Veronica’s Bitchy Take on The Hanged Man…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin and alter ego. She lives in a world of red feather boas, salted caramels and gorgeous man-sluts. Having mastered the fine arts of leisure and pleasure and is here to slap some sense into you with her deck of Tarot cards…..

hanged man
Housewives Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is The Hanged Man and it’s message is as clear as day – if someone’s annoying you today, hang them out to dry!

There’s someone in your life who is more demanding than necessary. Maybe more than one person. Always wanting you to rearrange your schedule to suit their bullshit needs.

Normally, you rush and scramble to cater to these fucks. Well, no more. No More!

Your time is fucking gold. People should be tripping over themselves to be gifted with even a mere moment of your precious attention.

And yet your good friend wants to reschedule your lunch date today for 45 minutes later because she’s waiting for the UPS guy to show up with the new juicer she ordered. Um….WTF?!

Or maybe your pesky client just doesn’t show up for their appointment with you. Typical.

Don’t get all flustered and be all like “hmf, hmf, nobody respects me! People treat me like crap!”

Nip that shit in the bud. Don’t give second chances. Don’t say horribly untrue things like “It’s okay, I understand. Sure. We can reschedule. No problem, I don’t mind.”

Because doing that kills your soul….slowly.

Even if all you have on your schedule for today are naps, reading, and more naps….it doesn’t matter. Stop being so damn flexible!

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8 thoughts on “Veronica’s Bitchy Take on The Hanged Man…”

  1. Veronica Dearest,
    You hit the nail on the head with this one. Even though I’m just reading this on Monday. I’ve spent the whole weekend shopping for a car. Holy Hell you would think that these car salesmen are doing me a favor by letting me purchase a vehicle from them. In reality they all should be tripping all over me to get my business. I told one dealership that after a very disrespectful salesman let me overhear a conversation while I was on the phone with him. I am taking a page from you and my other badass mentor Daenerys Targarean Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, Mother of the Stallion that will rule the World. I am ruling, as I walk into these lowly commoners venues. It has made a tremendous difference in this experience. It also works with dating. As Khaleesi says: “I will do what Queens do I will RULE.”

    1. Teresa, you made me laugh so hard when you wrote “lowly commoners venues”! I have been lucky in that I haven’t ever had to shop for a car, so I haven’t had to deal with the sleazy side of car sales, but I feel for you! Good for you for channelling your inner Daenerys – she’s kind of like a blonde version of Veronica in my mind 🙂

  2. Hanging around is procrastinating, right? so why procrastinate and waste your time and other people’s time. Sure, hang a few out to dry if they stuff you around. Why waste time on a woftam. There’s no point. In the end, as the old saying goes ‘you catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar’. Be nice, be decisive.

  3. We all have evil twin/alter egos like Veronica & of course it is relevant & preferable for everyone to want to respond like Veronica, but we know as mature adults its not realistic. I’m sure Kate would never in a million years respond like Veronica, although you obviously want to. LOL! My old self has many times in my past responded exactly like Veronica but I like to believe I have matured in my actions at least since I hit 50. LOL! In my head it gets worse than Veronicas response.
    I totally agree with Nip that shit in the bud. We shouldn’t let people walk all over us or make us feel like we play second fiddle to anyone. Because we are way more valuable than that. And I agree with the fact we shouldn’t say horribly untrue things like “It’s okay, I understand. Sure. We can reschedule. No problem, I don’t mind.” if that’s not what you are feeling then you are just lying to them and yourself by trying to be nice, and have a sweet loving attitude about it but really you are just being a fucking doormat. Why would you care if the pesky client didn’t show up for their appointment? they paid for it so they have actually paid you for taking an hour off on their dime. And if your good friend or anyone keeps asking you to re arrange your schedule to suit them, then just learn to say no. Instead of re arranging your life, tell them how you feel about that shit & tell them no you cant rearrange the lunch date for 45 minutes later that you’re going for lunch now. Dont get mad or lippy I just tell them no. If you want to join me now great but I cant re schedule & I wont wait around for them at the restaurant. Its to bad if they cant make it , it would have been nice to see them but maybe another time when they can make it a priority. If you dont stand up for yourself and respect yourself then they will suck the life out of you like a vampire and walk all over you like a doormat. But if I dont say something to them, nip it in the bud, stake them in the fucking heart, and I just bitch about how much they are treating me like shit and dont respect me, then I deserve to wallow in my bad attitude and sit at home feeling sorry for myself while they go on with their selfish bullshit lives none the wiser. I enable them to be selfish while I treat myself like shit. But to not give someone a second chance. I personally dont agree with that. Like my mom used to say, Fuck me over once shame on you, fuck me over twice shame on me. I will give someone one chance (maybe 2 if its life threatening) but only after it is explained to them how I feel but they do it again and that’s it, done with them. It will be their loss not mine.I always get paid in advance of a reading so if the client doesn’t show up 10 times in a row that is their choice. Do I feel bad about taking their money nope, cant say I do. After the first time I will explain that they dont get it back so they have just paid me for an hour on their dime and if they keep doing it well then that’s their shit they have to deal with. As for family and friends I follow my moms advice. It will be their loss of time with me.
    Even if all you have on your schedule for today are naps, reading, and more naps….it doesn’t matter. Stop being so damn flexible! For me…not true….life is about flexibility. For me Its totally about being honest with yourself, family, friends, & clients. stop being a doormat! and learn to just say no. With a loving heart not an evil bitchy heart. Like I used to do. LOL! Or just put up with being someone’s bitch. For me that’s where the real people fit in, right along with my business world.
    Oh and as for those of you that do rush and scramble to cater to those fucks. That was me in the past LOL! I would scramble like a mad woman to cater to them like I was desperate person with no life other than them. And another thing my mom always said was….always let the phone ring at least 3 or 4 times before you answer it when you know they are calling you. That way you dont look desperate and your life is not about them, its about you. I just apply it to every area of my life. I ALWAYS have to check my schedule before committing to anything even if I have no schedule and am just napping, I never let them have the choice of whether they have time for me. Goes for clients as well. Sometimes I am booked until next week or the week after, even if I am just napping the whole time.

  4. This couldn’t be more relevant to me right now. You can only give so many chances for the vampires in your life. There comes a time when you need to put a stake in it. Or at least shoo them away with holy water.

  5. After reading this, a tweet: Waiting for what is deserved. Justice/HangedMan #tarottoo #.
    Prefer Veronica’s take.

  6. This is so business oriented. What about the ordinary people? Where do ordinary people fit in? The fool is all about new beginnings – taking the chance, OK . so where do people fit in?

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