4 Secrets to Being a Fabulous Tarot Reader (Part 1)

Any Joe Schmo can be a Tarot reader, but not everyone can be a FABULOUS Tarot reader!

There are specific skills that a fabulous Tarot reader possesses and I’ve narrowed it down to four distinct elements:

  1. The ability to engage your intuition while reading Tarot (and not just recite memorized card meanings like a robot)
  2. Having a special bond with your deck and a personal understanding of each Tarot card meaning
  3. The ability to see a Tarot card in different ways and read it in a variety of contexts
  4. Seeing the connections between the cards in a Tarot reading

In this post, I am going to tackle the first two elements – intuition and bonding with your cards. I will discuss context and connecting the cards next week (tease, tease!)

Secret #1: Be willing to engage your intuition and read the cards your way!

When you read a Tarot card with intellect alone, it’s flat, one-dimensional and lifeless. It’s not wrong or bad to read a Tarot card this way….it’s just incredibly boring.

And of course nothing says amateur Tarot reader like reciting memorized card definitions!

When you invite your intuition into the mix, things get interesting. The cards seem to come to life and speak directly to you! Creative ideas, solutions and new perspectives come out of the woodwork.

Also, when you incorporate your intuition into your readings, it’s like adding your own secret ingredient to the reading….making it magically personal and unforgettable!

But how do you do this? It’s all well and good to say stuff like “listen to your intuition” or “trust your gut” – but where do you start?

Here’s a tip: don’t think about the card in front of you, feel into it. Analyzing a card only gets you so far – at some point you have to just dive right in and let the card speak to you.

Here’s a blog post I wrote a while back – it gives you 7 steps for tuning into your intuition and a video where I walk you through reading a tarot card intuitively.

And if you haven’t already, download my free audio tutorial on reading a Tarot card with intuition.

how to read tarot cardsSecret #2: Get to know your deck!

Reading a book or two about Tarot can be helpful – but it doesn’t mean you know your Tarot deck.

And you really need to know your deck on a deep, personal level if you want to do meaningful readings and feel great doing them!

The only way to do this is by spending time with your deck, ask it questions, ask it more questions and see if it has questions for you.

Keep a Tarot journal and make a personal connection with each card until you understand its meaning(s) on a deep, intimate level.

There are many Tarot books and courses out there that promise to teach you Tarot fast – but getting to know your deck isn’t something you want to rush. Treat your deck like a fascinating lover – enjoy the exploration and take your time delving into all its layers and establishing a strong connection.

Dame Darcy Tarot

Stay tuned for next week when I discuss reading a Tarot card in context and connecting the cards in a reading 🙂

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  1. Congrats I am so happy for you getting listed you deserve it you have a different approach and the sites I go to you actually know the people there are so many different pieces of this large world of tarot . Again congrats !!!

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