Tarot Reading for Oct 30 – Nov 5

Halloween is almost upon us! Last year I was disappointed we didn’t get any trick-or-treaters but this year I’m glad because the price of Halloween candy is surprisingly high! This year I’ll probably turn off all the lights and eat chocolate bars alone in the dark 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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10 Responses to Tarot Reading for Oct 30 – Nov 5

  1. Lorraine says:

    Ohhhh Zoe !!! Laxative chocolate ….poor kids …

    • Zoe T. says:

      Hi, Lorraine,
      Yeah, – I know!
      Sorry to be such a grumpy old sour-puss!
      It’s just that I’ve been feeling a bit bitter recently, – watching today’s kids in supermarkets everywhere.
      They get oodles of pocket money from doting relatives.
      They can buy and enjoy unlimited quantities of every kind of confectionery under the sun, now.
      Yet they still go out after dark, to demand yet more from complete strangers!
      I was born during that ghastly war.
      For years after, my own childhood was spent not knowing what sweets and other similar treats were.
      Wartime austerity and brutal rationing policies, made life a real pain for all of us in the UK.
      This is all a bit off-topic regarding Tarot Cards, though.
      So I won’t go on and risk boring you about it, too!
      Here’s a good website, though, if you’re maybe interested to understand the miserable, deprived lives us kids were forced to lead, back then : –
      May we all be grateful for what we’ve got and be spared the return of such dark times!!!
      To get back on topic, – maybe that’s the lesson of the Five of Pentacles, Five of cups and Nine of Swords?
      Zoe T.

      • My dad was born during WWII and he used to tell me when I was a kid that at Christmas the most exciting present he’d get was an orange, because you could only get them at Christmas. I remember thinking well that’s f*cked up!

        • Zoe T. says:

          Your dad’s so right, Kate!
          Sorry to learn he was a fellow-sufferer, too.
          I’ll never know why we all didn’t all go down with vitamin C deficiency!
          Trust my mother though, – she only developed one of those bizarre cravings, – for a PEACH of all things!
          This, at a time when she was just about to dump me on the world!
          This, too, when the London sky was thick with scary Luftwaffe planes and unmanned flying bombs!
          Trust my dad!
          Despite all this mayhem he did, undaunted, go out and source a peach for her, – somehow or other!
          There was a thriving black-market at the time.
          I imagine he must have had to utilise that.
          If you knew the right person, you could get almost anything that wasn’t to be had in the shops.
          At a (super-massive) price to him, though, no doubt!
          On more pleasant matters, I’m so looking forward to your next Tarot reading for the upcoming week.
          Last week’s was spot on for me!
          Nose-to-the-grindstone time first, – followed by gloomy love-life prospects to come, – followed by a suprising, very welcome turnaround in this area!
          More happy-ending type readings like this one, please!
          Zoe T.

  2. Zoe T. says:

    Hi, Kate.
    It’s so encouraging to see your feral kitties responding to all your patience and your generous helpings of TLC.
    They clearly but slowly, are overcoming their traumatic previous experiences.
    Do you have any information as to how they came to have such an unenviable start in life, maybe?
    It would be interesting to hear more of this sometime, if so.
    As to Trick’n’Treaters, just don’t get me started!
    Training children to gain proficiency in organised extortion scams, protection rackets and obtaining hand-outs with menaces, surely just ain’t right?
    Here in the UK, we used to be able to buy laxative chocolate bars.
    Why not get your own back with a sweet smile and a generous donation of something similar and home-made to their begging-bowls, maybe?
    Tough but fair, I’d say!
    Happy Samhain to you and your furry house-guests, anyhow!
    Zoe T.

    • Zoe, I think our opinions on trick or treating differ – it is one of the only things about my childhood that I truly miss! I loved trick or treating – it wasn’t so much about the candy but about seeing all the neighbors and having them ooh and ahh over my costume and getting to go inside their houses and look around (I lived in a small town and only went to a handful of houses and they would invite me and my mom in for chit chats. I loved going in different houses and observing the decor and being nosy). I don’t give candy out because I don’t know any kids in my neighborhood and there aren’t any trick or treaters on my street because there’s no sidewalk. Otherwise I would totally get into it! Although halloween candy is a huge rip off these days.
      The ferals have a fairly uninteresting background. Someone at some point abandoned their pet cat and that cat went on to have babies and those babies had babies, etc. These kittens were born in the wild and someone who lived in the area phoned the animal rescue group I volunteer with and let them know about it. I don’t think they’ve been abused or anything like that, they just need to get used to people. So far they’re coming around (slowly!) but the dark one still hisses at me daily. I just need to be patient!
      Thanks so much for watching and taking an interest in my kitties 🙂 🙂

      • Zoe T. says:

        Hi, Kate.
        Thanks so much for your fascinating info. about the feral kitties.
        Many years ago, we adopted one that had been abandoned, – in a patch of grass beside my dad’s lock-up garage.
        So we just HAD to call her Moses, didn’t we?!
        We had none of your evident, inexhaustible patience and expertise in taming her, though.
        She remained unaffectionate all her life.
        Provided we kept her fed and watered, she did deign to put up with us all, though!
        She had a powerful hunting instinct and would manage, somehow, to climb up the wallpaper, – chasing after the spot of light from a torch!
        One of the few ways I could get her to interact with us!
        She took an extreme but unaccountable dislike to my poor old grandma once, rearing up and spitting’n’hissing at her, from the back of her chair!!!
        Oh dear!
        Regarding the ‘trick’or’treaters’ disagreement, we obviously had diametrically-different lives as kids.
        I do so envy you yours.
        My reply to Lorraine’s post in this thread, maybe might give you a clue or two, as to the reasons why!
        Luv to you and to the furry menagerie, anyhow!
        Zoe T.

        • Yeah, I’ve heard of feral kittens that never come around. The younger you get them, the easier it is to tame them, usually. But not always! Some cats just don’t like being picked up and have no reservations about hissing at you!

  3. Tanya says:

    Bless you, Kate, for providing love to the feral kittens!

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