F*#k the mall. Make stuff instead. Here’s what…

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Happy Friday! Time for my evil twin sister to take the reins and dish out some Tarot advice. Tis the season for Veronica to get plastered at Christmas parties, snub those greedy charities and buy herself tons of presents….typical.

Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

Time to look on the bright side! I know, I know…..you’re all run down from baking shit and buying other people presents. But it’s not all bad.

This weekend you need to bust out of your robotic stupor and really express yourself, loud and proud! Even though you have tons of pointless crap to do this weekend, take some time to engage your inner five year old.

Do some crafts! Instead of buying hunks of plastic made in China for your friends and family, make some heartfelt gifts. Don’t roll your eyes. Here are some holiday gift making ideas:

Make a “magical wish box” – take an old cardboard box of any size, a couple of old magazines (like People and Cosmo) and cut out pictures of hot guys, kittens, tampons, etc and glue them to the box. Then, cover in glossy laquer to make it all shiny! Cut a slot in the top to put wishes in.

Personalized Romance Novel – Get an old Harlequin romance novel and paste a photo of your friend’s face onto one of the characters on the cover. They will be overjoyed when they unwrap a steamy novel starring…themselves!

Fermented things – fermented foods are very trendy and very hipster right now. Make some kimchee, sauerkraut or fermented lemons and put them in a mason jar wrapped in a knitted tuque!

On another note….

I will be spending my weekend stretched out on my black velvet chaise, sipping rum with eggnog and filling in this workbook….

workbook 2016

Because nothing is more delicious than long, uninterrupted meeeeeeee time!



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6 Responses to F*#k the mall. Make stuff instead. Here’s what…

  1. StarsandMoons says:

    The three presents I bought were the work above – I for me and the other two for friends….Veronica is awesome 🙂

  2. Jamie Morris says:


    That tampon? Wish fulfillment for the girl who–oops!–forgot to get him to ‘wrap’ his present?

    And on another note, you’d be proud of me. Of the THREE TOTAL gifts I’ve given this holiday season, two were small donations to the charities of choice of my gift-recipients, and the other was a homemade card with an offer for a tarot reading inside.

    And now I’m going to go lounge . . .

  3. Nancy says:

    I love rum in my eggnog but try some Willett Rye in your eggnog. Fabulous!

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