What your closet says about you…

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Veronica is my evil Tarot twin and she’s here to deliver her special brand of Tarot wisdom! When she isn’t telling everyone what to do, Veronica spends her days drinking raspberry daiquiris and rolling around naked on a pile of feather boas. I know, totally the kind of chick you want to take advice from, right?

shadowscapes tarot

Shadowscapes Tarot

Two of Wands is all about contemplation. Want something to contemplate? Your closet.

That’s right. Your closet is a mirror of your inner psyche. So what’s in it?

If your like me, your closet’s filled with kinky boots, wigs, feathered black angel wings, wild costumes, silk veils, coin bras and such.

Or if your a mentally unwell individual, perhaps you have brown sweaters, orthopedic shoes and wool scarves in your closet. Or horror of horrors…..polyester dress pants!

Is your closet messy and cheap like Old Navy just vomit-burped into your wardrobe? Or is it arranged by color, fabric and season?

Your closet should look like you want to be. Chew on that! Do you want to be organized and bland? Start sorting and categorizing, then! Or do you want to be exciting, sexy and guilt-free like me, Veronica? Then replace those polite pastel neck scarfs with some red feather boas and you’re all set!

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4 Responses to What your closet says about you…

  1. Iris says:

    I’ve got tears in my eyes from laughing. This DID give me pause for thought.

    I’m quite proud of the structure of my closet (I decided on its layout and materials, after all), but there’s still much I could to get rid of. I have a lot of clothes that remind me of happy times, exciting times – but those clothes reflect the old me. Old accomplishments. Old adventures. It’s time for new experiences! Time for a wardrobe makeover! Yup. As soon as I lose the weight. 🙂

    • Kate says:

      Iris, I’m glad this made you laugh AND made you think! I had a similar experience while rearranging my book shelves this weekend – each phase in my life is represented by several books and many of those books I just keep for sentimental reasons, not because I will ever, ever pick them up and read them.

  2. Susan says:

    That’s certainly made me think. Mine looks like a rubbish tip. Conical bras here I come …..

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