Oracle Card Reading for March 12 – 18

I decided to consult my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards for this week’s reading…

Have a good week 🙂

8 thoughts on “Oracle Card Reading for March 12 – 18”

  1. I love your site! Really nice!
    I was thinking about how I started out learning the Tarot (I use the Waite-Rider deck – it speaks to me). I would study their meanings but after 30 years of reading for friends, family,and, yes, myself (when I am centered and calm), I just let them reveal what my Higher Self wants to reveal. I was considering doing online readings, but, now, I am not so sure – even the cards are telling me no ( I Ching, says, yes?). Any advice? I’d appreciate it very much. ( I am working on a website – not published – and may or may not?)

    1. Hi Tony,
      That’s great that you’re considered branching out and doing online readings. The only advice I have here is to go in the direction you feel drawn to go. If you really want to do online readings don’t ask your cards if you should, instead try asking what you need to be aware of regarding online readings….see what that brings up!
      Good luck 🙂

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for your reading,

    good solid advice, I agree, that if something is a good idea at the start then it’s worth persevering with, I certainly need reminding of that myself when initial motivation starts to wane and my attention is scattered then I tend to procrastinate. So back to work-lol!

    Have a good week everyone ????????

  3. Holy crap! Your readings of recent weeks have felt like they were made just for me . You are aware of my situation, so I don’t need to explain that things are coming to a head. The volcano cannot be contained much longer : the earth is shaking and there is a deep rumbling at the core of my being . It appears that this week will include steps that lead past the point of no return . At last! Perhaps I will finally get to stop drawing all those negative and indecisive swords in my own readings. Wish me luck and tenacity!

      1. Yes! It gave me great pleasure. The first real letter that I have received in a very long time . Thank you .

        Closed escrow on the second half of the ranch yesterday. Now to get everything and everyone out by the 30th.

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