3 Tarot Exercises to Reveal the REAL you!

The one thing I love, love, love about Tarot is that it’s an amazing tool for self exploration.

And you know what? I feel like I’m always saying “tool” when I’m describing Tarot. I must find a better word.

Okay, moving on…

There’s nothing I love more than diving into my Tarot cards and using them to explore one of my favorite topics – meeeeee!

I’ve rounded up my 3 favorite Tarot exercises that will help you make some surprising discoveries about yourself.


What Do You REALLY Want?

Think you know what you want in life? Well think again!

Robin Wood Tarot

I used to think I wanted money and success (very original, I know). But it turns out I just want to laze around all day and read books and stuff.

And I would never have known that about myself if I hadn’t done this exercise.

In this 3 step process, I will take you deep into the heart of who you really are and what you are really wanting out of life.

Are you ready?

Try this exercise!



Decode Your Celebrity Obsessions With Tarot!

We're all powerfully drawn to certain people - whether they're celebrities, fictional characters, public figures or "real" (yet super sexy) people in our everyday lives.

Bond, James Bond

But did you know that the type of person you admire and/or lust after can tell you something about yourself? Something secret, something deep, something juicy....

Find out NOW! Do this Tarot exercise!



Those Tarot Cards You NEVER Get?...They Mean Something!

Dame Darcy Tarot

We're all so focused on the cards in front of us and what they might mean, but did you ever wonder about the cards that hardly ever show up in your readings?

In my opinion, the cards that DON'T show up in your readings can be just as telling as the ones that DO.

This Tarot exercise helps you take a look at those conspicuously absent cards!

Try this exercise!

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