Tarot Reading for Aug 7 – 13

For this weeks reading I’m using the Hanson-Roberts Tarot and I’m joined by two rambunctious kittens!

Have a great week 🙂

P.S. Enrollment for Tarot Summer School closes this week! This is your last chance to get all 15 Tarot Masterclasses for a bargain price 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Aug 7 – 13”

  1. Hi, Kate!
    Good to see you looking so well and happy in this latest Tarot video reading.
    Those kittens of yours are a scream, aren’t they!?
    Two born entertainers!
    What about pointing an online webcam at ’em and letting ’em upstage all the cat videos on YouTube?
    Me? – I could sit and watch THEIR antics all day!
    How ever does Merlina cope with them?!
    I’m wandering off-topic here, though.
    Just wondered if you noticed a striking common thread and theme, to the three cards in this week’s reading.
    What immediately jumped out at me, was the way every single one refers to a relationship between the central characters and a majestic building.
    Surely, more than just coincidence, I felt.
    In my mind’s ear I could hear Judy Garland singing ‘Over The Rainbow’.
    “. . . A place where there isn’t any trouble, Toto . . .”
    And, in the first and third cards there is a ‘rainbow bridge’, giving access to the distant castle.
    While in the second, there’s a rainbow-shaped arch above the central figure.
    Could the cards, this week, be alerting us to the importance of searching for some kind of place in our lives, that’s free of worry and insecurity, maybe?
    With my own current workload of problems, I know how much I need one!
    If those kittens give you a few quiet moments, any thoughts and feedback you might have to offer on my theory, would be most interesting and helpful, anyhow.
    Thanks, anyway, for all you do to raise everyone’s Tarot-consciousness!

    1. Zoe! You have the most interesting observations…I hadn’t even noticed the building theme. Someone on my youtube channel also mentioned that all the people have their arms raised, like they’re reaching, which kind of fits with your theory I think. I like the idea of this being about finding a “safe space” – that’s a lovely message.
      The kittens ARE fun! The grey one has been adopted but I’m still working with the brown tabby to get him used to pets and cuddles. Merlina LOVES them – and she’s really bonded with the brown one. They wrestle-play, chase each other and cuddle all day long. I am dreading when I’ll have to give him up because we will all be sad 🙁

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