Tarot Reading for June 1 – 7

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Have a beautiful week!

6 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for June 1 – 7”

  1. Hello Kate,
    Great reading. I can relate to the cards already. I have been doing a lot of inward changes so the Tower card is exactly what is going on and the six of rods gives me a feeling of freedom coming up from all the inner work. It is like ‘yes’ I have finally made it where I can just be me and open my arms to all possibilities.

    I must ell you I did a spread this morning before I seen your weekly reading and the cards I got were in line with your reading. My first card was the Strength card where it is a time of great courage. My second card was the two of wands which in my deck relates to 2 directions/decisions which I see can would come from the Tower card this week and my last card was The World – celebrating all your achievements which I can see coming from the decisions being made earlier in the week and certainly is like the six of rods in your reading. I was really amazed at the similar pattern between my cards and the ones in your reading. The Universe never seizes to surprise me.
    Have a great week.


    1. Nancy, that’s really neat you got a similar message from your reading – what wonderful confirmation!
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Kate – love the cards. Very interesting reading! I’m going to pay attention/journal. The last card sort of reminds me of “reaching the finish line”. I’m wondering if the middle card could also relate to having difficult conversations with others?

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