Tarot Quiz! What Suit Are You?

Do you remember when you were 13 and you would spend hours doing those stupid quizzes in teen magazines?

I remember one lazy Summer day in particular when I laid up in my friends tree fort with a pile of Seventeen magazines and we quizzed each other on crucial topics like Does your crush like you?, Which hollywood hearthrob should I date? and What your shoes say about you…

I thought I would bring back some of that nostalgic Summer fun with a totally ridiculous Tarot personality quiz!

I bet you’re just dying to know which of the four Tarot suits – Wands, Pentacles, Cups and Swords – your personality falls into.

Well, wait no longer!

1. It’s a hot Summer day and you’re spending a day at the beach! You spend your time….

a. Thinking, thinking, thinking…..about all your problems and what you should about    this colossal problem that is your life.

b. Daydreaming about sexy mermen and all the wonderful possibilities life has to offer.

c. Swimming, running up and down the beach and chatting up the 21 year old lifeguard.

d. Napping in the sun, lazily collecting sea shells and chowing down on fried food at the concession stand while you read some grisly true crime book.

beach girl
photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net


2. Your dream career is…

a. Professor of something very intellectual where you get to wear smart looking glasses and read lots of books.

b. Painter and sculptor that lives on an island, by the beach. Instead of a coffee break, you take skinny dipping breaks.

c. Running your own business where you get to be creative, teach, travel and be fabulous!

d. Farmer, Builder or Chef – something earthy, where you get to work with your hands.


3. When you go to a friend’s house for dinner, you….

a. Fret about what your host will serve because you are very, very concerned about chemical additives, GMOs, pesticide residue, gluten, BGH in dairy and eating meals with a 80/20 alkaline/acidic ratio.

b. Are simply delighted and touched by the beautiful foods she has lovingly prepared for you. You feel so nourished!

c. Look forward to meeting the other guests and networking with them. You have so many exciting, juicy stories to share and love being the center of attention.

d. Spend forever picking out what to wear. Everything you own seems to exacerbate your spare tire. But holy fuck, are you ever looking forward to knocking back the wine tonight! Good times ahead!

dinner party
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4. When you meet someone for the first time, you always ask them…

a. What books they are currently reading.

b. How their love life is going or how they met their significant other.

c. What their big dreams and visions are.

d. What they do for a living.


5. In bed you like…

a. Dirty talk and role playing. Maybe even a bit of bondage.

b. Romantic bubble baths and eye gazing.

c. Excitement galore! Elevator sex, threesomes and lap dancing.

d. A candlelit massage on silk sheets, followed by a generous glass of red wine.

banana candle
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6. A perfect meal would not be complete without…

a. Scintillating conversation and debate.

b. Deliciously prepared seafood

c. Something spicy!

d. Chewy bread, tasty fowl, fine wine, good cheese and Tiramisu.



7. Your favorite escape is…

a. Music

b. Booze

c. A torrid affair

d. A good book


8. If you were handed one million dollars, you would…

a. Pay off your mortgage, upgrade your car and get your masters degree.

b. Go to a $30,000 shamanic dream journey retreat in Hawaii, a $28,000 past life DNA activation seminar in Sedona, Arizona, a $40,000 painting the goddess art tour of Italy, Greece and Turkey, etc, etc… and more wonderful stuff like this!

c. Start a charity for animals in need, backpack around the world – volunteering with various humanitarian aid organizations and write a novel about it.

d. Get plastic surgery.


9. Your tastes in literature tend to lean towards…

a. Non-fiction.

b. Romance novels.

c. Self help, personal growth and business books.

d. Stories! Especially trilogies and epic series.


10. You suddenly realize your job is total shit and everyone you work with is a complete sociopath. So of course you….

a. Spend a lot of time thinking about what you should do…..and plotting revenge.

b. Emote! Cry about your troubles to friends, family and random strangers in the lineup at the grocery store.

c. Take action! Immediately start looking for a new job and/or quit your current job.

d. Say to yourself “making changes is too hard right now” and then go watch some reality TV, eat some crispy chips and pretend everythings fine.  Your unhappiness will show up later as stomach problems, headaches, rashes and eye infections.


Your Results!

Okay, now tally up your score…

ace of swords
Robin Wood Tarot

Mostly A’s – Oh no, this means you identify most strongly with the Suit of Swords – the jerkiest suit in the Tarot! Your brainy, bitchy, focused and boring. Oh well, at least your well read.

On the plus side, your great at communicating with others, teaching and making decisions. You don’t like to dawdle and piss around – you get shit done and most people respect you a great deal, even if they can’t stand you.




ace of cups tarot card
Fenestra Tarot

Mostly B’s – Yay! Your Cupsy! You identify most strongly with the Suit of Cups – the creative, emotional, touchy feely suit. You love intimacy but crave your freedom.

You enjoy spiritual exploration, personal growth and making stuff but your mom tells you that you need to get your shit together, for god’s sakes your 35 years old and other people your age have families, careers and second marriages. When are you ever going to find yourself?




ace of wands robin wood
Robin Wood Tarot

Mostly C’s – Well congratulations, you Wandsy Wanton! You identify most strongly with the Suit of Wands, the suit of impassioned action and adventure.

Your a go-getter, people like you and your sexy as hell. But at some point you will crash and burn, so don’t get so smug with your checked off goal lists and your manifested dreamboards. Mwwahahaha! At some point you will have a midlife crisis and realize that being successful is totally boring…at which point you may suddenly attain spiritual enlightenment.




ace of pentacles
Robin Wood Tarot

Mostly D’s – You identify strongly with the Suit of Pentacles. Your down to earth and what you see is what you get. You have truly mastered the art of being in the here and now – as skill that others could certainly learn from you.

You love all the earthly delights like food, wine and sex, but you can sometimes become obsessed with your physical appearance and have a tendency to ignore your emotions, which resurface as physical problems like constipation, low back pain and allergies.



In the comments below tell me which suit you fit into (or if you were a combination of two suits) and if your personality description was bang on or way off target 😉 ….

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49 thoughts on “Tarot Quiz! What Suit Are You?”

  1. I got wands. I am sooo a wands personality. Every time I do a spread for myself a wand(s) card appears. I’m creative yet wrestle with uncertainty the wands in readings speak to me all the time. Even if I can’t make sense of the other cards. I understand the wands then try to connect it/them to the other cards in the spread.
    I know my querent is the queen of wands.

    Thank you Kate you helped me a number of times

  2. I’m just now taking this and what strikes me is not that I am mostly wands but that there was not a single “a” answer in my list. No swordsy traits at all. The others were 5/4/3 Wands/Pentacles/Cups. A couple of responses I counted two answers because I couldn’t decide. Odd when I feel I tend to overthink things.

  3. I got Pentacles, too. Me right down to the hayfever, a sneezing fit every morning. Shout out and a big back soothing hug to my suitmates!

    1. I was also tied between A and D! But I’m a Gemini so I have a “split personality” haha 😉

  4. I got a two-way tie between Wands and Pentacles, with 3 pts each; then a two-way tie between Swords and Cups, with 2 pts each. As for the personality traits, if I look at the double-ties in my results as a primary and secondary mix of traits, your quiz is actually not too far off 🙂

  5. Pentacles and swords, could have gone either way. Just as in my life lol. I’m new to your site, and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I am learning soooo much about myself….can’t get enough. Thank you so much. 🙂

  6. I got equal swords and wands. The fire feeding the air! No wonder I live in my head too much and like intellectual men. Makes my spock on another quiz seem bang on. I also had no cups what so ever!!

  7. Swords and pentacles. I don’t think it makes me bitchy or boring to be driven and responsible, I have lots of friends who think I’m the quirkiest gal around.

    I always get wands in my readings… maybe I’m lacking in that department?

  8. Loved this!
    Mostly Pentacles but followed very close by cups, think at the age of 50 I have just about found myself 😉

  9. Apparently I’m a combination of opposites – Cups and Wands. TOTALLY MAKES SENSE FOR ME!

  10. Quite accurate, actually. I got 60% suit of wands and 40% suite of swords. I would have to agree with my results! Thanks for the fun [and accurate] quiz!!

  11. D- pentacles .Almost all except for obsessing over body image.and thete is a part of B. I enjoy being connected spiritually. Its important to me to meditate and reflect and to dream too.

  12. Kate, I’m 66 and the questions in those magazines were the same even in my teenage years! lol I scored strongly Pentacles and I can see that, but I’ve always thought the queen of cups was me. This was fun!


  13. Mostly Wands with a close second of Pentacles. And yes there are vision boards all over my room and I love adventure and meeting people! But then again I am pretty down to earth and my mother always said that “With Linda what you see is what you get.” Plus I do tend to get overly critical over my physical appearance.

  14. Pentacles to a T!!

    I am completely laid back and I live by what you see is what you get, no hidden agendas, no fluff. I believe in being real.

  15. Haha, thanks for this Kate!

    Okay, I scored highest on Pentacles, followed by Swords, Wands, and the Cups. (Yeah, there were a few questions where I put down two answers because I would equally do both.)

    Now I identify as a Queen of Swords and Queen of Cups type of person, but I figured out what’s going on here. In general, I’m like the Pentacles suit- I do have that down that earth, sensible, enjoy good food sort of thing. However, I think Swords can also be practical in their thinking, which I scored high on too. As for being low on Cups, again need I remind you, I’m part Swords. I honestly do got the intuitive, creative, emotional streak going on; I’m a Dreamer, but without all the goo-goo, saucer-eyed BS. On the flip-side, I’m not all cold and bitchy cuz I be flowing with the Cups :). (But at times, *cough PMS* I can be a little bitchy.) So yes, I’m like the Pentacles, but at the end of the day, my queens reign supreme. <–also, I analyze a lot, lol.

  16. Hey Kate,
    Came across your blog today, had to laugh, as at 37, yeah I remember that shit! Tough tho for me personally, I truly feel each of us is made up internally of ALL the energies embodied in the archetype of every major and also the energies in each suit. So which one does each of us “let out” and manifest most often in our daily life? I could see aspects of myself in all of them in almost every question! Tough!!!! Although I am a triple water sign (Cancer Sun and Moon and Scorpio Rising), I felt alot of Wands energy wanting to come through….but then again, we did just have a New Moon in Leo!
    Thanks for the “throwback”!

    1. Ha ha, your welcome, Liza! Believe it or not those teen magazines still have the exact same quizzes in them now that they did 20 years ago – in fact, I think they may even be dumber now! But I agree, it’s tough to really choose one category and depending on your mood and what day it is, your answers are going to differ.

  17. Wands… Bang on.. Which is quite interesting… They seem to appear in many of my readings these days as well.. ✌

  18. OMG Kate, I remember those quizzes from Seventeen, lol! This is great, takes me back for sure…actually I still take online quizzes all the time, so I guess nothing much has changed. 🙂 Anyway, I am and have always known I was a Wand and a Leo to boot, so I guess its time to go burn something down…I mean go do something creative. Have a great week. 😀

  19. Definitely cups, with a bit of wands & pentacles. You had me at sexy mermen, ha ha. And 8b literally made me LOL!

    Thanks Kate 🙂

  20. I’m at both ends of the spectrum A’s and D’s, with a few B’s thrown in.
    Swords, Pents and a few Cups for good measure. Must try this one out on a few friends…tee heee.

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