2018 Tarot Forecast Reading!

My favorite part of New Years is doing my annual Tarot forecast for the year ahead!

Although I don’t really see my reading as a “forecast” in the sense that it’s predictive – it’s more a glimpse into the themes, opportunities, challenges and energies of the year ahead and how we can make the most of it.

Remember nothing is set in stone – things change and shift as we move through space and time.

Please forgive my intermittent coughing throughout this video. I’m still recovering from pneumonia and I’m not 100% better just yet. If I was good at editing videos I would have just edited out all those coughs, but instead you’re getting the raw, uncensored, true to life version that’s full of unsexy hacking! 😉

Another thing I love to do as the New Year approaches is add up all the numbers in the year until I get just one number.

So 2018 would be 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11

and then 1 + 1 = 2

Since 2018 boils down to 2, I took a close look at all the 2 cards in the Tarot. I think all those “2” cards give us some extra insights into the themes of 2018.

The High Priestess

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

This card is all about the inner realms and aspects of life that are secret and hidden.

I think many of us will be exploring things like intuition, psychic skills, dreams and our power to heal in a much deeper way in 2018.

Secrets will also be explored. Secrets can be delicious and precious or they can be destructive and toxic. What secrets will you keep and which will you reveal? What role do secrets play in your life? How do they effect you?


2 of Pentacles

crystal visions tarot
Crystal Visions Tarot

This card is all about juggling multiple things and going through the busy times with a certain grace. You can’t always control what life throws at you but you do get to choose how you deal with things.

Another way to think of this is that you are a dancer of life and while you may not have a say in what music is played, you get to decide how to dance to that music.


2 of Swords

Paulina Tarot

Decisions, decisions! We will have to make some tough decisions this year. Whenever we go through one door, other doors close – but we can’t just waffle and deliberate forever.

We won’t always have all the info we need to make an informed decision, forcing us to rely on our instincts even if that feels uncomfortable.

This card shows that we will become skilled in decision making in 2018…because we will get lots of practice!


2 of Cups

hanson roberts two of cups
Hanson Roberts Tarot

This card is all about finding common ground with another person and bonding over shared values.

2018 will be the year where we make important alliances and meet others with similar passions – this could be romantic or platonic.

2 of Wands

shadowscapes tarot
Shadowscapes Tarot

This is where we take a pause to contemplate where we want to put our energy next.

We have a chance to re-evaluate what we’ve been doing so far and whether or not we want to continue or make changes.

This is a card of soul searching and inner contemplation.



So there you have it! 2018 in a nutshell! I hope you’ve found this post/video helpful and I wish you the best of luck as we move into the New Year!

Penny for your thoughts…

I’d love to hear your take on 2018 – what are your hopes and dreams for the year ahead? Where will you be putting your energy and attention? Feel free to share in the comments below 🙂

20 thoughts on “2018 Tarot Forecast Reading!”

  1. Hi Kate, I’ve just got to say that I always love the way you read the cards. A card can be interpreted in so many ways and I just love the way you put it…
    Your readings are always so accurate for me. This 2018 is already coming true. Yep. The Truth is an interesting thing. I really am feeling the Queen of Swords. I’m not enjoying the 7 of swords at the moment. Though, the truth is what it is. The truth is not for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s not easy when you’re the only one who cares to see it. A lot of people in life are just so content to be in the 5 of Pentacles, aren’t they. Change is too uncomfortable and people like to hang onto people and things in their lives because at least it’s predictable, oh and how misery loves company :-/ … Nonetheless, there is beauty in the Truth… what to do with it all.
    I liked the way you interpreted the 3 of Swords, that was a great way to put it.
    Anyway, it seems that I’m rambling a bit here 😛
    Just wanted to say that you hit the nail on the head with this reading, with every card!

    1. Hi Leanne!
      It’s great to hear that my reading has resonated with you and makes sense – thank you for letting me know 🙂
      Yes, I agree – sometimes we think it’s easier to remain in 5 of pentacles mode or even three of swords mode because we’ve had lots of practice (we know the steps to that dance!) but in the long run it isn’t easier and there’s no joy in it.
      Have a great 2018, Leanne!

  2. A lovely, insightful reading Kate! I am often surprised by and encouraged when your readings mirror and seem to expand upon thoughts I’m exploring the same time. It offers me another view of any changes and directions to take which I find very helpful, so thank you. And also (at the risk of embarrassing you :),) contrary to unsexy hacking, your “new” husky voice is quite alluring, lol

  3. Every card speaks to me, life changing in many ways. My life will be totally different starting in 2018. Like I said every card speaks to me, Thank you!

  4. Vera Cruickshank

    Love your reading , and noticed the block card the Knight of Wands was facing the other way to all the other court cards- he was going in the wrong direction- so quick actions, with passion and no thought may get us into deep trouble and block us from the Swords that are communication and thinking before doing the actions. The 8 cups when you said it was inner work, I thought all the cups are gold and the seeker has turned his back on the emotional and trappings that bind us in that – often material things and is looking to the nature that often is how we bring ourselves to go within, a walk in the woods or forest or mountains to connect with spirit and our higher selves to hear our own inner voice.

    Love all the 2 readings. Thank You

      1. Hi Kate – Could you do more quizzes? I’m a Page and something else. That’s from your last quiz. Happy New Year.

  5. I love your reading for the High Priestess. I feel like intuition and emotion will play a big part in 2018!

      1. Hope that you are feeling much better Kate.
        Intuition will be my BIG concern this year.I am always looking for improvement in that area.

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