Tarot Challenge: Interpret This Reading!

Are you up for a challenge? A Tarot Challenge?

I hope so!

Unlike my last two Tarot Challenges, this reading isn’t for a made up, fictitious character. This situation is real, so hold onto your hat!

Note: I have gotten permission from this person to share her reading and ask for interpretations and I have changed her name and any identifying details.

So here goes…

Lola is a 42 year old woman, married, no kids and working in her “dream career”. Everything in her life is wonderful – her husband and family are great and she has lots of money, friends and interests. She is in excellent health and is also quite a sexy lady!

However, these past several months she has felt a certain emptiness in her life. It kind of feels like she is dead inside. She keeps thinking “there must be more to life than this.” Β She loves her life, but she doesn’t feel fully alive in it. Some days it just feels like she is just going through the motions. And that feeling is only getting bigger and bigger.

She has come to you for a Tarot reading and has asked you “Why did my life loose it’s ‘spark’ and what can I do to inject magic and joyful zest back into my life?”

These are the cards that come up:

sample reading
The Anna K Tarot

Just to let you know….Lola is a close friend of mine and is one tough cookie – she can take whatever no-frills advice you have for her. So don’t hold back or sugar coat your interpretations! And whatever you do, don’t worry about getting it wrong.

Based on these 3 cards, how would YOU interpret this reading? What advice do you have for Lola?

Feel free to share in the comment section below! I am really looking forward to reading your responses πŸ™‚

54 thoughts on “Tarot Challenge: Interpret This Reading!”

  1. the world card to me says life is always changing we have to stay up to speed with its flow or it flows over us. that means going deep within and realizing your desires are not met, that stagnates your souls growth, are only real purpose here on this earth plane is to experience life staying in one life condition to long gets old and boring no matter how good you make it out to be. or how the rituals and man made laws want you to stay in things for long periods such as marriages, jobs ext. the next card tells me you are so un fulfilled your spirit wants to be set free on a journey of exploring the world and leaving your present life behind your sharp wit knows exactly what your next move is, your guided strongly and you are empathic so trust your self and walk on girl and when you get there have a margarita for me ill feel your joy

  2. In my understanding, this spread is pointing to spiritual development and the soul’s purpose in this life. While material successes are a joyful part of living, they are only a portion of truly living. The World points towards a larger purpose in life, one that speaks not just to individual accomplishments but to the advancement of humanity as a whole. After achieving so much success, Lola is ready to branch out into a new realm of self-understanding and self-purpose, seeing herself as a player in the larger spiritual game of life. She is yearning for her soul’s purpose.
    Seven of Cups points towards the source that provides all. Lola can start to follow the source back from her material gains towards the source of all that abundance. What that means is her own path of discovery, but there is a source of all her abundance that is calling her closer. Perhaps it is looking to reveal a new leg of her journey.
    Ace of Swords feels like a call to focus energy in this new spirit/soul direction. Start directing thoughts towards endeavors that talk about the soul. Begin to phrase questions that would illuminate soul answers- i.e What is my Highest Self saying right now? What does this book have to show about my soul’s purpose in this life? What synchronicities are in my life and what may they be saying about my larger purpose here? For now, focusing mental energy in that direction will allow events to unfold to provide further illumination. There won’t be a quick fix. This is an invitation into a process.

  3. Hi Lola,

    I see that you have led a very full life, and that you enjoyed almost every minute of it. What you are experiencing right now is normal and many go through it at different times in their lives and to varying degrees. For a man it would be considered a mid-life crisis. The Ace of Swords shows me that you will not only get through this time but you will get through it with flying colors. As and ace is the first of the suit it represents the beginning, there is more to come and its going to be amazing. Not that life isn’t full of ups and downs, but you will get through this! Try a new hobby, take time to read a book that you have been longing to, or even learn a new language. There is no reason why, when this is over you can’t be a little refreshed.

  4. Hi Lola,

    The World card shows the situation, it shows cycles and completion, so in essence, you are finishing up a chapter in your life and that may feel like boredom, but you are entering into a new chapter. You create your world, so the seven of cups is showing you that there may be different options available to you, and you might have to experiment with some new hobbies or different avenues to see what sparks your passion and feeds your soul. Any ideas Lola? Is there something you always wanted to pursue but couldn’t, now may be the time to revisit your dreams, even the ones that seemed impossible before or were put on the back burner for other options such as career. When you have found your passion again, new opportunities, including the way you think, will open up and open you up. The Sun is shining brightly in the Ace of Swords, and Sun is known as the giver of life and once you have found the right option (or cup), I see you as being renewed, ready for a new adventure, a new chapter of your life to begin. The secret to that happening appears to be in the Seven of Cups card, finding what renews your life or sets your passion ablaze, even if it is just a hobby. It is important to note that your thoughts help shape your reality. Essentially, as you stand in the sunshine absorbing its power with its warmth moving through you, as you explore new options, and you begin to think differently and open up to feel the warmth of Divine guidance helping you to guide your thoughts and ideas. As you explore these ideas (the cups), you will begin to shine again, to feel renewed, particularly when you find the right cup for you, the one with the contents that ignites your passions, but there is also adventure in the exploration. What might that look like for you, what do you want to explore? The outcome looks very promising, now you need to concentrate on the seven of cups card and find your passion again. Which cup might you choose to explore and what might be in that cup? Is there something you would like to try or do or perhaps something missing in your life that you might like to pursue options as how to best fill that cup?

    This is the point, where discussion with Lola comes in to play to generate some and from there some additional action steps. It is also possible that I might pull in another deck and do a spread around the options in the 7 of cups card since that seems so central to this reading.

    1. Thank you so much Theresa for sharing your reading here – I love how you emphasize all the possibilities out there – even though this reading wasn’t for me, it made me feel excited and inspired to explore a couple hobbies I always wanted to try πŸ™‚

    2. That is 95% of what I would have said/done also. I use The Golden Tarot deck and find sometimes my cards have different meaning than the more traditional.

  5. I’ll simply get back to the question that you asked Lola, β€œWhy did my life loose it’s β€˜spark’ and what can I do to inject magic and joyful zest back into my life?”
    The answer according to me is, you have it all in you. just stop day dreaming and start taking action on your long time desire or maybe fantasy to be something or do something. So bang on! what are you waiting for ?You probably know what you need to do but have been just dreaming and over thinking at the moment which makes you feel less content than you used to feel previously as the World card shows. This over thinking and not taking any action as you don’t want to come out of your comfort zone is leading to all this restlessness. All you need to do now is just stop analysing, dreaming, thinking or maybe just doubting your abilities, about what you should do to go ahead in the direction of your heart’s true desire that you already know of ! All that will just create more doubts in you. In return hampering your abilities and growth dear. Have courage and just step up !
    So in a nutshell my prediction or suggestion for you would be stop looking too deep into the things. You already know what you want and are aptly resourceful to achieve the same. You have all the abilities in you that you might need to get a success in the direction of your dream. All you need to do is just take action and everything will fall in place automatically. I see you will cut through all the difficulties, blockages, also this current fog of doubts or any other problems as a matter of fact, that might come in the way of your success. So just take courage and make your choices and priorities clear to get that peace of mind back in life dear. πŸ™‚
    May you get all the strength, courage and heavenly blessings you need.
    Blessed be..

  6. I’m feeling that this is a phase at the moment and that it will pass. She has at least recognised that there is something more and this is a proactive state of mind which is good, she wants a change. Perhaps for too long she has been comfortable which is great, don’t get me wrong, but now needs a challenge. I’d say she needs to embrace her brave side, because she has so much excellent support from those around her and solid foundations she can be brave and perhaps even fail but she can try again. I feel there are things in the back of her mind she knows she’d like to explore and just needs the bravery to step a little out of what’s comfortable.

  7. So, I’ve only been at this for less than a month, but I figure interpreting for others is a really good way to practice and get the hang of things. I figured I’d scroll past everyone else’s interpretations so I could post mine relatively I influenced by others’ opinions and interpretations.
    The world card seems to agree with what we know about her life; things are great. But the second card, the seven of cups, has everything bottled up in separate pieces. Maybe, things are a little too rigid. What would happen if she…just let loose a little? The thing I understand about the major arcana is that they are a story of a character developement, but our developement as people is never finished. The next card is the fool. She’s finished one cycle of the path…perhaps now she must begin again.
    The ace of swords seems to suggest a new beginning, maybe a new passion or drive. Since air has to do with the intellect, she could try taking a class at a local community college, or even something at a local community center or some such. We are never done learning, and we are never quite finished as people.
    She can’t think of her life as perfect; she always has to be looking for the next goal, the next passion, the next project. Life is a journey, but there is no destination. You never arrive anywhere and say, “this is it. I’m done. I’ve finished life.”
    Wish her good luck for me. Any feedback you have is helpful. I’m sure this barely scratches the surface.

    1. Hi Pearl – thank you for your interpretation – I really liked how you saw the 7 of cups as her life being kind of fragmented or all in separate, rigid bits – I have never considered the 7 of pentacles this way, but I like it and it really fits with Lola and her circumstances, I think. Your suggestions were also quite helpful – and I will wish her good luck πŸ™‚

  8. I am really new to this so bear with me. I think the first card represents the fact up until this point the world has really been her oyster. Financially she has been stable had children to limit her freedom. Now she is of an age where she sees clearly the limitations of human life and is ready to open a new chapter. moment she is a bit in the cloud. She feels that she has everything she needs, rationally. She does not want to see, or cannot see yet, the things that she might be missing. I think this somewhat intentional illusionary state is what is represented by the seven of cups. I think that the ace of swords indicates for her that in order to get past these feelings of emptiness she needs to be very honest and verbal about these feelings with those that she loves and respects. Perhaps she could express these feelings in an appropriate way in her job so as to take on new challenges. Maybe in her relationship she could ask very clearly for what she needs to feel truly alive. Maybe she could look for service opportunities that are in line with her values.

    1. Gosh my typing was really a mess. Will try to do this without so much wine on borad next time. πŸ™‚ Wine does help me connect with my intuitive side but too much makes me type like a lunatic.

    2. Ok last comment on my own post…the world was her oyster; she was somewhat purposefully turning away from seeing what she was missing; being bold, fearless, and honest will help her cut through the bs and find the truth of her own happiness. Bam. πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi Lola, and Kate! Thank you for this opportunity for practice and learning! Here is how I read your cards:
    You literally have everything going for you. It seems though, with this emptiness, you are trying to look outside of yourself. Looking everywhere for something else except for inside yourself. It’s like you have it together by “the book”, but you’ve lost yourself in the process, you are not listening to what your soul wants. I think you know and feel what your true self wants but haven’t been acknowledging it. Once you clear your head, be honest with yourself and listen to your inner yearnings about what you really want to do, you will gain clarity and will be able to start heading in that direction.
    Thank you! I hope this was insightful and helpful and I appreciate any feedback πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for this, Ashley – this is wonderful advice and I am going to take it myself (even if Lola doesn’t!) – I agree that looking for fullfillment from outside ourselves can lead to that empty feeling. I just heard someone say the other day that if we don’t have true happiness in our lives we substitute it with pleasure (like eating, shopping, drinking, stuff like that), yet nothing fills that gap because we don’t have the inner happiness. Thanks for weighing in on this discussion πŸ™‚

  10. shadydreadlesss

    the world card really visually spoke to me of balance and blockage. balance because the two waxing and waning moons look like they’re being held by the branches and blockage because the trunk is blocking out the sun. what I get from that is a need for rooted, inner balance and an exploration of what aspects of the self are blocking the “light.”

    seven of cups speaks to me, visually, as joyous abundance and total faith. I can’t really see what is holding the cups and jug up, but they look precarious and the person kneeling in the picture looks joyous and completely trusting. this, to me, is a message to believe fiercely, right now, that spirit is holding you up, even if it feels precarious, as well as allowing oneself to experience the abundance that is available to us.

    ace of swords. this card is really interesting to me – it’s so yellow and bright, compared to the dark, cool blues of the other cards. the sun is back out! I think this is the action card. it seems as though the female figure is keeping something at bay but the vibe, to me, is keeping whatever it is at bay only long enough so she can jump from the cliff’s ledge on her own time. this says to me that some boundaries could be set and then the opportunity to take a great leap will come forward.

    the overall message I get is to cultivate balance and set boundaries, open self to abundance, have great faith and take a leap when it feels right.

    (I’m not well versed in the “meanings” of each card in the tarot deck – as I further my practice, I’ve found that lately, going off visual cues is really powerful for me. good luck to Lola! if it’s any consolation, I think a lot of people are energetically in that place right now. much love!)
    shady dreadlesssss

    1. Thank you Shady Dreadlessss for your insightful take on these cards – I think your method of reading – going off visual cues as opposed to “meanings” can be very powerful and I think you touched on some really important stuff here. I agree that alot of people are in that place right now – thank you for your insights and guidance – it is much appreciated πŸ™‚

  11. The World
    The world shows your dissatisfaction and the lack of enthusiasm. However if you look deep within yourself you have the answer you a looking for. There is hope and a burning desire to find that answer.
    The Seven of Cups
    As you confront your inner feelings your mind will have choices that will bring further discomfort. You may feel insecure and unsure of yourself, but you are closer to a decision you know you have to make. Trust your intuition and the answer will reveal itself.
    The Ace of Swords
    A Calm will come over you as you accept yourself and the answer that has been there all along. You will have a new beginning and will be able to move ahead with great passion and determination. Life will have a new and deeper meaning for you, but you have to trust yourself. You have the passion and the will to make positive changes which sets you on a new and exciting course.

    1. Thanks for joining in and giving your interpretation πŸ™‚ I love your message of empowerment and advice to Lola to trust herself more.
      Thank you!

  12. I want to thank everyone who has posted their readings here – Lola was touched by all of your words and the many suggestions have sparked some ideas within her and planted some seeds. I just think it is truly amazing how a Tarot reading can help shift someone’s perspective on things and can actually change the course of their lives. Thank you again to all the wonderful readers who took time and energy to deliver a beautiful and empowering reading that has really helped someone πŸ™‚
    Love & Hugs,

  13. Great thread! :o)
    Lola: “Why did my life loose it’s β€˜spark’?”
    Your life was great for your OLD version of Lola. That was the life you created for the old Lola. Now you opened up inside and got in touch with more of what and who you are. So the old life seams to feel empty – because the old Lola does not exist any more. Congratulations, you managed to be more of yourself and made a great job in remembering that there is more to life than this little Lola life you built. You expanded the fence and the garden got bigger. And this will continue. Until no fence will be there ultimately :o)

    Lola: “What can I do to inject magic and joyful zest back into my life?”
    Follow your heart. You opend your life for more of what is you to come in. You heart, your joy and your laughs will guide you. They are magic and they bring more sparks, giggles and warmth for they are what you are.

    The World: completion of the old Lola life
    Seven of Cups: old illusions are not magic and fun any more, they belonged to the old version of Lola and feel empty now for you feel what they are: empty illusions.
    Ace of Sworld: new brilliance, new wisdom, new horizons being lived. Freeing yourself from the old Lola identity, cutting through the old illusions and cutting off all that does not fit any more.
    All the best for you! :o)

    1. Thank you Anselma, for this lovely interpretation. I really liked what you said about following your heart by letting your joy and laughs guide you – that is just brilliant! Thank you πŸ™‚

  14. It seems like Lola is suffering from a deepening sense of boredom, maybe even discontentment. But to me, her reading is pretty perfect — it reveals exactly what she should do to feel better!

    THE WORLD — In the past, Lola had the world on a string. She’s been happy, healthy, but most of all content. One way that I interpret The World card is “completeness” or “union” — a transcendent feeling of meeting one’s goals and attaining inner harmony. It seems like Lola may have had that feeling in the past — the perfect career, a happy marriage, a great life. The important thing to know is that none of that is gone. It probably just feels differently. Essentially, Lola’s goals have shifted; she needs something new to rekindle that feeling of union with herself.

    SEVEN OF CUPS — Possibilities, choices, fantasies; in her restlessness Lola can give herself the opportunity to drink out of many cups. (Making restlessness not such a bad thing!) A fun or meaningful new project, a new friend, a change of scenery…any of these could bring that creative spark back to Lola’s life. The sheer number of cups in the Seven suggests trial and error, picking and choosing, trying experiences on for size. Alternately, Lola could already be mulling over different options in her mind, growing psychically stagnant. In this case, the Seven of Cups could be a warning to choose something and take action or risk getting stuck in the land of possibilities. Nothing is set in stone anyhow; if Lola tries something and doesn’t like it, she never has to do it again!

    ACE OF SWORDS — A very positive outcome. Clarity, like the Ace’s flashing sword, will bring about a bright new dawn in Lola’s life. If she takes action and drinks deeply from the possibilities before her, Lola will find what she’s looking for. Ideally, she’ll be able to look at her life in a whole new way — the way she once did before her restlessness started to get the better of her. There’s also the possibility that Lola will become conscious of elements in her life that she wants to remove — boring old habits or life-sapping relationships. The Ace will cut through them cleanly, leaving freshness and a renewed sense of purpose. All she has to do is wield that sword!

    I really hope this helps your friend, Kate! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Brie – your advice is very helpful and much appreciated! I was blown away by your interpretation of the seven of cups – that fits perfectly with what’s going on for Lola right now. Thank you for adding your light and insights to this comment thread πŸ™‚

  15. Perhaps Lola tends to make choices and decisions for her own life based on what those around her would want her to do. These type of decisions are made with her head instead of her “heart”. While she is clearly bright, smart, successful and it is because she is all of these things that she has gotten all of the wonderful accomplishments in her life thus far, it’s her “heart” or inner-self that needs fed. Perhaps it is feeling a bit “starved” for attention and has taken a back seat for far too long. It is her inner-self that needs to thrive and feel nourished in order for her to feel truly fulfilled. She has everything in the world but the emptiness stems from not making decisions for HER and for the things that will feed her soul and awaken her inner-self. It calls out to her so to get the spark back she will need to listen and follow where it leads her, do the things that makes her feel alive, for her and no one else.

  16. From how you describe your friend, she’s really the girl who has everything and The World card tells us that. But the 7 of cups suggests there’s some confusion. I always associate 7 of cups with the ‘kid in the candy shop’ scenario – you want to have them all but you don’t know which to pick. I also get the sense that her imagination maybe working overtime trying to figure out how to change things, feeling in the dark and overwhelmed.
    I see though that clarity is coming and like the tough cookie she is and like the girl in the Ace of swords card shows, she will get that chance to grab the sword and cut through the confusion and make a breakthrough to decide what changes she needs to make. The sun shines radiantly, so it appears that the dark times or dark feelings are over. She’s at the edge of a new beginning that she has the power to mark out for herself. Also the green abundant pastures in the distance are there to be explored. Perhaps she can take an adventure holiday which could reignite the spark she feels she’s missing in life.

    1. Great interpretation Babbette – I especially love your suggestion of taking an adventure trip πŸ™‚ Thank you for adding your wisdom and guidance to this comment thread πŸ™‚

  17. Well Lola, your life has come the full circle – from having nothing to having everything, and that’s where the problem is ‘things’ – you have so many choices in front of you it’s hard to choose what you want. Perhaps you need to turn your back on some of the materialism and focus on what is inside you. The idea is already there in your mind, you just need to nurture it and let it grow and see where it takes you.

    1. Well said, Sue! I like how you read the Ace as an idea already in Lola’s mind – I bet that is really true. Thank you for sharing your take on the cards πŸ™‚

  18. Ok here goes. I see her spark under that tree in that open space. I’m drawn to it. She does have lots of interests, but there is something she is keeping at arms length. Something she wont try, but should, cause she will love it!

  19. The World suggests she’s going through a classic midlife crisis; family and career goals have been checked off the list, and now it’s time to start thinking about legacy, self-actualization, even enlightenment. 7 of Cups lets us know that she has a lot of options to consider, and it may be a challenge to find her way. And the Ace of Swords points to a way around this challenge; not intuition, not mysticism, but a new burst of intellectual energy in her life. Take a class maybe, or start a course of reading; Lola can use her brain to find the right course in the second half of her life.

    1. Thanks for this, Angus. I love your suggestions and at first I was surprised when you said “not intuition or mysticism” but of course, the Swords are all about intellect, so that makes sense. Thank you πŸ™‚

  20. She has success and everything; but in some ways, it’s all illusion, in that it’s all the material aspect of life. She needs to go beyond the 3-dimensional world and get into the spiritual side of things. This may take some reading, studying, and such. But this will mean a new beginning, a new part of her life opening up if she does this.

    1. Thank you CountryMouse for your lovely interpretation – you managed to sum things up in just a few words and give a really powerful suggestion – I agree that going beyond the 3-d will be a life shifting experience for Lola (and for anyone, I guess!) Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

  21. I am looking at these cards as a past present and future spread . The first card is the World. I feel that Lola’s world and the lifestyle that she has built around herself has become very narrow and somehow self limiting . Whilst at first from the outside looking in her life looks very good and wholesome and almost enviable has developed into a mundane unchallenging and unfulfilling almost stifling lifestyle. The people around her and especially her inner circle have become very self-centred shallow and value material wealth very highly. Lola has began to realise this in a very gradual way and she has started a period of soul searching. The second card the seven of cups is showing me that her present economic situation is very good she doesn’t have to worry about money she is financial secure however she is spiritually bankrupt. She has started yo realise that there is so much more to this world than riches and has started to search within herself and to search and find answers of who she really is and what path she now wants to take. The final card is telling me that she is at the beginning of a quest almost of self discovery and is looking for a new path. She is going to use her intellect and will look at many ideas and philosophies in order to find a more fulfilling and rewarding life path and her journey will be more exciting and more unusual than she could ever think possible. She just has to stay true to her real self in order to see it through successfully.

    1. Cynthia, thank you so much for this. Your words are very very true and I especially love the reminder you give at the end – staying true to her real self. Thank you πŸ™‚

  22. The world is your oyster, what you want is within reach, stop living in fantasy land & take action of what you truly desire.

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