Unleash Your Inner Drag Queen

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It’s Friday! Time for my evil twin sister Veronica to spew her ridiculous ideas all over my blog. When she isn’t here dishing out bad advice she’s rolling around on a pink satin bed full of kittens and hot men….

ace of wands
78 Nautical Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is the Ace of Wands and it features a big long stick held by an undead drag queen. So the message is pretty clear…time to inseminate your life with fabulousness.

Take a quick look around you and be honest. On a scale of 1-10 how “fabulous” are your surroundings?

Are you in a cubicle right now? Then it’s a 1. Do you have beige carpets and boring-ass venetian blinds? Are you wearing jogging pants….fuuuuuck! I hope not.

“But how am I supposed to ejaculate fabulousness all over my life?” I hear you whining. Pull up your brown polyester socks and get creative for once.

Adorn your desk with bright fuschia roses stolen from the neighbour’s lawn, enjoy a nude picnic in your backyard, get drunk and then attend a poetry reading – you get the idea.

Bust out of your comfort zone for once! Do something a little wild and don’t think twice 😉

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