What is your self-talk sayin’? Veronica to the rescue…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin/alter ego and she takes over my blog on Friday’s to impart her bitchy wisdom. When she isn’t Tarot reading, she’s seducing some buff young thing at the gym, penning sultry smut on her laptop and knocking back the martinis while laughing maniacally at some mediocre romantic comedy…

turning in
Osho Zen Tarot

Today it’s time to turn inward…..and tune out any obnoxious voices that distract you and make you feel like total shit.

As boring as it sounds, spend a few minutes meditating. And notice what voices show up.

This is what some people call “self talk”.

When I did this I heard all kinds of silly chitter chatter like “you really shouldn’t sleep in past 11am”, “eating chocolate hazelnut hedgehogs for dinner is immature”, “leave those young men alone” and “you should be saving for your retirement.”

Where were these voices coming from?! Who were these jerks?

If I was in a room with people who said things like that I would start chucking beer bottles.

So as you observe your inner voices, don’t judge…but ask yourself this: “if a person I knew said this to my face, would I want to shank them?”

If the answer is yes, then why on earth is it okay for you to say that shit to yourself?

It’s not! So laugh at your judgy self-talk like it’s the funniest joke in the whole world.

In the comments below, tell me what crappy self talk your going to laugh at today….

5 thoughts on “What is your self-talk sayin’? Veronica to the rescue…”

  1. I’m tuning out any self talk that I’m too different and therefor, not free to express myself. Sometimes, I tend to shut my true self down around people I’m not comfortable with, or those who I feel will judge me, instead of being proud of who I am. I know being unique is actually a great thing, but sometimes I let the past programming and fear from society eat away at me. I’m done with that shit! I have a tarot page with a friend and I consider myself a witchy lady with some rad, spiritual interests. I haven’t yet posted about my page on my own wall because “ahhh what if ____ (old friend from high school, old coworkers, family members, people I don’t even fucking talk to) thinks it’s weird? Well I’m done giving a fuck! Just because I live outside the box, doesn’t mean I need to trap myself inside one for people who don’t. Thank you for this <3

    1. Shelby, I love your new attitude! You totally don’t need to water yourself down to be more acceptable for others. Sure, some of those people on Facebook might think you’re weird, but honestly, who cares? They’re probably boring people anyway, that you don’t really want to hang out with!


  2. This is so true. I spent the day in the woods hiking on Monday, and for the first twenty or so minutes I marveled at the blessings of the Universe taking photos, then as I settled in for the quietness and put my camera away, the voices began blaring at me. The negative self talk of my past came trampling through. It was the perfect venue to talk back and out loud. So I verbally chucked rocks at those voices. It was cathartic. To be our own champion is the greatest example of learning to love ourselves. Thank you Kate & Veronica for being this beacon.

    1. Teresa! The image of you hiking through the bushes and rambling out loud to yourself made me laugh – but it actually sounds like a pretty cool experience! It makes me want to go hiking alone 🙂

  3. Just drew the corresponding card from the Chrysalis tarot : Four of Scrolls
    So I am definitely in for some down time
    Have good weekend

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