Tarot Reading for Oct 9 -15

Okay, I promise you that next weeks reading will not be video-bombed by meowing cats! Promise. And to my Canadian viewers – Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Have a wonderful week 🙂

10 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Oct 9 -15”

  1. Another one who loves the kitties! reminds me of my shelter kitty, Olivia, who would do the same thing if I tried to do a card spread (must be why I only pick one at a time?! 🙂
    also like your videos – and I can relate to Zoe’s interpretation – I’ve been so, so discouraged lately after starting a new job that hasn’t seemed to be all I’d thought it could be – but today a coworker was just funny, which lightened things, and this video helps too!

  2. Hi, Kate.
    Completely agree with all the other earlier posts.
    Those kitties of yours are so super-adorable!
    I reckon a weekly ‘Rescue-Cat Progress-Report’, – added after all your readings please, would be a great, guaranteed crowd-puller to your site, as well as the best anti-depressant going!
    Neck’n’neck with chocolate perhaps? – and less fattening!
    Maybe you can persuade the little darlings to interact with the cards?
    You could invent a totally-new form of 21st Century online divination, that way!
    Invite your website fans to submit their own interpretations of their antics, maybe?
    As to this week’s reading, it related 100% to my own depressing situation right now.
    It was uncanny the way my own card reading, later, was identical to your set of cards’ abstract theme, too.
    Did you notice the way the central figure in every card was alone and besieged by near-impassable surrounding walls, – a barrier either of wands or high cliffs?
    And so, having to discover a viable way out of various impasses, with only inner strength, patience and faith to support and guide their quest?
    The cards really do seem to know what’s going on in our lives, don’t they?
    Me? – I’m just off to the Citizens Advice Bureau!
    Take care!
    Zoe T.

    1. Zoe, your comment gave me a great idea for next weeks reading….I will do the first half of my video as a weekly reading and then the second half will be a foster cat video 🙂 I love it! There’s one guy on my youtube channel who says he hates the cats…well, he can stuff it! LOL.
      sorry to hear things are crappy for you right now, but glad the reading resonated with you.
      Good luck at the citizens advice bureau!


  3. Please don’t stop showing the cats and kittens up for adoption as this gives them so much more of a chance of someone seeing them and falling in love with them. I think their little interruptions actually add to the reading, especially if there is a negative card showing. It acts as a buffer so you don’t take it so literally.

    If these little darlings can be rescued from bad card things, it gives hope that so can you.

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