‘Tis the season….to NOT donate to charity!

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Friday’s are special days because my diabolical twin sister Veronica takes a breather from all the martinis, boy toys and naps to deliver you a Tarot reading so juicy, so daring….that you simply MUST take her advice!

Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

When did “it’s for charity” mean free license to rob people blind?

Just the other day I stood in line to get into a craft fair, after battling it out for 20 minutes to get a parking spot, only to be told I would have to pay $10 to get in. Ten dollars to get into a shitty craft fair.

In classic Veronica style, I caused a scene, shrieking“Seriously? You’re charging me to shop?”

The lady at the desk clutched her pearls and gasped “but it’s for charity!” like I was some blood guzzling puppy killer.

Here’s the thing: donating to charities used to be voluntary. But somewhere in the last five years it’s become mandatory and I don’t like it.

People assume because something is “for charity” it’s okay to hand over ten bucks without question, but guess what? There are a lot of bullshit charities out there. Charities that support causes that YOU don’t even care about!

What I’m really trying to say is this: support things you care about. Don’t cave to supporting something just because you’ll look like a total dick in front of a line of strangers if you don’t. Who cares? I certainly don’t.

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5 Responses to ‘Tis the season….to NOT donate to charity!

  1. TLT says:

    A sincere ho ho ho!

  2. Cara B. says:

    Totally agree! First of all. …that whole pay to shop is total b.s.! I had a similar craft fair experience. Yes. …giving to charity used to be voluntary and I don’t like being #1 forced to give and #2 told who to donate to! Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one that feels that way. Happy weekend to you!

  3. Jessica says:

    You are absolutely right, Veronica!! Every time I’m at the cashier in the grocery store, liquor store, etc…I’m asked to donate a dollar or two! I now say no and only donate to a charity that means something to me! Great reading.

    • Kate says:

      I’ve noticed that it used to be only around Christmas that they’d do that, but now it’s all the time, which is annoying! Anyhow, glad you could relate!

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