Nine of Pentacles ~ Be a Queen!

9 of pents

Morgan-Greer Tarot

Today you are attracting wealth and luxury like a magnet! The Nine of Pentacles reminds you that when you enjoy luxury, you attract it.

Be sensual – eat fruit slowly, lie in bed at extra ten minutes, enjoy a hot bath and a glass of wine. If you want more deliciousness in your life you must remember to take full advantage of the tasty experiences you have at your disposal.

When you do this, you feel like a Queen (or King)! Others will pick up on it and wonder what on earth has happened to you.

Today is NOT a day to moan about crappy finances and expenses – do that tomorrow. Today is about living in the moment and feeling fantastic!

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8 Responses to Nine of Pentacles ~ Be a Queen!

  1. Jamie Morris says:


    My last night’s draw–Queen of Cups, Six of Coins, Eight of Wands, from the Touchstone Tarot–suggested to me that somewhere a woman (Queen) who is well-disposed to me, has authorized an agent (Six), perhaps lawyer or banker to disburse some funds to me which I’ll hear about through some sort of communication soon (Eight!).

    That would totally put me in a Nine-of-Pentacles frame of mind.

    I’ll let you know.

  2. Antonio Gil says:

    What’s this Veronica took over Monday? Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment!

  3. Denise Suttie says:

    To me this is a reminder about being totally present in the moment and enjoying what we have right now. I agree that tomorrow can be the day to worry about the overdraft etc! Thanks Kate.

  4. Ellen says:

    I ll remember to enjoy sensuality in my daily life today, because I do have to be busy with money; taxes. Hopefully I get some refund!

  5. micheal says:

    I quite enjoy your posts.

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