How do YOU see these Tarot cards?

Back by popular demand….the monthly Tarot challenge!

What would YOU do in this situation?:

Let’s pretend your giving a Tarot reading to Chastity Applebottom, a striking woman in her late 30’s, who was referred to you by a mutual friend. She plunks herself down at your reading table, all bouncy curls and cleavage, and says:

I just need some confirmation that I am doing the right thing. I got married a year ago to a man that I thought was my soul-mate – his name’s Carlos – but then about a month ago I discovered that he doesn’t really work as a traveling Loans officer, but is actually a Colombian drug lord and has been cheating on me with all sorts of floozies. He has this whole secret life that I wasn’t even aware of until now. Anyhow, I was going to leave him but then I realized that I would like to have a baby and I am getting too old to be putting it off. I’m almost 40. If I leave Carlos it may take me a year or two to find someone suitable to mate with, which could be too late. So I am thinking of staying with Carlos so I can have a baby. He’s not a bad guy – he bought me and boob job AND a Vitamix blender for my birthday. I think this is the best choice, really, but I just need to hear it from you to put my mind at ease.”

So of course you’re thinking run, Chastity, run! but you shuffle your cards anyway and this is what comes up:

reading - morgan greer tarot
From left to right: Ace of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles.
Morgan Greer Tarot

Please note: this is an extra challenging Tarot challenge because you probably want to tell Chastity to run like the wind, yet the cards seem to be quite positive. So….

How would you interpret these cards? What advice would you give to Chastity? I invite you to share your interpretation in the comments section below 🙂

Tip: look at the cards and ask what do these cards seem to be saying to Chastity?

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  1. I think the cards are more bias that we are and show what is really at the heart of their relationship. Things are not always what they seem. Maybe a baby would strengthen their relationship and shift their life style. Not everyone is miserable all the time. Some people are good combinations together. A lot of relationships survive infidelity. Sometimes the astrology shifts and people change from the new cycles in the cosmos. Sometimes its about bigger cycles of healing past life karma or bigger longer cycles of growth that have to be played out in peoples lives and in between two people. I only see this in my maturity of experience. I would not have understood this before now and my perspective is able to give advice I would not have had for her when I was younger. Now if the cards were crappy, I would have been all over it. Plus I would have to pull a couple of cards as qualifiers to reassure myself of the reading.

  2. Poor Chastity, she is caught between a rock and a hard place…..Anyone who knows Tarot knows the cards never lie and I never lie to my clients ( I will ask if they want the truth or not!) The Ace of Wands shows that, indeed, Chastity is feeling the love and flow of the maternal instinct. But the Ten of Pentacles means you may have all the riches in the world but there is definitely something missing (money can’t buy everything ) and that is usually emotional fulfillment. And, of course, a baby needs to come into not just an affluent home but a loving home as well. The Queen of Pentacles reveals that Chastity will turn to her practical side and realize that this is not the time and place to bring a baby into the world as it might, in the long run, jeopardize both her and the baby and it is not wise to indulge in instant gratification.

  3. I’m going to look at this spread from a past/present/future perspective.

    Past: Ace of Cups. You had a really good start together. Things were loving and intimate. You followed your heart in order to find him.

    Present: Ten of Pentacles. You are currently in a good financial situation and it wouldn’t be irresponsible to have a child in that regard. You have to consider what family really means to you and what legacy you would like your child to inherit.

    Future (assuming she stays her course and does have a child): Queen of Pentacles. There is further confirmation that your life will be financially sound. You’d be a nurturing and practical mother that the child can come to for anything. You would give yourself fully to the child and provide the stability your husband might not be able to give.

    I’d then draw a clarifier card to see what kind of father her husband would be.

  4. These are all positive cards. the Ace of Cup indicates true love. From this card it is apparent that their is a bond of love between you and Carlos. The 10 of Pentacles seems to be saying that this union will bring you wealth and protection. the Queen of Pentacles tell me that you are not defenseless or a push over. You are an active team player in Carlos’ life and he respects that. Whatever happens with your relationship with Carlos, you will be taken care of.

  5. Hi Kate,
    Now the time has come of my interpretation .Chastity, Carlos is only in your density. All cards are positive. Ace of cups is possitive card. When this card appears a chance to tune into your higher self, and pay attention to your dreams. It can also indicate conception or the birth of a baby.

    10 of pentacles shows of physical security and 3 generations family money.

    Queens are approachable and are into emotions & relationships. When Queens cone in spread means people in personal touch, they feel more human by so.

  6. OK so ace of cups, 10 of pentacles and Queen of Pentacles. I take it that is no accident with the spanish MG deck? 😉

    First of all, Chastity has to go through a whole heap of emotions, as she would be completely floored by the news on Carlos. It is almost like trying to regain trust after being lied to big time! This is a new start in the relationship with Carlos. The 10 of pentacles screams a happy homelife and the kid coming along (hmmmm maybe being wise to having a kiddo in that sort of environment!) Also I get the feeling a Floozy is pregnant as well! The Queen of pentacles combined with the 10 to me indicates that she would get lots of dosh with the drugs and she would *excuse the pun as I am guided to say this) Being a hot mama with her boo! I heard a hispanic voice, picture Hilda from Ugly Betty!

    Question is, would you trade your happiness for wealth. I just think Carlos seems creepy!

    1. Your right, Janine, Carlos is a total creepo! Nice interpretation – thanks for adding your perspective 🙂

  7. Since this is a pretend situation, trying to be authentic is difficult. I’m sure somewhere there has been a reader who was asked to give this kind of advice. Thank you Kate for helping me to see that we may run across people and questions that totally turn our stomachs and cause us all kinds of disconcerting thoughts. I am wondering did anyone else find themselves wanting to intervene and interject their own morality in this reading? I will admit that is my stumbling block for the exercise.
    I see these three cards as offering you options in your life right now. An evaluation if you will.
    The Ace of cups speaks to your emotional side, that at this moment you are overwhelmed by all of the lies that have been disclosed. You know the truth and you know what is best for you, you have great strength of spirit. Yet hopeful for a great change in Carlos. That leads to the
    Ten of pentacles, The men behind the walls, of the fortress are dressed for battle, the family in this deck is missing from the card and so in seeing a choice for a mate we must also see the truth of that choice. Financial excess has come at what cost? Again a choice you must make.
    Leading to the Queen of Pentacles she has weighed her options, gathered her strength and courage and made the hard choices, and is living a life in light of those choices.

    1. Teresa – I agree with you about the questionable element of adding our own values to a reading. We’re human and our viewpoints color how we perceive different situations. But I think you made a great point: if we manipulate the cards to fit our personal value systems, what happens to the “magic”? Why use the tarot at all when we could just give Chastity some friendly heart-to-heart advice? I’m wondering how I, as a beginner, can learn to strike a healthy balance between how I feel and what the cards say. At this point in my journey, I don’t feel experienced enough to divorce my knee-jerk reaction to Chastity’s situation from the innate positivity of the spread. Maybe that kind of wisdom comes with practice! In the meantime, this exercise has definitely given me some good food for thought. Thank you for your insight! And thanks to Kate for providing us with such a thought-provoking scenario 🙂

      1. Good point Brie – the magic is lost when you let your biases get in the way of the guidance. I never thought of it that way, but its true – I guess in some ways, as a reader, you kind of have to be like a clear channel. But it’s tough!

    2. Teresa, I really like how you framed these cards in a way that wasn’t like “okay, do this..” but showed her there are other options to consider. You were helpful, but not pushy.
      The issue of letting your own beliefs/morality effect a reading is something that has come up for me many times in the past! I think it comes up for everyone from time to time.

  8. i dont use my cards to predict future.. the cards reveal the answers lying within a persons unconscious or subconscious mind. i just use cards to reveal these.

    in this reading
    1 cup card – shows love in atmos and mind
    2 pentacles cards – stability.. that means as of now their relation is stable. moreover sge has already made up her mind to stay with him. her decision is also stable.

    i dont see any fire and air cards.. so a change is not going to happen soon.

    the rest my friends have already said.

    thanks everyone..

  9. Hi Kate, Love these challenges. Keep ’em coming – please.
    First of all, because I am one of those that believe in clear concise questions to receive positive answers, I would have asked the universe the following based on the information provided by you. ‘What does Chastity need to know about her relationship with Carlos?’
    As you say, the cards certainly look very promising for Chastity but I believe that I would be making her aware that events may have already rather overtaken her and that there is a good chance that she is already pregnant and doesn’t realize it! The Ace of Cups in conjunction with that lovely 10 of Pentacles certainly reinforces this fact and I also intuitively feel that the Queen of Pentacles looks a great deal like she is nursing a baby (I am using UW cards) with great love and care. Q of P make great Mums and with 10 of P at centre stage I feel that her relationship will change as soon as Carlos knows she is pregnant and that she will eventually enjoy a very satisfying relationship with him. In spite of what has happened in the past with Carlos being unfaithful to her I see nothing in the cards that would substantiate the continuation of deception in their marriage and would send her on her way reassured of a contented future. Thanks again for being so supportive to us all.

    1. I love that you love doing these challenges, Brian 🙂 Thanks for weighing in on this reading – I agree, these cards do seem to suggest a pregnancy.

  10. Well, Chastity, live up to your name; you are being offered a choice and the final decision is yours. What do you want? Peace or bringing up a child in a questionable lifestyle. Even though hubby whats-his-name lovingly gave you a vitamix (whoohoo!!)
    do you really want this? You seem to be looking at far horizons and wondering what you could be doing with your life beyond kitchen gadgets. The underlying elements seem to be saying you can forge ahead, but the final decision is yours.
    Whatever the outlook you are looking beyond the compound.

    1. Love the last line “whatever the outlook you are looking beyond the compound” – the Queen on the end totally does seem to be looking forward at the horizon. Love it!

  11. Here is what I saw and felt from the spread in regards to her situation.
    Ace of Cups – the love could be very strong between the two. I see the bird as a symbol of love especially with the bright yellow light shining in front of it and the water flowing over from the cup I feel there is so much of something- an abundance of love. So there is great love between them. Then we move to the 10 of Pentacles which I feel shows a great couple. They seem to have everything they will ever want but all I see is the 2 poles as a X meaning it all comes at a price. What you are getting is being acquired in the wrong way. You are not earning your money honestly. All I can see is a big X feeling it is all coming at a price. Then we have the Queen of Pentacles. She is a woman that needs to stand in her own conviction so this person will need to weigh out all the options. Is it all worth it????? Can she live with how her husband is treating her and how she gets everything. Can she bring a child in that environment? She has a lot weighing on her shoulders with this decision. She already knows it is not the best choice and is hoping someone can tell her it is ok. That is why she went for the reading but deep down she knows it is not how she wants to really live her life. It is hard when love is there between 2 people to not let the emotions always take over. She needs to separate her emotions from the situation and look at the facts.

    When I look at the cards as an overall spread I see lots of love but the X really stands out to me. It is showing me that something is wrong or is being done wrong with how they are receiving their financial success. There is always a price to be paid when money is involved. But mostly I see the big X in the 10 of Pentacles as something is not right between the couple and pentacles is money so I see this as one issue along with the husband cheating on her. She is the Queen of Pentacles and as much as she likes the things that can be bought by money it is a very heavy decision as she is wanting to have a child and can she bring a child into that family life.

    I would tell her to go very deep within and really to understand that it is one thing for her to live a life like that but to bring a child into that world is something she really needs to consider- it would not be just herself anymore.

    1. Nancy, I really like how you were able to tune into what was really going on in this situation and her underlying reasons for seeking a reading. Your interpretation was full of compassion and good advice 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

      1. I never saw those two wands crossing to make a X, as literally as a 10 (X), but that was very astute of you, and I can see it now. It does say the loving relationship we are seeing on the card is not really what she is experiencing, does it? it is Xed out of the picture. Great interpretation.

  12. The Ace of Cups indicates your potential for a happy, fulfilling relationship. It is what you want, what you wish you could have with your husband, but it sounds like that is not the case. He’s been lying and is unfaithful. You’re so eager to have a successful relationship with him that you are willing to overlook some major problems.

    The 10 of Pentacles represents material items- such as the mixer and plastic surgery he buys to distract you from his bad behavior. You’re living a very financially comfortable life- but at what cost?

    The Queen of Pentacles says that you need to regain control of your own life and stop depending on Carlos. Stop letting him use money and gifts to try to make you forget what kind of person he really is. I think you should seriously consider the consequences of bringing a baby into this situation. Right now you need to learn to take care of yourself.

  13. Ok, so I already posted my interpretation, but a thought occurred to me that I felt was worth bringing up. Wouldn’t this be a situation where you might have to breach confidentiality?

    “Oh, yeah, so your husband is a drug lord, right. Not to be a fly in the soup of this whole thing, strutting around obnoxiously with my hairy fly legs in high heels, but I have to inform you I may be legally obligated to report this information to the authorities, since you know, I now have this knowledge of criminal activity, but for Pete’s sake, I really don’t want those drug cartel aliens hovering after me with their ray guns…? o.O”

    Exactly how would you handle that with the client, and in general? Now you have me thinking. Hmmm…

    1. I’m sure it differs by where you are, but in my province anyway, if you’re a counsellor (I don’t know about Tarot readers specifically, so just going with what I know) you only have to report something if a child is in danger or if someone is making serious threats to hurt someone else (or themselves), or if you’re subpoenaed by a court, which could be the case here.

      1. Thanks for weighing in Shonna! (& you too Kate!) It’s my analytical Queen of Swords side that likes to think about this stuff. (Also, it’s this side kicking myself when some of the other readings bring up a really good point that didn’t occur to me, like “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?”) Love reading through the other interpretations! I like how we all see different things in the cards, but still arrive at the same sorts of conclusions. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question.

        PS- Oh, I know, Kate. Chastity would totally F*CK her life royally, ;). But I also feel like she’d still Carlos’s whole operation from him if he’s not careful, so maybe it would still work out for her in the end. 🙂

    2. Nah, I wouldn’t bother reporting Chastity’s drug lord hubby. Like Shonna says, if a child or someone was in immediate danger, then it would be a different story. But if Chastity tries to pay for her reading in cocaine, then it could get iffy!

  14. According to the cards everything looks good…My advice would have to come back to the realm of reality and look more at whats-her-name. What does she really want from life? If she ‘s all that worried about boob jobs etc. then maybe drug-lord man is alright to be with. It comes down to how he treats her personally and how he would influence a child. Just because a man has an alternative lifestyle doesn’t make him a devil. There are a whole lot of people turning the same (and even less respectable business lives) that provide very well for a family. And if it took her this long to discover his true identity then she wasn’t all that worried to begin with. However, that is a very high risk business with no pension plan if things go badly. Just consider what you really want from life. You could live quite well with that kind of man considering his indiscretions, and there are many worse relationships to be with. The child would most likely be well looked after financially and well protected since those type of men are usually very family oriented…Not particularly to a spouse, but usually always to the children. You really think the business man in the three-piece suit hasn’t never stepped on any toes…especially if he has any measurable success!?!

    1. W, you make some great points – yeah, who knows, maybe Carlos is a totally great guy? I think it’s important going into a reading not to assume we know all the people involved. Its easy to let your mind start filling in all the blanks when you hear that her spouse is a drug lord, so I think the true challenge is in delivering a reading without letting that taint things too much. Thanks for participating!

  15. Ace of cups suggests its the perfect time to gave a baby. 10 of pentacles promise a financially secure life. Although, I feel it will be a lonely and overly protected life. The queen looks like she is sad to me. Well taken care of but lonely.

  16. Dang, Vericona came up with this one, didn’t she?

    I came to a conclusion and judgment as I read this, had a desire to slap some sense into poor Chasity, but after I adjusted my eyeballs back into my sockets after rolling them out of my sockets, and took a deep breath, I realized that was very educational experience because a tarot reader has to remain objective and detached emotionally from another person’s situation, and of course this hit something a personal trigger with the lying, cheating boyfriend (or partner). I then thought Chastity has her own story, and that is not my story, so I centered and came to a place of objectivity and let go of my own feelings and judgments, detached with the objective to be of service and help Chastity, and that space is a reader’s best friend and the place where intuition is able to work.

    Lesson: Center and ground before reading, even a make believe one. 🙂

    So here goes:

    Hi Chastity, your situation sounds complex, let’s see what we can find out today to help you.

    In your past, the Ace of Cups shows up, and that goes along with what you said. You entered the marriage with love thinking you had found your soul mate, and the prospect held great promise for you. Would you say that is accurate? The Queen of Pentacles, I feel, represents you in this reading. You are a gal that likes to look good, a little luxury, and security, and maybe that is something that initially attracted you to Carlos and to the relationship, maybe he gave you extravagant gifts. However, you are also a the homemaker, motherly and nurturing, someone with a big heart that is trusting, and you have a lot of love to give, and thus, you are at an age where you are desiring children at this point in your life.

    I think this reading points to the relationship in the beginning: love and the promise of security, family, and wealth—a rich life together. This is what was, is it still what is?

    A month ago, you found out that Carlos lied about his job (source of income), was seeing other women on the side, and you found out things were not as you believed them to be in your relationship. This obviously hurt you badly as you said you considered leaving Carlos. So my question is do you still love Carlos and what future might you see with this man, a man that lied to you, even a year after being married? But you said you really wanted a baby, and since you are almost 40, you thought you would stay with Carlos and have a baby justifying this decision with that Carlos is not a bad guy, gives you nice gifts, and this was your best bet to have a child. Both the 10 of pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles point to an atmosphere of warmth, trust and security, but the trust has been broken, hasn’t it. Let’s examine the security you feel by a home and nice gifts, is that real security? Have you thought of about the dangers of being a drug lord? What if he is arrested or left you or worse, would you be able to take care of yourself and a child?

    I think the place to go back to is the Ace of Cups, a card about new beginnings, love, compassion, and spirituality. While your needs are being meet financially, are you feeling loved by Carlos? And if not, is that really the environment you want to bring a child into if it does not change? Do you see the relationship with Carlos changing as I am sure you did not envision marry someone who lies and cheats to you? Do you think you would have married Carlos had you known he was a Drug Lord? Would that have made a difference? Does Carlos even want children, and how does he feel about the relationship, and that would warrant discussion, perhaps a marriage counselor?

    The Queen of Pentacles is very down to earth and sensible, but look at her in this reading, she is facing away from the situation as if she does not want to own up to the reality of it. Are you letting your desire for a child blind you to the reality of your situation. If you truly love Carlos and he loves you, I would urge you to look more at your relationship and see if it can be repaired before bringing a child into it. Are you willing to settle for a man who lies to you and cheats on you, and is that the kind of man you want your child to have as a father? Look at the couple in the 10 of pentacles loving gazing at each other, is that the type of relationship you long for and is that the reality of the relationship with Carlos? Is the situation as secure as you believed it once was? Not to scare you but Drug Lords get targeted by the police as well as other Drug Lords, it is somewhat dangerous, and is that a life you are willing to settle for both you and your child?

    Does staying with Carlos ensure you will have a child, the one reason you are stating you are willing to stay in the relationship, it is your best chance to conceive a child. What if you spend this time with him, a man who lies and cheats on you, and you do not have a child?

    We do not know the future, the reading can only give you insight into your situation and some additional things to think about to make a sound decision as these and your actions will form the future. I urge you to think about what you truly want and the best course of action, perhaps even consider going to a counselor. Right now you are probably still hurt and dazed; a month is often not enough time to sort things out such complex situation. Are you truly thinking clearly with both mind and heart?

    Note: At this point, I would probably pull some additional advice cards or even go to the Celtic Cross, which is odd because I don’t love doing that spread, but it is what comes to my mind as the best option. There is simply not enough information in this three card spread. The spread looks promising at a glance, vehicle for love, secure family life, and being treated as a Queen, but my feeling is it merely reflects what she wants to hear, after all she has made up her mind at the point of reading and is looking for confirmation to stay in the relationship to have a child, but it is not the full story or her reality. As I said the Queen is not looking at the other cards, she is looking away as to not see the full story on purpose.

    In the end, my job is to guide Chastity to make the best decision for her, not tell her what to do as that is her decisions. In my objective space, I have no opinion as to what is right or wrong; I just have Chastity’s best interest at heart. Ultimately, the decision is hers to make.

    1. Teresa, I loved what you said at the beginning about this triggering you and how that messes with intuition. I agree that as soon as were triggered or go into judgement, intuition is halted. So its good to be aware of that!
      Very insightful reading – thanks for sharing 🙂 I really loved how you asked lots of questions and I think it is one of those readings where more cards are needed.

      1. The whole reading might go an entirely different route in an interactive reading based on Chastity’s responses.

  17. “Chastity, how much do you pay me for the advice?
    Ok, first you are completely drowning in some unhealthy sentimentalism. Than you get stuck in your mind’s “home and castle” blathering and materialist thinking and at the end you are alone (no kid, no husband) and need a face lifting.
    Do you have some more questions?”

    1. LOL – hmmm, she probably won’t be asking any questions after that! And she will probably pay you in weed! 😉

  18. Oh wow! I love this one, sounds like a screenplay to a movie!

    I have to admit that I’m stuck with the Queen of Pentacles on this one. I’m thinking that Chastity is not going to run run run, but she is actually going to take some leading part in this drug deal thing. That was my first instinct when I saw this card, that she sees this relationship as an investment, not only for breeding babies, but also, and specially, financially. I often see the Queen of Pentacles, even though very nurturing and motherly, as being very down to earth and I see her as some kind of business woman. She knows how to spend her money smart and she doesn’t need a man to tell her what to do, even though she’s chosen to have husband. At the same time, I have my own principals and advising someone to sticking to a drug dealer is a big No No for me. So I have to admit this is a tough one.

    I’d start by saying that the presence of the Ace of Cups shows me that she really thought he was the one guy and that there was a lot of feelings in the beginning of this relationship, also the desire to become a mother is the root of all of this. She might see him as a blessing, an answer to her prayers to becoming a mother, something she really wants.

    I also think that the Ten of Pentacles tells me that they are well off money wise, and that she can still see some sort of possible prosperity in this relationship. They have everything: a house, an expensive life, but somehow it becomes a bit boring because once all of your dreams come true, you ask yourself “now what?”. So maybe the baby could signify a desire to make a new life.

    Then we get to the Queen of Pentacles. And there she is an independent, nurturing, smart, loving, business woman. She doesn’t need anyone, yet she can have as many lovers as she wants. Bottom line is she doesn’t need a husband to keep her finances at the top, she knows what she is doing and she does it with a smile. Her decisions are based more on practicality rather then feelings and she sees relationships as an investments. If she isn’t getting what she wants, she has no problem on putting her money on a more profitable investment.

    So now taking a step back I don’t think she is going to have a baby with him, she could use him for the other half of the chromosomes she needs, but I don’t feel like she is going to stay in his shadow. Also the Queen is facing away from the prosperous house. To me this signifies being very independent. Moreover, the fact that there are no major “transformation” cards such as the Death card, etc I find it difficult to see that she is going to have a baby soon. Kids usually mean major life changes.

    So here is the deal Chastity, maybe I would take some time to think about what you really want, are you sure you want to bet your life on a guy that has been lying to you and doing things in the shadows, things that could potentially put you and your future baby in danger? Because an investment needs to be a smart one, do you want to invest your life on this business? In the end the choice is always yours, you have the free-will to chose. Also something that caught my attention in your speech is : I want to have A baby, you didn’t really say you wanted to have HIS baby. That might mean that you are not very sure about all this. Besides, having a baby nowadays has become a lot less complicated, there are many other options. Have confidence in yourself that even if you decide to leave this relationship you’ll do very well. You are a strong independent woman, that can definitely have A baby and still be an awesome mom, dad, business woman and friend.

    Oh Kate, where do you get these ideas? Love them! ^^

    1. Loved your reading! Wow – it was really empowering – if I was Chastity, I think i’d feel pretty good after that, even though you delivered some tough to hear facts. I get these ideas from real life – this pretend scenario is actually something I heard the other day and I just dressed it up, adding the drug dealer element for dramatic effect and changed some names.

  19. For the record, I wasn’t going to say run away… I was thinking, “Gurl, get yourself over to a sperm bank, or pull a Sandra Bullock, and dump this guy” xD But anyway,

    I feel like the Ace of Cups is symbolizing taking hold of a new beginning and getting really clear on what she wants emotionally. She knows she’s ready for a baby- or at least she knows that is what she wants- and she totally has the potential to be a nurturing, loving momma bird tending to her shiny, light egg. (& without the whole icky regurgitation thing, since that are what those ta-ta’s she’s sporting are for lol)

    Also, the seed pod and the lotus flower do suggest she is, again, ready to “sow the seeds” of life- there is definitely a sperm meets egg theme with the flower bud and her light egg, and the seeds- clearly, she has baby-making on the brain.

    The Ten of Pentacles to me represents the secret world of her husband. As this is the suit of pentacles, it’s the suit of hearth, home, and financial security. While staying with her husband feels safe and convenient, there is always going to be this side of him that she doesn’t see, somewhat hidden behind the curtains as it were. Her path to him is blocked by the flags. He may remain distant from her and possibly continue to have women on the side, as clearly the man in this card seems to be consorting with one of the Golden Girls dressed in fortune teller garb- my guess it’s Blair headed off to a Halloween party. 🙂

    Tens can also represent the end of something, which COULD mean it’s time to end the relationship with her husband, or it may mean the end of the current chapter in her and her husband’s life should she have a baby with him. As the first card is all about being clear with her emotions and going for what she wants, I would suggest she examine if staying with her husband is what she REALLY wants for herself, regardless of her desire for a baby.

    The Queen of Pentacles looks like a pregnant lady. Those coins can be wombs sometimes, and the one she is holding is like her pregnant belly. Notice there aren’t any men around. Now she could very well have a man in her life, but this queen is an assured, confident woman fully capable of doing things on her own as well.

    I feel this signifies that Chastity is actually a strong woman who can stand on her own two feet, and that having a baby is a likely possibility for her. But this doesn’t mean she would have to go it alone, should she decide to leave her husband; The Queen of Pentacles is all about family, so naturally having someone to share her life with would still be important to her, and she would know who she wants, and be able to figure out how to have this, should she so choose. But I will say that these cards do seem suggest she may be flying somewhat solo on this one.

    It’s ultimately up to Chastity when she wants to have a baby (even with the limitations of her “ticking clock”, it’s still possible), and who she wants to have a baby with, and if that’s her husband, more power to her, but it’s okay too if it isn’t. I’d remind her that in this day and age, you DO NOT have to have a man in your life to have a baby. Like I said, there are other options, like a sperm bank, or adoption.

    And if all that’s holding her back from going her own way in life and being inseminated is deciding what to wear to a sperm bank, well in the words of Dorothy from the Golden Girls, “perhaps something in rubber.”

    Thanks for these challenges, Kate. They’re really fun, and peace out Girl Scout! n_n

    1. Haaaaha! Chani, this was fabulous! I like how you seemed preoccupied with the whole sperm aspect. I see where your minds at. You gave some good advice here – the kind of good advice poor Chastity probably won’t take. (You just know she’s going to royally fuck up her life anyhow 😉 thanks for taking part in this “challenge”!

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