Oracle Card Reading for Jan 18 – 24

Here is your oracle card reading for the week ahead! I am using Healing with the Fairies oracle cards by Doreen Virtue…

Have a wonderful week 🙂

4 thoughts on “Oracle Card Reading for Jan 18 – 24”

  1. Raising Your Standards really jumps out at me. That is exactly how I feel deep inside, yet, my outer conditions do not currently reflect them. However, I embrace the joyful expectation that they soon will. Thank you very much, Kate. I love you!!!

  2. Hi Kate!! What a reading today! (even though I’m a bit late for the weekly reading. lol)
    WOW!!! Congratulations again on your FANTASTIC news of moving. 😀 I’m soooo thrilled for YOU! And boy, do these cards fit perfectly for you too! And ….Doreen hit the mark again, these cards are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them w/us.
    The last card in your reading, my Spirit was speaking to me….. as to not allow my mental thoughts LIMIT myself… to think UP and see the larger picture of what’s available to me (to all of us).
    Thank you for sharing yourself….and all the best to you in your move!! Yippeeeee 😀
    Hugs, colleen

  3. For the centre card “Moving Forward Fearlessly”, there appears to be a big snake camouflaging itself within the brush where she is looking to step. Literally a snake in the bushes! So this exhortation is to walk on ahead fully recognizing the hidden and exposed dangers, knowing that you are being sherperded safely through by the Great Conquering Divine and His angelic messengers and earthbound beings. Thank You for the light so spiritually and fearlessly being shoned and shared. Safe Passage onwards!

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