November 2014

Veronica’s advice: Start gossiping!

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin who spends her time getting tipsy, reading politically incorrect “romance” novels and just being all around fabulous. Let’s see how she’s twisted the meaning of the Two of Cups to fit her nefarious worldview….

2 of cups
Morgan-Greer Tarot

Gossiping is GOOD for you!

With the Two of Cups we have two people connecting intensely and it’s probably because she’s saying “OMG, have you heard what Joanne’s husband did?” and he’s all like “GASP! No! Spill the beans, sister!”

Sure, you hear some people saying things like “oh, I never gossip” or “gossiping is negative, I just don’t engage in it”

You know what I call that?

Boring. Fucking boring.

Gossiping about people you know with people who also know them can magically transform a workplace from dull to riveting!

Gossiping can turn a lame party into a den of fascinating chitter chatter.

And best of all, it gives you something to talk about with someone you’d otherwise have nothing to talk about.

So stop judging yourself for loving a little gossip. SO WHAT! It’s not the worst thing you could be doing.

Now get out there and say something bitchy about someone you hardly know!

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Veronica’s Bitchy Take on The Hanged Man…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin and alter ego. She lives in a world of red feather boas, salted caramels and gorgeous man-sluts. Having mastered the fine arts of leisure and pleasure and is here to slap some sense into you with her deck of Tarot cards…..

hanged man
Housewives Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is The Hanged Man and it’s message is as clear as day – if someone’s annoying you today, hang them out to dry!

There’s someone in your life who is more demanding than necessary. Maybe more than one person. Always wanting you to rearrange your schedule to suit their bullshit needs.

Normally, you rush and scramble to cater to these fucks. Well, no more. No More!

Your time is fucking gold. People should be tripping over themselves to be gifted with even a mere moment of your precious attention.

And yet your good friend wants to reschedule your lunch date today for 45 minutes later because she’s waiting for the UPS guy to show up with the new juicer she ordered. Um….WTF?!

Or maybe your pesky client just doesn’t show up for their appointment with you. Typical.

Don’t get all flustered and be all like “hmf, hmf, nobody respects me! People treat me like crap!”

Nip that shit in the bud. Don’t give second chances. Don’t say horribly untrue things like “It’s okay, I understand. Sure. We can reschedule. No problem, I don’t mind.”

Because doing that kills your soul….slowly.

Even if all you have on your schedule for today are naps, reading, and more naps….it doesn’t matter. Stop being so damn flexible!

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3 Ways to do a Reading Without Tarot cards

There are times in life when doing a Tarot reading may be inconvenient or impossible.

For example, you’re on a camping trip with your uber-religious family who shuns Tarot and all other fun things. Or you’re bored shitless waiting in the dentist’s office but you don’t have your deck with you. Or you’re just totally pissed off at your Tarot deck and don’t want to consult it today….

Here are some fun and inventive ways to flex your intuitive reading muscles without your usual deck of Tarot cards:


1. Consult a regular old book as your “oracle”

I got this idea from Keri Smith’s awesome book Living Out Loud.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Think of a big, important question you want answered like “what is the meaning of my life?” or “how can I get more boys to notice me?”

Step Two: Now, randomly pick a book off your shelf. It could be The Bible or Having the Cowboy’s Baby. It doesn’t matter!

romance novel
This book may contain all the answers to your biggest dilemmas!

Step Three: Let the book fall open to any page and let your gaze come to rest on a random sentence. Read that sentence out loud. That is your answer!

Sometimes this exercise produces profound results. Other times it’s just good for a laugh. But either way, it’s worth a try.


2. Read your current environment as if it were a Tarot card

Step One: Think of a specific question or just ask “what do I need to know right now?”

Step Two: Take a good look around you. Your environment is like a Tarot card – rich with symbols and secret messages just waiting to be discovered!

What do you notice first? What stands out? What symbols are present? What color is most prevalent? What is going on?

What is on your left hand side? This is the side of intuition and creativity.

What is on your right? This is the side of action and power!

Step Three: If there is a message for you in your environment (and trust me, there is!) what would it be? What are your surroundings trying to tell you?

I did this exercise last Spring when I was walking along the beach. I asked “what do I need to focus on right now?” and the first thing I noticed was a family of geese, which were flying along. I watched them land in the water, floating gracefully and then diving under the surface. It suddenly struck me how amazing it is that geese get to traverse the world of sky, land and water. I was reminded of the three worlds in Shamanism – the upper, lower and middle earth. At the time I was reading several books on Shamanism and I took this as a clear message that I was to keep on reading this stuff. Also, not to be afraid to dive deep into the unconscious world of dreams and meditative journeys.


star starstarstar

3. Doodle!

You know how when your listening to someone on the phone you sometimes scribble little drawings without realizing it?

These scribbles can be a goldmine for illustrating what’s going on in your subconscious mind!

Something I drew while listening to someone boring

Try this!

You can do this exercise by yourself or with a friend.

Step One: Get out a piece of paper and some crayons (or a pencil if the idea of crayons gives you the creeps). Put on some nice music and sit at your table and just draw some stuff. Don’t think too hard, just let your mind wander. Don’t try to draw something “good”. Just doodle!

Step Two: If you’re doing this with a friend, you can trade drawings and then proceed to “read” each others pictures in the same way you would read a Tarot card.

If you are doing this alone, then you would just “read” your own picture.

Pay attention to what you are drawn to. What color stands out? What symbols speak to you? What is the general feel of the picture? Does it seem to be saying something specific?

Often, the pictures we draw illustrate what is going on for us in our inner and outer lives.

I first did this exercise years ago in a workshop called Exploring Your Psychic Self. The woman who I was partnered with swore she had no psychic abilities whatsoever, yet she was able to spell out my deepest wishes and desires just by looking at my drawing. A drawing that looked like it was drawn by a five year old on acid.





So there you have it! Three totally new ways to have fun with your intuition. No Tarot cards required!

In the comments below, tell me which exercise your going to try today :)…..


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