Tarot Reading for March 19 – 25

I decided to go classic with this reading, choosing my Universal Waite Tarot. Don’t let that freaky Devil card freak you out….I promise this week won’t be total crap 😉

Have a fantastic week!

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for March 19 – 25”

  1. Hi Kate. A great reading. I had such a revelation with the 4oS just now. It said to me… Lay down your Sword. I’ve never seen it quite that way. Thank you. You always do such a great “job”.

  2. Wow first comment. Just wanted to say these Readings are always helpful and provide many helpful insights.

    Also here’s something cool I found you might like, the artist who does Tank Girl and the Gorillaz artwork also made some drawings of Tarot cards in his super cool style. His names Jamie Hewlett, you might like to check em out.

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