fridays with veronicaVeronica is my immoral other half. She is my wild and slutty evil twin/alter ego and when she isn’t travelling the world, doing nude yoga and slamming back martini’s, she’s dishing out Tarot wisdom for you right here…

the high priestess
Housewives Tarot

Today’s Tarot advice comes from The High Priestess.

She says “Shhhhhh….keep your secrets.”

This particularly applies to relationships of a romantic nature.

Certain marriage “experts” (cough, Dr. Phil, cough) will tell you that you must never keep secrets from your significant other and that true intimacy means sharing everything.

Yuck. No thanks.

If you want your life to have a certain robust, saucy flavour, you need to have some secrets.

So stop being so darn honest and “transparent” as the therapy-types like to say.

Don’t have any secrets? No problem! Create them. Take a young lover, start drinking in the daytime (if you don’t already) or stop wearing underpants.

You’ll be rocking that Mona Lisa smirk in no time!

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5 thoughts on “friday”

  1. Sweet Cheeks,

    “Stop wearing underpants”, freaking brilliant idea!

    Reminds me that Aunt Jemima never wore any, and look at the thousands, MILLIONS that have been grabbing at her ass over the years!

    Geez, I suddenly got a hankering for pancakes and sausage, gotta go…


    P.S. Did I say ‘ass’, I really meant ‘derriere’. I don’t know what the fucks wrong with me today, it must be ‘free-for-all-friday @ Veronica’s. (May I call you Ronny?).

    P.P.S Ronnie, keeping yer pie-hole shut re: past sexual escapades is sage advise. Nothing to be gained there, unless yer drunk and slammin’ someone outta town!!


    (The End)

  2. Joseph Constantine

    shhhhhhh…..(whispers) ” awesome reading kate! Don’t worry I wont tell anyone”

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