Tarot exercise: Be your own life coach….with Tarot cards!

Do you wish you had your own personal life coach? Well guess what? If you have a deck of Tarot cards you kind of already do have a life coach. Let me explain…

Think of your Tarot deck as a mediator between you and your Higher Self (or Inner Self, Unconscious, Inner Wisdom, Inner Guru, whatever).

Here’s my easy peasy formula for gleaning important info and guidance into your life via your Tarot cards:

If you would like to do this exercise along with me, the video version is below. Otherwise, read on!

1. Identify your “issue” or problem that you would like some guidance around.

When I did this exercise last night, I chose my “issue” of not finding the right house to buy. I have been searching for over a year and haven’t found the right place yet.

2. Ask “what do I need to know about          (issue)        ?”

For example, what do I need to know about finding the right home (and why I haven’t yet)?

3. Draw ONE card.

The card I got was The Moon.

the moon anna k
Anna K Tarot

4. Which suit is that card from? This will indicate the area of your life in which your “issue” is based.

Major Arcana = spiritual, life path, major life lesson
Wands = energetic, creative, career
Cups = emotional, relationships
Swords = mental, thoughts, communication
Pentacles = body/health, money, material stuff
Court card = A particular person or personality trait

Keep an open mind here. The area of your life that your issue is based in may surprise you. For example, your health problems could be connected to your relationships (Cups) or your relationship issue could be rooted in your money issues (Pentacles).

Because I got The Moon, a Major Arcana card, I know my issue of not finding a house has to do with my life path and is acting as a major spiritual lesson right now.


5. Now, lets take a closer look at the card. We know the area that it relates to, but what is it trying to tell you? Jot down the traditional meaning of your card.

Feel free to look it up in your book or refer to my Tarot meanings cheatsheet.

The Moon Tarot card has to do with the subconscious, dreams and that which is hidden. Sometimes it can indicate deception or not being fully aware of something.


6. How does the traditional meaning (or keywords) apply to your specific issue and/or the area of your life in which this issue is based.

Here is where you are really getting into the nooks and crannies of your issue. This is a chance to look at your issue/problem in a way that you probably haven’t yet.

When I did my reading I felt that The Moon applied to my life in that I have been having lots of dreams lately about going down into basements to view disturbing things (which I suspect is a symbol for exploring the unconscious). This could indicate that subconscious issues are holding me back from finding a house.


7. What advice does my chosen card have for me? What should be your next step?

Now you are switching the lens through which you see this card. You are asking a different question, but there is no need to draw a different card. You only need to look at this card in a different light.

When I gaze at The Moon, the advice that jumps out at me is this: study your dreams and explore the scaryness and ugliness that lies beneath the surface. The frightening things you find in the basement of your dreams may represent thoughts, fears and feelings that you have repressed because you’ve deemed the unacceptable or too scary to face.


8. Set a goal. Write it down. Give yourself a timeline. Take action.

This is where the life-coachy part comes in! The impact of a really insightful Tarot reading can vanish like a fart in the wind if you don’t write it down and do something about it.

I set the goal to consult some dream books and take a closer look at the symbols in my dreams and do some journalling around this. I aim to do this over the next 7 days.


9. Bonus question: what message does my Inner Self have for me in regards to this issue?

If you still feel a little unsatisfied with your reading, this can be a nice way to wrap things up. Spend some time gazing at your card, noticing the symbols and general vibe of the card. Can you decipher a comforting or encouraging message there?

When I gazed at The Moon, I noticed that it wasn’t a full moon – it was only a crescent moon. When I pondered this for a bit I heard the phrase “the moon is not yet full” meaning that the time has not yet come, but it will. In other words, now is not the right time for me to find a house. So I can just relax.


Was it good for you? Let me know what you think!

In the comments below feel free to share your own experience with this Tarot exercise 🙂

25 thoughts on “Tarot exercise: Be your own life coach….with Tarot cards!”

  1. I did this exercise along with you, Kate, and drew a card that initially seemed very scary. I kept going with you and it got less scary and then ended up being an affirmation of some work that I am doing to connect with my higher power more regularly. Thank you for showing me a way to connect on a deeper level with tarot and ultimately my divine self. I love your website and lessons!

  2. Hi Kate 🙂 I just did this (except two cards popped out together) I just went with it and they both made sense to my situation. Really enjoyed this exercise!

    1. Thank you! This is probably one of my favorite exercises on my site, actually – nice to hear to enjoyed it!

  3. I love the approach here of being your own life coach. I guess that could apply to most self-readings, but I love how you’ve reduced it to one card. 🙂 I did this little exercise on my current issue of inability to focus on my writing career. The Hanged Man showed up, as he’s been doing a lot lately. To me, this is telling me I have to be more flexible, “let my hair down”, and quit trying to force the situation. Allow myself to approach this from a different angle, with a new perspective. Let go of what I might think my writing should be and let it become what it is meant to be.

    1. Hi Cher!
      Glad you had fun with this exercise. I love the insights you got from The Hanged Man – sounds like what you really needed to hear! Hopefully this shifts things for you and helps you feel more free around your writing.

  4. Hi Kate:)

    I wonder if a card, for example your card, can answer how long you should wait before you actual CAN move? I haven’t tried your method on myself yet, but I’m gonna, and looking forward to doing this, maybe this weekend:)

    The moon-card is almost always a very insecure card, and sometimes when I get this card in my different readings, I wonder how long I should wait before I can ask the same questions and then draw one or more cards to analyze my present or future situation.

    In astrological perspective the moon uses 28 days to go from new to full to new again. But how about time in tarot? How long should you wait before you do anything if you get a card like moon, or some other insecure cards that kind of forces you to wait?

    Do you know how long you should wait before you move? Can the moon-card tell you that? Or if I want to know about my investments, and the Moon-card is shown in my readings; – HOW long should I wait before I invest?

    I hope you understood me 😛 ( 😉 )

  5. Excellent tutorial, Kate. Very simple–but very effective! I love how you have us dive deeper and deeper into a single card by asking slightly different questions of it.


  6. Kate, I have to say that you are truly sharing your gift and I thank you for you are teaching us and empowering us with your website, webinars and interacting with us. Amazing job. Bravo to you and all of your guides. Love and Light…Catherine

    1. Catherine, that is really sweet of you to say that – thank you 🙂 I am having so much fun making these videos, teaching webinars and meeting fellow Tarot lovers – so I am really happy that you’re enjoying it too!


  7. Hi Kate,
    This is an amazing exercise. You made this look so simple with just one card. Mine was a health issue & the card I drew was 5 of pentacles Rx. Initially it was a little difficult to decipher But the window with the lights ( pentacles ) looks like a big door when the card is reversed & I found my answer as it looks like some traditional place with conventional treatment .
    Thanks once again for showing a path to the solution.

  8. Hi Kate,
    This is a great exercise. I really enjoyed it and you did any awesome job of walking us through it.
    I asked what I needed to know about starting my own business. I got the Five of Wands…wands, of course, creativity, career, passion. Awesome! But it seems that I am fighting myself a bit and perhaps getting in my own way. I have a lot of energy, its just not getting channeled very effectively. I also have a lot of ideas that are competing for my attention. I need to get all that energy working together and headed in the same direction if I’m going to get anywhere. My goal is to bust out my planner and start getting organized and also to nip any self doubt or discouraging self-talk in the bud. I’m neck deep in school work this week, so I’m going to set aside Sunday to to do that. 🙂

    1. Good luck with all this Sarah – I know that when you start working for yourself a ton of “stuff” comes up and it sounds like that’s happening for you too. I can totally relate to having a lot of energy but not directing it well! I find lists very very helpful, but that’s just me. When it comes to negative self talk, I recommend not trying to ignore it (that only makes it worse!) – I sometimes write my negative beliefs/self talk down on paper then you can see whose voice it really is and how silly it sounds.


      1. Thanks Kate,
        I am definitely a list girl myself.
        I’ll think about writing down the negative self talk. I’ve been worried that putting those thoughts on paper will validate them and make them stick around even more, but it could be more a matter of just getting it out of my system, like you said, so I can look at it more objectively.
        Thanks again,
        Sarah 🙂

  9. Wow Kate so much guidance with so many angles, just by pulling one card. I am going to try this for sure.!!!
    I am not a fan of extensive spreads so this is very much to my liking 🙂

  10. This is magical, Kate, thank you!!! In the last days I was about to think of an initiation of my deck as a coach! It’s confirmed again: we have definitely the same wave-lengths! xoxo <3 🙂

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