Menage a Tarot Podcast Premiere!

I am super excited to announce the debut of our podcast Menage a Tarot: Three Tarot Friends Playing with a Full Deck.

This podcast features Ronda from Modern Oracle, David from The Minister of Myself, and myself (Kate). We introduce ourselves and talk about how we began our journey and love affair with Tarot, as well as our different viewpoints on the Tarot. It’s a really fun discussion and I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Check out the very first episode right here:

Let me know what you think! And let me know if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to hear discussed.



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4 Responses to Menage a Tarot Podcast Premiere!

  1. Brie says:

    I’m really into your new podcast…I think it’s a great outlet for discussion.

    I especially enjoyed the conversation about time. I’ve only used my decks for myself and my partner (and the hypothetical people on!) I think a lot of modern readers – myself included – struggle with the “fortune-telling” aspect of tarot, and prefer to psychologize it (if that’s a word) or use it as a tool to access the intuition.

    I’m pretty new to this, but I like that the pictures on the cards allow my intuition to work through different outcomes. We do that all the time when we make decisions with our intellect anyway: “If I do A, B will probably happen” or “If I do C, things could work out this way.”

    For me, using tarot to give the unconscious a greater role in higher decision-making is a really cool idea. In that way, we can entertain abstract future outcomes without literally determining what the future holds. It kind of works with your “there’s no wrong card” idea – which I find very liberating!

    So yeah…great podcast! It gave me a lot to think about. As a new reader, I’m trying to absorb all of the information I can, and the podcast is a great format for that. I appreciate that you offer so many different outlets to inspire new readers 🙂

    • Kate says:

      Yay! Thank you Brie – that’s so good to hear. Thanks for your feedback. I know its easy to get overwhelmed when your a new reader, so I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast format – and thank your for your enthusiasm about Tarot 🙂

  2. Loved the podcast, Kate!

    I liked how you covered a broader range of topics for the first episode without feeling like everything was crammed in. I thought the length was good too. It was long enough to be engaging, but I didn’t feel tired afterwards. When my mind was ready to seriously wander, it was at the end, so kudos! (Also, I’m not sure if it means anything, but I keep stumbling across things to do with David Dear through you, and we live in the same general area. lol)

    I liked the question about getting nothing when you look at the cards. I’ve also heard you “shouldn’t ever ignore a reading”. But what’s interesting- and I’ve been doing this ever since I started seriously reading- is a lot of times when I get readings like this and I’m not getting ANYTHING after several minutes, I often interpret this as my deck’s “magic 8 ball ask again later” option. I DO ignore these readings because I take it as a sign of burn-out; that it’s my deck’s (or inner self’s) way of saying “time to put the cards away”. It can often happen if I’ve been reading for awhile anyway. Usually, I get a little something even if I’m not sure what a reading means, like a sense it is important, or having an idea of what one of the cards or symbols mean, in which case I write the reading down, or take note of what’s jumping out at me, and will come back to it later. I always go with my intuition on it, even if ignoring readings would seem to go against “conventional” wisdom. (Although, it’s different with digital card readings I’ve tried. I think I’m missing “human input” if that makes sense.)

    Another thing I do that is “unconventional”, and I think this might be a cool topic for a future podcast, is how I pull clarifiers if I use them. Again, I always hear “don’t pull clarifiers” or “use them VERY sparingly”, especially if you’re beginner. I don’t disagree with this per se, but I AM something of a card puller, and I have been since the beginning. I have my reasons :). (I’m thinking about doing a blog post on why it sometimes it may be okay to be card puller.) Anyway, talking about clarifiers and your thoughts on them might be fun. Also, another idea is working with a spread versus not working with a spread. (I personally do both.) Anyway, wonderful podcast, and can’t wait for the next one!

    • Kate says:

      Hi Chani!!!
      Thank you so much for listening to our podcast and giving me some feedback and ideas 🙂 I like your suggestions – about doing a show about spreads and pulling extra clarifyer cards – that could generate some interesting discussion. I am like you – sometimes I use a spread, sometimes not. And I don’t have any problems pulling and extra card for clarification – I think it often adds an extra dimension to things.
      But your such a rebel – with all your unconventional tarot practices and all! LOL. Thanks for weighing in on the whole “what does it mean if you don’t get anything from the cards” issue – I think your right – often it means we need to put the cards away and do something else! This sometimes happens to me if I am doing too many readings in a day (on myself).
      Thanks again for your ideas 🙂 🙂

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