What the Three of Swords REALLY Means….

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my bad to the bone alter ego and she is here to slap some sense into you! She took time out of her hectic day of hot yoga, napping and netflixing to write you this reading – so you’d better listen up and take her advice…

3 of swords

Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a really pretty silk pincushion that she kept tucked away in her sewing box.

Every time I used to visit I would find that pincushion and violently stab pins into it, delighting in the way it felt to be so brutal with something so delicate.

Now lets pretend that pincushion is your heart and those pins are your negative thoughts. That’s what the Three of Swords is all about!

Sometimes we want to have negative thoughts and feel the drama that arises. Sometimes we secretly get off on  believing that others are betraying us in some way – so we can be all pissy pants about it and mope around in our own misery.

So if someone isn’t quite living up to your romantic expectations of how they should be, ask yourself if that’s really true or are you just causing unnecessary heartache for yourself?

Because admit it, on some level that self-inflicted cruelty is a little bit delicious! At least it gives you a good excuse to binge on chocolate and exotic man-boys.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Although the Three of Swords is the triple penetration card! Pfffft! Teeeheehee!

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4 Responses to What the Three of Swords REALLY Means….

  1. Anselma says:

    so true!!! We actually ARE what we see outside of us. Otherwise there is no way we can experience it. When we feel hurt, it is US who hurt us – via hurting thoughts towards ourselves.
    thank you for the inspiring posts! :o)

  2. jamie morris says:

    Oh, yeah. Veronica, sing it out, friend, b/c THIS is the way it is–no effing doubt!

  3. Ellen says:

    Ha ha again it all comes down on being responsible for our own situation. To quit the blaming game and move on 🙂

  4. SueM says:

    ok, so here’s this big red heart – are they swords or are they cupid’s arrows that have turned sour. Somebody has allowed themselves to be wounded. Either way there are different scenarios here – accepting and being hurt, rejecting and dominating. The swords can be removed, the wounds can heal.

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