A Good Reason to Stay Off Facebook Today

VeronicaVeronica is my evil twin and….she’s still on vacay! That lazy slut. So I went digging in the Veronica archives and tried to pick a good one for you…..

page of cups

Housewives Tarot

Happy Friday! The Page of Cups is a sneaky little twerp and he is here with a very specific message just for you:

“I know you sometimes get depressed when you go on Facebook and see that everyone seems to be having a better time than you. But don’t be fooled. Most of those people are totally miserable. Party on!”

Gosh, what a strange thing for him to just say out of the blue. Oh well, that’s the Page of Cups for you!

Have some fun this weekend by focusing on doing silly, unproductive things – like finger-painting, collecting rocks on the beach, googling dirty words, rolling around naked in a pile of mud – you know, the usual “inner child” stuff.

The more fun you have, the less you will resent those assholes on Facebook for pretending to be having the time of their lives 24-7.

In the comments below tell me what silly things you have planned this weekend…

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  1. jimbob says:

    Climbing to the top of a mountain to listen to a bunch of old guys telling obscene jokes! great!!

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