F*ck astrology! Tell me what you last ate…

Veronica is my evil Tarot reading twin.  Whip wielding anarchist by day, mischevious Tarot queen by night, Veronica is the author of her very own ebook! Let’s see what terrible advice she has for you….

Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson

You are what you eat.

At least that’s what an obnoxious duty teacher once told me when I was ten.

But guess what?

Whatever you last ate….is the secret key to your true personality!

Did you eat….

A cupcake?  – this means you like to destroy beautiful things with your mouth.

Casserole? – you enjoy chaos and mayhem

A wrap? – your a lazy f*ck

A salad? – you think you’re better than everyone. Or, you like salads.

An apple – you give in to temptation way too easily!

Popcorn – you like to keep busy, busy, busy.

A salmon burger – you’re sophisticated but you like to slum it every now and then

I could go on and on…but I’ll stop there.

If you’re food wasn’t listed here, tell me in the comments below and I’ll tell you what it says about you…

39 thoughts on “F*ck astrology! Tell me what you last ate…”

    1. This says you are a natural kind of gal….you are also drawn to things for their simplicity. You don’t like things that are unnecessarily complicated or that deviate too far from nature. Plus you like to indulge in the juicy side of life 😉

  1. I’ve heard it said you are what you eat… Well then that makes me an innocent man, Judge! -Hannibal Lecter :/

    1. Well Brenda, you’re a purist! This meal says that you’re the kind of person who can appreciate an unadulterated scene – like a sandy beach in the early morning that has yet to be walked across or a platter of cookies that has yet to be plundered. You’re drawn to pure, innocent types (not necessarily as lovers, but as friends) and you turn away from the seedier side of life, not because you are a prude but because it holds no appeal.

    1. First and foremost you are a seeker of comfort. This doesn’t mean you aren’t up for a challenge every now and then and I bet you like to push yourself here and there, but only if you know you have a comfy base to return to.

  2. Gluten free pasta with vodka pasta sauce and Earth’s Best Mini Beef Meatballs (no antibiotics used* no hormones used*).

    1. hmm…interesting. This meal says you pay attention to details and genuinely care about doing things right. You sometimes find yourself drawn to easy formulas…like ads for “6 minute abs” or “3 steps to success” because they appear neat and tidy and promise a picture of hope.

  3. As always, fun and delectable humour (get it?) 😉 How about this for my dinner last night: two spoonfuls of peanut butter, 1/2 of a coleslaw salad out of a bag with merlot balsamic dressing and a Kraft cheese slice sandwiched between two Wheat Thin crackers. Go for it, Veronica! (I know…it’s a horrifying scenario, isn’t it?)

    1. ah, God! Both Kate AND Veronica are horrified by this. This meal says your the kind of gal who likes to do things “on the go” and you have a flair for making last minute plans and working with what you’ve got. Also, you like variety…but this sometimes leads you down a dangerous path…the path of pairing peanut butter with kraft cheese slices.

    1. That’s creepy. I had almost the exact same thing for breakfast, except with almond milk. I would say that this means you aren’t satisfied with a fluffy, superficial existence. You need life to be emotionally fulfilling and meaty in order to keep you engaged….how did I do?

      1. Sounds about right. I eat this breakfast religiously and I’m seriously not right for the rest of the day if I don’t get it. So yeah, it’s about nutrition and energy, but it’s also about texture: I like the feeling of the soft oatmeal contrasted against the hard nuts and chewy raisins. This is the only meal I’ll ever spend 20 or 30 minutes really savoring. I suppose this is why I’ve never been able to work a job for The Man for longer than 3 years – I get bored and want something more satisfying or exciting.

  4. Rbbish Daily Tarot girl.Whatever a person chooses to eat does NOT define that person.It is like saying, a young boy eats chips because he wants to be fat.What utter rubbish.

    1. This shows you enjoy being comfortable…perhaps to the detriment of all else. But you also enjoy filling your life with meaningful activities…like watching documentaries, communing with nature and gazing deeply into other peoples eyes.

  5. Oh dear!
    A super-massive, comfort-food, carbohydrate-fest!
    TWO giant crumpets, – toasted and smothered in butter and Ginger Marmalade!!!
    Tell me the worst, Veronica!
    Zoe T.

      1. 10 out of 9 – an excellent reading, VeroniKate!!!
        You’ve summed me up exactly!
        I keep getting “The World” coming up in my recent Tarot readings for myself.
        I’m very much like that Dancer, – a free Spirit and hopelessly immune to peer-group, family and “Health Police” coercion!
        My motto, is something that someone famous once said.
        (I’m not too sure if it was Winston Churchill, or maybe Lady Gaga!).
        “When we are 16,
        we worry about what others think of us.
        When we are 36,
        we don’t care what they think of us.
        When we are 66,
        we realise
        that they haven’t been thinking of us
        at all” !!!
        What an ace idea of yours this is, anyhow, – such a lot of varied responses from so many of your other unique, interesting Tarot Fans!
        Luv and hugs,
        Zoe T.

    1. huh, not sure what to do with this one! I didn’t know people ate livers anymore, although there is vital nutrients in them. Okay, I think it shows you have unusual dreams and goals and others may not always be able to relate to the way you do things but ultimately you know what your doing and you’ll get there…but you’ll have done it YOOOOOOOOUUUUUR Waaaaaay! (like in the Frank Sinatra song)

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