Four of Pentacles: Time to bust out of your comfort zone!

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir, The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil counterpart, is here to kick some sense into you with her uncompassionate style of Tarot reading. She usually writes these half-drunk, so take her advice with a grain of salt…or a tablespoon!

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Today’s card is 4 of Pentacles and the message is clear: magic doesn’t happen in the comfort zone.

Yes, I know, the comfort zone is awesome. I love it too.

There is nothing I love more than snuggling on my couch, sipping spiked hot chocolate and watching The Vampire Diaries or some other silly show.

But does it make me feel ALIVE? No. Fuck no.

We all need to rest and recharge, I get it. That’s what the comfort zone is for. But don’t stay there forever – you weren’t meant to, for God’s sake!

It’s time for you to bust out from behind your wall and share your sparkly goodies with the world.

You hide yourself out of fear, you modest thing, you! But once you step out of your comfort zone, something amazing happens….your comfort zone gets bigger and bigger and bigger…..

Until suddenly you’re doing nude yoga at your local park and feeling totally cool with it.

In the comments below, tell me how you plan to step out of your comfort zone this weekend…

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9 thoughts on “Four of Pentacles: Time to bust out of your comfort zone!”

  1. Ooooh this is good. I have two more shifts then I am officially a full-time artist. That is very scary but the cards – literally – have been showing me the way for months. 🙂 Feels good!

  2. I wanna do portrait photography,step by step I go…True that makes me feel alive, something about the pressure to get it right, be creative and make something I think is good and pleasing to client at same time…

    1. That’s so cool, Serena – I have heard portrait photography can be tricky and I think it takes a special person with a good eye and ability to make people feel comfortable.

  3. Oops Vampire Diaries a “silly show” I wonder how many people will cling to there DVD collection now as if they were the most precious thing in the world! 😀

    1. Haha, Ellen! 🙂 I gotta confess, I kinda love The Vampire Diaries, even though I know its totally silly. (I watched the latest episode as soon as it aired last night. ;)) I accept that about myself though, no guilt in having a guilty pleasure. 🙂

      1. You mean there’s another season?! There’s only four seasons on Canadian Netflix and I just finished all of them. I assumed that was it.

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