How to Connect with Your Tarot Deck….Part 2

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about how to connect with your Tarot deck in three easy steps.

This article has proven to be the most popular article on my site, consistently getting the most views and comments – so I thought I would expand on the topic for those of you who are ready to take things a step further!

My favorite thing to do when I get a new deck (or if I am just feeling disconnected from an old deck) is to interview it. This sounds a little kooky at first, I know, but hear me out…

I like to think of my Tarot deck as a close friend – one who knows all my secrets and who gives fantastic advice when I need it most.

tarot and tea (2)
Hezicos Tarot

And like a close friend, I would never just dump all my problems on her and then walk away without asking how she’s doing or what’s new in her life. So why would I treat my Tarot deck that way?

Truth of the matter is, sometimes I start thinking of my Tarot deck as just a stack of paper and I forget to treat it like a good friend – and that’s when my readings go to shit.

So take the time to get to know your Tarot deck. Ask it some deep questions.

  • What is your main mission or message in this world?
  • What is most important to you?
  • What do you want to share with me?
  • What would you like me to know about you?
  • Do you have a favorite card in this deck?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • Which card sums up your personality?
  • What can I do for you that would ensure we have a good relationship?

When I asked my Crystal Visions Tarot deck “what is most important to you?” I got The Hermit, which I interpreted as meaning that meditation and deep contemplation were meaningful things for this deck.

When I asked the same deck “what can I do to ensure a good relationship?” I got the Six of Pentacles – a card about give and take and helping each other. I often see this card as being about being able to receive help from another, so this card could mean that gratiously receiving the help that this deck will give me is what will ensure a good relationship.

But what if you get a weird card?

For example, you ask “what is your main mission in this world?” and you get The Devil. Good god! What does it mean?

crystal visions tarot the devil
Crystal Visions Tarot


Look at your cards in the most positive light possible. The Devil is all about addictions and having the opportunity to bring awareness into the cycle of addiction so that you can rise above it. So this could mean that your deck’s mission is to help you break out of destructive cycles in your life.

Have fun with these questions and feel free to share your results in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you so much for your information! I have been learning tarot for a few years on and off now. After 12-12 i feel a strong need to reconnect with my decks again! The interview journal exercise is a great suggestion as I’m sure the cards mature and change as we do. And can have different messages for us at different stages in life! I love your page and look forward to more articles by you!

  2. Hi, Kate. πŸ™‚

    How are you doing? I just did this exercise and I got some nifty results. Before, I couldn’t do it because when I tried this exercise, I wasn’t able to get clear results. So I decided to just give up on this exercise and not try it again. But I was up late last night/early this morning and I got on the computer and looked up this article and questions. I wrote down the questions and then did the exercise today when I had more energy and sleep.

    These are the results I got from my Mystical Manga Tarot Card deck after shuffling them:

    1.) What is your main mission or message in this world?

    The Empress – “My mission is to guide you to be a better Tarot Card reader and to help you succeed in your endeavours.”(I was confused about this one and thought I drew the wrong card for this questions, but I went on interviewing my deck.)

    2.) What is most important to you?

    Temperance – “You, Tarot Card reader Yalanda, are most important to me.”(This makes sense seeing that they chose me and chose to work with me. It would make sense for the Cards to care about their owner and help them with their problems and be their for them when they need them the most. I think this goes back to what you said about treating your Tarot Cards like a good friend.)

    3.) What do you want to share with me?

    Three of Wands – “To believe in yourself and in your divination abilities and to not worry about making mistakes because you’re human.”(I think this Card was right. I DO need to believe more. In myself, my divination abilities, and in the Cards themselves.)

    4.) What would you like me to know about you?

    Strength – “I am a strong, yet happy and magical deck. I offer advice whenever you need it.”(This goes back to my last reading with my Cards when they said they’re magical and happy. I get a gut feeling they want me to be happy as well.)

    5.) Do you have a favorite Card in this deck?

    Three of Coins – “I like The Magician because he is magical, yet strong and balance in what he does best.”(Yep, this deck is very magical. Very magical and happy. As well as light. I feel my Cards are strong magically and will assist me if I decide to work with my own magical abilities in the future.)

    6.) What is your biggest fear?

    Four of Cups – “I am afraid to lose you as a Tarot Card reading and a good and best friend. I love you, Yalanda, and I want you to make you happy.”(My Cards really care about me deeply and they want me to be happy. I hope what they said doesn’t sound creepy to you guys. But…is it possible for a deck to love you so much that they don’t want anything to happen to you? I kept getting something about death and I thought I was going to die, but I think they were just concerned about my overall being and want to make sure I’m okay.)

    7.) Which Card sums up your personality?

    Six of Coins – “I will assist you in doing readings and will assist you in making money for yourself in the future.”(I think this ties in with the last reading I did when my Cards mentioned money. He kept saying something about money. I think he was saying that I’m going to get money in the future. Maybe in the Tarot Card reading business. It makes sense seeing that these guys want to assist me in not only becoming a better Tarot Card reader, but to succeed in the path of reading Tarot Cards.

    I think they know I’m very low on funds and don’t make much money every month since I have a mental illness and have to take medication. I was afraid to share this because I was afraid of getting judged of being called “crazy” or “dangerous”. So I work with this deck not only because they chose me, but also because it’s a good coping skill and helps me in my spiritual path. I hope you guys don’t think I’m crazy or dangerous…)

    8.) What can I do for you that would ensure we have a good relationship?

    Judgement – “Try not to judge yourself and your divination abilities. You are a good fortune teller. Believe in yourself and in your abilities.”(I think this makes sense. Also, I’m getting from the Cards that I shouldn’t worry about how people will judge me with having a mental illness. Not everyone will be receptive to the fact that I have an illness, but I shouldn’t let that bother me. I’m stronger than that.)

    I had fun with this reading and my Cards showed me that I have strong divination abilities as well as a strong person in general. I shouldn’t be afraid of anything and I think this is why my Cards chose to work with me and assist me in my endeavours and spiritual path. I’ve found a lot of very good friends in my Tarot Card deck and I love them all. I hope I don’t sound crazy to you guys…

    Thank you and much love goes out to you all.


    1. Hi Yalanda,

      Thanks so much for trying this exercise out and sharing your results here πŸ™‚ What a lovely relationship you have with your deck! Nothing about this sounds “crazy”, Yalanda – I love how you interpret your cards.

  3. I find it kind of funny that a lot of people have picked up on your use of ‘she’. I personally own three decks- Hanson-Roberts, Wildwoods and Steven Farmers’ Spirit Guides. The only one that is unequivically ‘she’ is the Hanson-Roberts. The Wildwoods is masculine and the Spirit Animal balanced. Is that normal?

  4. Just received my first deck today. I went tradition with the Rider-Waite ????

    What kind of tarot deck are you?
    High Priestess
    What do you specialize in?
    The Empress
    How can you best help me?
    6 of Swords
    What quality is most important in a tarot reader?
    Ace of Pentacles
    How do you see our relationship?
    Ten of Cups
    What can I do for you to ensure we have a good relationship?
    8 of Swords
    What’s your favorite card in this deck?
    8 of Swords
    What would you like me to know about you?
    The Fool
    What do you want to share with me?
    King of Pentacles
    What is you biggest fear?
    King of Swords
    What card sums up your personality?
    Queen of Swords

    My kind of gal! She sounds a lot like me! ???? I’m so looking forward to this! ❀️

  5. Hi, a pack of tarot cards came into a charity shop where I help out . There was no box and wrapped up in a piece of silk cloth. I have taken these home. I have another pack at home which are fairies. I also have a crystal ball which I am trying to channel. I was in a road accident last year. I was knocked down by a car while walking to a new job. I will get to know both my packs the old and the new. Will start a journal. I had been asking the wrong questions. Looking forward to learning more.

  6. Hi,
    I just bought a new deck. I used to read the cards about 30 years ago, but have forgotten most things. I must say, this deck is really making me anxious with the bad cards I pulled out in the ” getting to know you ” session.
    Is she just testing me or picking up on my fear? Should I persevere or buy a new deck ?

    1. Your deck might just be cheeky. And it might be trying to challenge you to look at the scary/negative cards in a different light. If the cards really make no sense, try cleansing your deck with sage or crystals and then re-do the reading and see what comes up πŸ™‚ Don’t give up yet!

  7. I did an interview with my Steampunk tarot deck. I’m still trying to figure out the cards’ meaning, she’s my first deck so I may got some misinterpreted haha. She poses some traits I can see in my best friend! She’s an emotional being (page of cups), loves party with friends (3 cups), hates people who offers wishes/helps but with a price (9 cups), her most important thing is what we created – my commitment to her (The devil). She can help me in making right decisions, balance my life in favor of Justice, brainstorming new ideas (page of swords) and guide my paths based on her experience (king of pentacles). Our relationship is about opening mind, releasing one self mentally, spiritually (8 swords). But to keep our relationship good, I must not (Death) hold on to negative feelings, thoughts, memories, since she’s sensitive!

  8. Just interviewed both my oracle deck (Vintage Wisdom) and my tarot deck (Linestrider)! What an experience! My oracle deck was giving me major Big Sis vibes. She said she was here to help me on my journey, to help me discover who I am. That listening plays a large part in being a tarot reader. My Linestrider deck made me giggle the whole time. She is the flirty carefree younger sister who constantly smiles. She said she specializes in happiness. Finding happiness, being happy with youurself, anything that could make you feel like you are home. She also knows when to calm down and get serious, which was nice. But she is a funny silly girl because I asked her what her biggest fear was and it was the eight of pentacles which is “hard work” lol haha. My oracle said her favorite card was Patience and it’s of a little girl in a pink and white jumper covering her eyes and she has these cute little wings and maryjanes. I died lol. I’m glad I got two decks that don’t take themselves too seriously and know when to have fun and when to bring down the hammer.

  9. Kate~ I loved doing this exercise with Miwako (Oceanic Tarot by Jayne Wallace)! Honestly, I kept thinking I wanted a “drop dead gorgeous” deck for my personal readings, and when I ran into Miwako, I didn’t even give her a second glance. But then the boyfriend and a random store worker insisted on her, so I shrugged and figured I’d give her away eventually. Until last evening, that is, when she and I had our first Real Talk.

    1. Nine of Wands -> Defense: Are you holding on too tightly to fear? Allow me to free up your thinking.

    2. Five of Cups -> Sadness: You being unable to let go of the past, haunted by guilt and regret. The situation is not hopeless, and you will heal.

    3. Four of Pentacles -> Security: Your security may be hard-won, but you resist positive change. Stay open to new possibilities.

    4. Eight of Swords -> Restriction: I am practical and help you see that you are in control of your own future. Who cares what others think?

    5. Eight of Pentacles -> Achievement: You take pride in your work and set high standards. Focus your energy, and success will follow.

    6. Five of Wands -> Competition: You feeling overwhelmed by other people’s opinions. Try not to heal everybody – focus on yourself, too.

    7. Four of Wands -> Rewards: Replenishing your body, mind, and soul – because you deserve it. Leisure, fun, and freedom!

    8. Six of Pentacles -> Generosity: Receive me and my guidance with thanks and grace.

    Oh dear. The boyfriend now refers to her as my “Mermaid Mommy.” LOL

    1. I love this reading – especially how you interpreted each card, here. I haven’t heard of that particular deck, so I’m off to google it. I’m a big fan of ocean and mermaid themed decks, though πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for trying this exercise out and sharing your reading here πŸ™‚

  10. I am using the Thoth tarot, they kinda came to me. I have stayed away from reading about the deck online because of the negative overtone, i did not want to be tainted by the “stereotype” and wanted to engage with the opportunity to see if we connected and go from there. In hindsight, that in itself speaks to the essence of who I am, which further demonstrates the connection.

    Initially, I was intimidated by this deck. But after some consistency, patience, I have seen our relationship grow. I actually carry the deck with me everyday in my work bag.

    I found this website and it was exactly what I was looking for to build a relationship.

    I have always felt that she has had a feisty, sarcastic personality; much like myself, just by the responses I would get, sometimes they literally make me laugh out loud.

    I asked about her personality the 5 of Swords-Strife popped out, i ignored it and kept shuffling and chose another card; the 10 of Swords-Ruin, that slipped card stayed on my mind. I ended up pulling both. At first, i really like felt like, oh shit, were the stereotypes true, this deck hates me. I searched for a meaning online but could not find anything to explain it, in the way I needed.

    Ultimately, it came to me: She.
    She is strong and fierce, She is what I have been yearning for, Swords which has ties to spirituality and meditation, what i needed and desired to develop the most, especially because of the chaos and trauma I deal with professionally and personally, it’s the self care I must have to be able to do the work I do, to heal others. I use my own pain as a testimony for others, I am bluntly honest, real and genuine. So is She. These cards represent the struggle, the pain, the courage, its about change and growth. It’s about using your life experiences,(10) beginning and end, cycle, to not make the same mistakes. She also said, i need to trust her; mean what i say and say what i mean; and know when I ask, I will get the truth, make sure you are ready for it.

    She is my more defined self, my ideal self. She is here to facilitate that process.

    Peace and Love..

    1. Hi Msj,
      Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I love how you figured things out on your own and got some pretty amazing insights in the process.
      The Thoth deck is awesome – and yes, it does have a harsh, scary side to it, but that’s what I love about it!

      Happy Tarot Reading,

  11. I want to thank you for posting the suggestion of these questions to connect with a new set. I am extremely happy with the answers I received and feel completely connected.

  12. I asked my deck what it would like to share with me, and it responded with Temperance. I was really happy with that outcome!

  13. I’d like to try this. Do you shuffle and cut between each question? Or just flip off the top 8 cards in a row after the initial shuffling?

  14. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for these articles. I’ve tried the suggestions here with my Shadowscapes deck and it has been a pretty enlightening experience. Being a beginner, it took me several days of sitting with the results before they start making sense to me.

    At the start, the deck dropped two cards answers for the first few questions I asked. Not sure if it was trying to help me understand it better or just making me think more… But when I started journalling the results, I start seeing the personality of the deck ( or my higher self?) There was even a voice in these readings!

    In replying to “what’s your fav card?”, the Death card came out first, with the Seven of wands tagging loosely beneath. It was confusing at first. The Death card seems to give the stronger impression; but why the 7 wands? After looking up the meaning of it, I realized it just meant “the Death card is my fave. Firmly I say, in case you doubt that.”

    As I start interpreting the other answers, i realised this deck has a rather fiery personality: a challenger, one who seeks to be better and truimping over one’s old self (that was from a reading of 6 and 5 of wands; The cards were stuck to each other). It has a mission to guide (the hermit) another in finding deeper truths; sharing issues of internal conflicts such as avoidance and buried emotions (2 of swords and 4 of cups), and working these out through assessment and evaluations (7 of pentacles), which it specializes in.

    Interestingly when asked what it fears, The Hermit card reappeared, in reverse this time. I wonder if it is afraid of not being able to fulfill its mission, or being too strong in that aspect and resulting in self absorption (4 of cups). No matter the interpretation, I find that this exercise had helped me better understand my deck and its way of communicating. Journalling helps lots indeed. Thanks again for the tips!

    1. Hi Celestine,
      I’m so glad that this exercise helped you connect with your deck more – thanks for taking the time to share your results and observations here – I enjoyed reading it πŸ™‚
      Happy Tarot Reading!

  15. What do you do when you get a different meaning / sense from the card compared to what the meaning of the card is in the book that they came with? How can I better trust my intuition? Sometimes the feelings I get from a card is different from what is written in the book.

    1. Hello Aria.As a novice reader,my experience tells me that any reading that is different from the book is intuitive interpretation.

  16. Hi: I’ve been learning Tarot for two years. I love it but am running into a problem I’m wondering if others are also–I am using the Morgan Greer Tarot Deck and have learned the meanings but when I go back and review the cards a different meaning will show up. I have only done a few readings for others but what I’m trying to figure out is it my ‘intuition’ that is speaking to me through the reading (and I should listen to it rather than the detailed meaning of the card?). Is anyone else having this problem? It would be much easier if I could just ‘trust’ myself that what is coming through is actually the meaning I should be dwelling on at the present time. Am I making sense?

    1. Hi There,
      I think I understand what you’re asking. The crazy thing about Tarot is that the cards have more than just one meaning and sometimes the meaning that your intuition gets won’t even match up to any Tarot book out there. Tarot cards are basically symbols and symbols allow you to communicate with your subconscious mind and intuition. I know you might be wanting a more simple process to read the cards and a way to know for sure if what you’re getting is the “correct” meaning or how to sort out the right interpretation from the wrong interpretation, but…..I don’t think there is a way to know for sure. You really have to trust your gut. What I do when I’m reading for someone is I might give two different interpretations and then ask them which resonates the most.

  17. If I could afford thse I would’ve picked them up as well. The gypsy witch playing cards has a hold on me. I wish I would’ve snagged those up.

  18. Alright I have found my deck. I recently had a trip to an astrology store, and a man helped me pick out the medieval sculpini tarot. It is a delight having this deck. 100% positive energy. My Marseille deck is taking it easy in its box near my window sill. I always feel it would like to stay in the sublight. Does anyone else ever feel as though they’ve found a friend in their decks? I know a lot treat them as divination tools, but these guys are a big part of my person.

    1. Raymond, that’s wonderful! Glad you finally found YOUR deck. I have had that feeling you describe – of finding a friend – when I got my Crystal Visions deck and again with the Hezicos Tarot and Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot. It’s a nice feeling πŸ™‚

  19. Kate,

    I recently obtained a Royo Dark Tarot deck. First, let me say, I love this deck. It’s beautiful and brilliant. While I’m still somewhat new to tarot, (this is my second deck and I have not had a deck in several years… My first was a Dragon Tarot… God, how I miss that deck) I still have a basic understanding of what tarot is.

    The Royo Dark Tarot deck strays a bit from the visual symbolism of, say, the traditional RW decks. This has given me a bit of a challenge in connecting with the imagery. I feel like it’s pushing me to see things in a different way, which is good.

    In an attempt to bond a bit deeper with it, I found your website and have followed some of your advice. I have started journaling with the cards and the results have surprised me.

    She answered my questions in a very upfront manner.

    1. What’s your favourite card?
    A: 9 of Swords, reversed. A card that centers around facing your fears.

    2. What card best sums up your personality?
    A: The Heirophant. She learns, she teaches, she helps to understand faith and mysticism, and she is very centred around understanding your beliefs.

    3. What is your purpose/role?
    A: 8 of Swords. I feel that this means that she is here to help show me the limitations I place on myself; to point out when I’m hiding behind excuses.

    So far, all of her answers relate to each other. I’m astounded.

    4. What is important to you?
    A: Knight of Pentacles. Reliability, loyalty, perseverance. Qualities that build a sturdy foundation for love, friendship, and wealth.

    5. What aspects of life do you specialize in?
    A: Ace of Swords. Determination. The strength of responsibility. The power of knowing oneself.

    6. What do you feel is important in a reader?
    A: 7 of Pentacles, reversed. I think she means that a reader needs to be able to learn from their mistakes.

    7. How do you feel about me?
    A: 6 of Chalices. (btw, I accidently spilled a bit of water in my reading space during one of my first readings… This is the only card that was affected. Nothing serious, just a small damaged area along the right side of the card. Still…. Something to think about…) She thinks I’m indecisive. I think she also realises my nature, as a Gemini 2, to fantasise and to want a diverse and, nearly constant, change of pace…. She knows me well, already.

    And my last question…

    8. What can I do to ensure a good, strong, healthy relationship between us?
    A: Knight of Wands, reversed. I see this as her telling me not to rush into things… To turn to her for guidance and inspiration when I’m stuck or scared of failing. I think she wants me to trust my instincts. I, also, feel that she is asking me to let her help me understand my emotions. I think she wants to be used as a tool.

    To be honest, this is the first time I’ve searched for a deeper bond with a deck. I’m blown away by the realisation that she really does have her own personality. By listening, I’ve been able to openly accept that this deck experiences thoughts, intentions, desires, and emotions of her very own. I also sense a mutual respect between us. She really does seem to know me. I’m glad about this fact. We seem highly in tune with each other, and I feel like I’m starting to understand her more, as well.

    I can’t wait to get into some more readings, now.

    I would just let to thank you for showing me a pathway to building a stronger relationship with my deck. You have truly helped my build a bond that I never imagined could exist.

    Thank you, Kate!
    Your new friend,
    Ash. B-)

    1. Hi Ash!
      Thanks for trying this exercise out and posting your results – I loved reading it πŸ™‚
      I have the Dark Royo Tarot as well, and its probably one of my hardest decks to read, so good for you for persevering and getting to know it.
      Happy Tarot Reading,

  20. I’ve been into Classical Astrology for a very long time. I’m sure it sounds silly to some, but I consecrated my first & new deck(the Dragon Tarot) using Saturn(I have a Saturn in Libra Dragon talisman). Saturn traditionally ruled occult wisdom, magic, etc. Anyways, I did my first spread, a new deck spread, & asked it a few questions too, & I wanted to share:

    1. Spirit: What do you believe?
    Result: The World
    -that it believes in me, that I can attain it all, including success & feel complete.

    2. Earth: Where do you come from?
    Result: King of Swords
    -indicates it is coming from a place of authority, clear thinking, intellectual power..that it comes from & represents my truth.

    3. Air: What are you thinking?
    Result: Six of Coins
    -the deck is thinking about sharing it’s “wealth.”

    4. Water: How do you feel?
    Result: The Magician
    -I was thinking this meant the deck feels resourceful, skillful, & powerful.

    5. Fire: What passion do we share?
    Result: Ace of Wands
    -I interpreted this as the deck saying it shares in my excitement for our potential & in a new beginning.

    I’ve also asked it a few other questions I thought it had neat answers too, lol.

    What kind of a Tarot deck are you? R: Page of Swords
    What issues/areas of life do you specialize in? R: Five of Swords
    What quality is most important in a Tarot reader? R: The Hierophant
    How do you see me? R: The Hierophant
    What do you want to share with me? R: The Chariot
    Where will our relationship go? R: Ace of Swords

    1. Hi Liz,
      Thank you so much for sharing this – I’m glad you had fun with this Tarot exercise πŸ™‚


  21. The deck is the Tarot de Marseille. they are pretty beat up, I’ve wrapped them in their silk handkerchief, and put them in a sunny spot in my room. I am going tomorrow to find another deck. I am leaning towards the rider Waite. I’ve missed this part of my life so much.

    1. The Tarot de Marseille is an tough deck for me – I never could really connect with the imagery for some reason. I hope you find a good deck that you feel totally connected to, Raymond πŸ™‚

  22. So aside from that tangent I just had, I found a tarot deck that feels raw, heavy and dark, and I absolutely love it. It’s missing seven cards, and although I am a little scared that someone may have been doing some rite maybe, I hope I can still have a good bound with it.

    1. What deck is it, Raymond? You’ve made me curious now. I doubt the missing cards were used in some kind of rite, but that’s a pretty juicy theory that just adds to the mystery πŸ˜‰

  23. Hi Kate.

    LOVE these suggestions! I’m going to try that with a couple of my decks asap πŸ™‚ Thank you for the suggested questions – should be interesting!

  24. Hi Kate, I do love your ideas about connecting with your deck and have used these questions with some great results! While I love doing this, it’s a little confusing for me in how I think about Tarot cards. We are using the Tarot to tap into our higher self and our divine wisdom– at least that ‘s how I think of it and I think this would also be consitent with your take. So…. regardless of what deck we use, are we not always just “talking” to our (higher) selves through the deck. When I think about it that way, I am confused with these questions work to connect with our deck– because I do think they help me connect and are good questions. But if we are always talking to ourselves through the Tarot , why would the answers vary from deck to deck ? So, the effectiveness of this method is a bit confusing for me and I was wondering how you make sense of it.

    1. Hi Chris,
      That’s a really good question. Gosh, I’m not really sure how to answer it! But I will try…. Tarot cards are basically a medium through which we connect with our higher selves, in the same way that email, facebook, telephone, skype, letter writing, twitter, etc, are different mediums through which we connect and communicate with others. While facebook is good for broadcasting stuff about what your doing, picking up the phone and calling a friend is a better way to connect with an individual person. Email is a great way to communicate facts to another person, but if you need to have a serious discussion, its best to see them in person, or talk on skype where you can see them. Different methods of communication serve different purposes. If I want to feel connected to my spirit guides, I typically read with one of my angel themed decks. If I want straight, to the point answers, I might choose my Mystic Meg deck. If I need a gentle, inspiring reading, I will use my Crystal Visions deck. If I want to examine how my ego is effecting a situation, I might use my Osho Zen deck. That being said, you don’t need a million Tarot decks! You only need one, but each deck will have a distinct voice and feel to it. Hope that makes a bit of sense!

  25. I’ve done a few interviews with some of my decks and I rather like it. At the moment I am doing the Solitary Tarot and Oracle challenge by Raecine from Owlmoon513. She also emphasizes the need to bond with your deck. Since the first of January I’ve been working with the Chrysalis Tarot and I love to take it with me wherever I go πŸ™‚

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