to let go and enter a new phase of your life.

Some endings are easy and you have no problem saying good riddance!, but some endings are difficult and you want to hold on forever and ever.

Whichever type of “ending” you are dealing with right now, know that it is appropriate for this stage on your path – its a juncture that you must cross if you want to keep going.

This angel of death seems to be saying “its okay, don’t be afraid” as he urges you forward. Whatever it is that you are releasing right now, its a pivotal part of your journey.

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2 Responses to A Pivotal Point on Your Journey ~ Death (Tuesday)

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    This is such a gorgeous Death card. It’s like he and the hottie on the CVT Death should get together and have zombie babies. They’d be beautiful, little undead ones.

    But seriously . . .

    I’ve been thinking some parts of my professional life are sort of dying off–but then something happened today to refresh my attitude. Which confused me. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next–and how I feel about it.

    We miss you.

  2. Denise Suttie says:

    Hi Kate, very interesting in that this is the card I drew for myself today!
    I know that this is an ending, and a beginning,but it is not one of the easy ones.
    Thanks as always.


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