Quiz: How Psychic Are You?

Guess what? YOU are psychic! How do I know? Well, because everyone is…..to one degree or another.

Like hearing or eyesight, we all have a “sixth sense” which is our intuition, or our “gut instincts”.

Some of us are more in touch with it than others and some of us may be more naturally intuitive. But we are all intuitive/psychic.

I know this is kind of like saying “everyone’s special in their own way”, but stay with me…

We are all capable of moving our bodies (unless your completely paralyzed) and yet only a few of us will become Olympic athletes. Some of us exercise regularly for health reasons, some of us sit on the couch all day watching Vampire Diaries and some of us may train relentlessly for a particular sport.

fitness model

Psychic ability is the same kind of thing. We all have it but what we choose to do with it is up to us.

However, some of us just have more of a natural inclination or interest in psychic stuff. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have what I call a “psychic personality.” Read on to see if this is you…


Part 1: How psychic are you?

1) You’re at a crowded festival and find yourself fantasizing about:

a) Leaving early so you can curl up on your couch with a good book

b) Hoping up on stage for an impromptu performance. You LOVE being the center of attention!

c) You’re not fantasizing about anything. You’re just enjoying blending into the crowd, people watching and soaking it all in.


2) The phone rings and you know it’s your old high school boyfriend because:

a) You just have this “feeling” it’s him

b) You just ran into him yesterday and he said he’d call you today. Plus, you have caller ID.

c) You’ve been having tons of weird dreams about him lately


 3) When you meet someone for the first time, you usually:

a) Get a pretty good sense of who they are as a person – your first impressions are rarely wrong

b) Notice the brands of clothing they’re wearing and the yellow stains on their teeth

c) Get a sudden image of them 20 years into the future –  CEO of a financial institution, balding with a gut and getting a lap dance from an underage stripper while their wife stays at home with their two children.


4) You’re on vacation and the resort your staying at is offering 3 different workshops. The one that appeals most to you is:

a) Communicating with your Higher Self

b) Surfing

c) Painting from the Soul


Okay, great! Your done the first section on the quiz. Look at your answers – if you chose mostly a’s and c’s, you have what I call a “psychic personality” – you tend to be more introverted than extraverted, are fairly in touch with your intuition and feel drawn to learn more about it.

If you chose mostly b’s, you probably couldn’t care less about “intuition” or “psychic senses” and have no idea why you are even doing this lame quiz! Your psychic ability is more latent. You may chose to work with it later in life or not at all – and that’s okay.


Part 2: Can you trust your intuition?

1) You’ve made plans to go for a picnic with a friend. You get a strong feeling the day before that you should postpone the picnic and stay home instead. So of course you:

a) Dismiss this as silly paranoia and stick to your original plans – there is no logical reason why you shouldn’t go on the picnic!

b) Listen to your gut feeling and reschedule the picnic for next week


2) You have to choose between two fabulous job offers – waitressing at the Playboy mansion or being a human rights lawyer. How do you decide?

a) Draw up a list of pros and cons for each job and then phone your best friend and ask for her advice

b) Do some journalling, take lots of long walks, meditate and ask your higher self for guidance



3) You meet a really hot guy (or girl) through an online dating site. You get bad vibes right away, despite their good looks and charming personality. Do you:

a) Get mad at yourself and think “for heaven’s sake, this person has been nothing but nice to me, I’m such a terrible person for feeling this way”. Plus your really bored and lonely, and nobody’s perfect, right?

b) Enjoy some polite conversation but keep your distance, don’t give out any personal information and decline a second date. Sure they’re hot, but you don’t want to end up in pieces in their freezer!

Okay, tally up your answers.

If you got mostly a’s, this shows that you have strong intuition yet you don’t trust it. This is a common frustration for many “psychic personalities” and it renders your intuition almost useless.

The good news is, there’s plenty of things you can do to overcome this. Here are some helpful resources to check out:

How to Develop Your Intuition: Tips and Techniques

Interview with Dr.Cara Gubbins on Intuition

If you got mostly b’s, congratulations! Not only are you in-touch with your intuition, but you also trust it and are willing to act on it. That’s no small feat! You have the potential to be an Olypmic level psychic!


The Psychic Personality

Over the years, I have noticed that those who are very connected to their intuition tend to have common personality traits. See below for my list. Of course, not every intuitive is going to have all of these traits, but these are just the one’s that I keep noticing.

Avoids crowds but loves people-watching

Prefers a quieter atmosphere most of the time

Loves reading and collecting books

Seems to need more sleep than the average person

Is drawn to paranormal and new age topics like ghosts, astral travel, psychic development, energy healing, past lives, hypnosis, shamanism, etc….

Prefers deep, intimate conversation to polite small talk

Enjoys alone time

Avoids violent movies and The News


What do you think?

In the comments below, please share your thoughts on this topic – can you relate to this list of characteristics? Are you an intuitive introvert? Or a psychic extravert? I would love to hear your take on this!


24 thoughts on “Quiz: How Psychic Are You?”

  1. Hi, I am intuitive I knew that but this quiz reconfirms it which is nice every once and awhile. The only thing that is funny is the top 3 of the personality traits don’t really relate to me but maybe they come out in another form such as writing that is what I do at this point in my life. The rest are definitely me. People must sense this, they will come up to me in a store and just start talking to me I know their life story before we leave lol. And I read faces, I can tell a lot about a person from just seeing their face I think because of the family that I was raised in I had to survive and had these things as a child. Thanks for the quiz loved it!

  2. Your list of traits at the end – there isn’t a single one that doesn’t apply and I never actually considered being anything other than less than capable of handling “the world” because of certain non-physical medical labeling. It’s quite comforting. I need a Ton of sleep most of the time. I do best on 9 hours a night and then a nap for 1-2 hours…..I get desperate if I can’t have some serious Quiet and alone time – I kinda lose my mind. And the news, even local news, can give me panic attacks.

  3. Hi!

    I know you said that everyone has some form of intuition, but is it possible for someone with – dare I say, pretty bad intuition to start reading tarot? It’s something I feel very interested in, but I am afraid that it’s something impossible for someone with bad intuition. Thanks!

    1. It’s absolutely possible for someone with NO intuition whatsoever to read Tarot. That’s the beauty of Tarot – you can choose to read it intuitively or you can read the cards in a more logical/mind centered way. So don’t hesitate to get a deck and learn – I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much fun it can be.

  4. Wow, I love this post, it is so spot on. I definitely have a psychic personality, and have a strong intuition that I don’t trust, or I guess, don’t totally listen to. There are time when I do listen, but when I don’t, it makes life so much more difficult.

  5. I don’t know what I am but it’s frustrating to get glimpses that are too light or flash too quick to notice until too late. However, I feel I’m a “feeler”. Whether that’s intuition, premonitions, psychic, clairvoyant, I wouldn’t know. Sometimes a message doesn’t flash in my mind but will leap out of my mouth out of the blue that resonates with someone in the room with me. Sometimes strong feelings with no results. Also I noticed that when I forewarn about something it doesn’t happen and if I say nothing, it happens. like a birthday wish that won’t come true if you say the wish. Ugh….Cards call me but I feel like I have no steering wheel and I’m tired of trying to find out what and how.

    1. Melissa, I feel your frustration! I’ve been there too and what I’ve found is that it’s helpful to make peace with the fact that you may never be able to totally control your intuition in the way you’d like. You can learn how to work with it but sometimes you will be wrong and that’s okay – it doesn’t mean your intuition is wrong, it just means that the future you forsaw didn’t happen. Perhaps when you forewarn about something it changes the energy around it and makes it less likely to happen?
      Best of luck to you as you develop your intuition and psychic abilities 🙂

  6. Am somewhat physic.can see into future, but doesn’t make sense most of the time til afterwards. But some things right on the mark from thousands of miles away . references can be called

  7. Hi Kate,
    I have found myself to be overly sensitive and extremely psychic in the past few years and am not sure why this is happening. Is there any reason why this must be happening?
    But I truly just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy your site and that you now have a fan for life. Thanks to you I can now learn with out being frustrated. YOU ROCK

    1. Hi Laney!
      Thanks so much for reaching out to me 🙂 I’m thrilled you like my site so much.
      Your experience of feeling more psychic lately is somewhat common – I have met SO MANY people who say the same thing. As for myself, I felt drawn to study psychic development, meditation and Tarot in 2008, about 7 years ago. There are various theories about why this is – one theory is that energies on the planet are shifting and changing and the veil between the physical and unseen worlds is getting thinner, making psychic experiences and increased intuition more common. Another theory is that a certain number of people on the planet are programmed to “wake up” at a certain time (around 2012) – part of this waking up experience is a sharpening of the 6th sense and having an increased ability to access psychic and intuitive information. I don’t know if any of that resonates with you or not, but it’s interesting to consider 🙂

  8. WOW. Your website is speaking to me so much it’s almost unearthly. As a child I was always drawn to Tarot cards but was told they were “evil” so I put them in the back of my mind. All of these characteristics are true to me. And lately I’ve been noticing the universe speaking to me and I just started listening. It’s been slightly overwhelming how much I’ve been hearing to be honest. I have a gut feeling that I’m VERY intuitive or psychic if you will… I don’t know what to do with it though. I realize right now I’ve found myself drawn to the law of attraction and listening and reacting to my instincts so much lately. My mind is blown right now, pardon the verbose commentary. I don’t think it’s any coincidence I landed upon your site somehow today. The universe has just been shouting at me lately.

    Thank you!

    1. Welcome, Alexandra!
      That is so exciting to hear that you are awakening to your intuition 🙂
      I am so glad you were drawn to my site and this post resonated with you. I wish you the best of luck as you explore this side of yourself more and I hope you continue to find inspiration and ideas here 🙂

  9. That’s an interesting quiz. I’d definitely class myself as psychic, and somewhere in the middle of being an introvert and an extrovert. It makes me feel better though for not wanting to socialise sometimes, and just wanting to be on my own, more than most other people I know.

  10. Well, looks like I have a psychic personality (1 “C”, and 2 “A’s”). I don’t seem to need much sleep, however (night-owl), and I do like semi-violent movies. Yeah, and sometimes I even watch the news…not too often, however…it annoys me. Thanks!!

  11. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for this. I resonate with the entire list. I lean toward the intuitive introvert, needing more practice in the intuitive part. I have had a lot of noise in my head for a lot of years and need to unlearn how it got there. Guilt and people pleasing are two destructive personality flaws I am working on ridding myself of. I have been interested in Intuition/Mystical/Etheral/Tarot for 50+ years, but I am still a beginner. Finding my way onto your site has given me encouragement to develop my abilities. Always worrying about what other people think about what I say, etc., I have never responded to a site like this before. I’m jumping out of my comfort zone this weekend. It’s a new beginning for me. Thank You.

    1. Sharon, thank you for your comment and for sharing how you feel about all this stuff. I am so happy you’ve stumbled onto my site and that you’re finding it helpful and encouraging 🙂 And I’m glad you were courageous enough to bust out of your comfort zone!

  12. Hi Kate, don’t always comment, but I really like your blog etc. I tend to the psychic but need to work on it. As I get older, crowds, noise and pointless conversations become less appealing. Please keep writing things like this! Thanks

    1. Hi Denise!!!
      I’m glad this post resonated with you 🙂 I know many people who did not really get into psychic stuff until they were in their 40’s or 50’s, which I find interesting (and I mention this just because you say that crowds and noise appeal less as you get older) so you may find yourself having more psychic experiences down the road.


  13. I like the needs more sleep part… a medium once told me lightworkers can go and do stuff in our sleep like travel etc thats why we wake up feeling we’ve had a busy night!

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