Tarot Reading for Oct 16 – 22

While this weeks reading wasn’t bombarded by crazy cats, there is one very polite little girl kitten who shows up at the end 🙂 For this reading I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot

Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Oct 16 – 22”

  1. Where would one go to put in an application to adopt? I was also wondering about the areas you adopt too.

    1. Hi Marie,
      The local animal rescue group I volunteer with only adopts to people in my area. I live in Vancouver area (Canada).
      But I can guarantee you’ve got an animal shelter in your area with tons of cute kittens 🙂 The world is not short of kittens, that’s for sure!

  2. Hi, Kate.
    This week’s Tarot reading of yours is so super-smart!
    The start of my week has already matched the reading’s first card.
    The rear-light clusters on my poor old car are way out of balance.
    The left side one is faulty and the flashing turn-indicator light ain’t going.
    A new bulb hasn’t fixed it, so the wiring and connector have to be repaired.
    I’ve got to spend the rest of today and tomorrow, getting them put right.
    There you are folks, – the Tarot can help you keep your cars all street-legal!
    All being well, the second card in this reading should come true, too and I’ll be back on the road again, Wednesday/Thursday.
    I eagerly await finding out just what the weekend will bring, now!
    Luv to you Kate and your super-cuddly, super-polite kitty, – how can you ever bear to part with them?!
    Zoe T.

    1. Thanks for sharing how this reading relates to your life, Zoe 🙂 Very interesting indeed!
      How can I ever part with the kittens? I have a cat of my own who bellows I AM THE ONE AND ONLY CAT OF THIS HOUSE. ALL OTHER CATS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY GUESTS!!! OR ELSE. So that makes it easy 😉

      1. Yeah, right!
        Even though I’m leading such a boring life (being unbelievably old and mostly housebound) the Tarot still manages to find one or two things about it, however small and mundane, to reassure me it knows and cares!
        Oh yes, you’re so right, – Merlina really does demand to rule the roost, so to speak!
        If you slow right down, the video from one of your earlier, so rudely-interrupted readings, you can see several still-frames of her looking absolutely furious at the three house-guests causing total mayhem!
        She has her ears flat against her head, which in cat body-language means (I think) “Up with this I will not put!!!”.
        I’d adopt one of your kittens without hesitation, if only I had more room in my shoe-box sized flat, where’s there’s scarcely enough room for me and my faithful old deck of Tarot Cards!
        Take care, anyhow!

        1. LOL! yes, Merlina can have quite the attitude sometimes. She didn’t care for the last litter for some reason. Probably overheard me talking about how cute they were. Her favorite litter so far was the weird little manx kittens.

  3. Hey Kate,

    Thank you for the weekly forecast. I just wanted to point out something I noticed in grouping the cards together. In the first card he’s holding up the two pentacles (trying to decide which one to put his focus on). Notice in the second card, he’s tossing one pentacle (coin) into the air, but on the ground is a second pentacle (rock). He’s chosen which pentacle from the first card and allowed the second to drop to the ground. And, in the third card, he begins to learn the skills necessary to accomplish the pentacle he’s chosen. Oh, and of course the map leads him to the teacher. 🙂

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