Tarot Reading for Dec 24 – 30

Here is your Tarot forecast for the week ahead, using the Paulina Tarot! I hope you have a lovely Christmas – I know I will be stuffing my face with yorkshire puddings and forcing my family to play board games 😉

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1 thought on “Tarot Reading for Dec 24 – 30”

  1. Hi , I just have a quick question I can’t seen to figure it out I’m new to tarot. I am going through a divorce and my question was if I would be happy/content with the outcome of the divorce court case when it’s over and I pulled the queen of swords . At first I saw it as good because she’s strong and independent and a divorcee but then I thought oh wait maybe it’s negative because well she’s a divorcee and don’t trust anyone . Can you help ? Thanks ! Kindest regards

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